Pastor Grateful To Woman Who Married Him As Poor Charcoal Seller 31 Years Ago: "She Was Rich"

Pastor Grateful To Woman Who Married Him As Poor Charcoal Seller 31 Years Ago: "She Was Rich"

  • After 31 years of marriage, Simon Masila and his wife Esther know that couples need to be best friends, forgive each other and Know God to make it in marriage
  • The pastor and marriage counsellor revealed that they met when he was a struggling hustler selling charcoal, but she still stuck with him
  • Esther visited Masila for the first time at his home and never returned; the couple now boast five beautiful children

Simon Masila and his dear wife are celebrating 31 years of marriage, and looking back; he appreciates how lucky he was to get a girl from a wealthy family as a casual labourer.

Pastor Simon Musila and his wife Esther got married 31 years ago in before and after photos.
Pastor Simon Masila and his wife when they were younger (l), the couple currently as pastors (r). Photos: Simon Masilla.
Source: UGC

Musila meets Esther in school

In an interview with, Masila, a pastor, shared they come from totally different backgrounds, but 31 years down the line.

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"Thank God for my queen, who happens to be a very fast learner in almost everything. I was a casual labourer when we first met, hundreds of kilometres from my home. I was with her neighbour, who did some introduction but I did not say a word," Masila explained.
"Since then, she kept coming into my mind, and I created interest in her. Every time I visited her in school, I would make sure I buy her a cake (she likes them even today) and 500ml coke, which we could take together," he added.

Fast forward three years, the two agreed to meet in Nairobi, but the pastor didn't have a job or money.

Esther and Simon Masila.
Simon Musila and his dear wife Esther during their younger days. Photo: Simon Masila.
Source: UGC

Esther visits Masila at home

"I went with my mother, and she came with her mother; we met at a retail market in Nairobi. She was to just visit my shags and go back, but it didn't happen though she had no changing clothes. This is how my marriage started," said Masila.

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According to Masila, his wife was from a well-up family, while he was from a low-income family.

" I would hide in the morning and go to burn charcoal with my friend, with whom we would share the proceeds half-half. One day, she followed me without my knowledge and found me out. This really shocked me because I thought this would be the end of my marriage, thank God she stood with me and even helped in my hustles," he said.
"From then, I decided I would be telling her where I was going, and since then, she has been a friend. She was severally persuaded to go back home and leave the marriage because we were poor, but she never agreed. Seven years later we did our ruracio the Kamba way and made it formal,"he added.

Musila went on to further his education at the then-Kenya Polytechnic and excelled well.

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Simon and Esther Musila's sons.
The sons of Simon and Esther Masila. The couple married 31 years ago. Photo: Simon Masila.
Source: Facebook

How Musila and wife deal with disagreements

Disagreements have been there, and it has not always been easy for the couple, but the pastor said God has kept them through over the years.

"I can't mention them all here but there was a time it was near breakup. Hosea 4:6 speaks, about God's people perishing because of lack of knowledge. I could do shopping and divide it into two parts while going home. My small house was the first after the gate, but I could pass and go to my mum's first, thinking that was the best way," said Masila.
"My mother, being good, would give me porridge or food innocently, then tell me the events of the week and what was done or wasn't done. By the time I was through, I would find my family already asleep, sometimes even without supper," he added.

Little did Masila know he was slowly killing his marriage. It came to his mind when she was about to take her own life, and that made him learn his lesson, and they became best friends

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The Musilas boast five children

"We have achieved so much together, and God has been faithful regardless of all the challenges, and now we are blessed with three beautiful daughters and two handsome boys," said the father of five.
"Something I have learned so far: put God first in your marriage, take good care of your parents. Know your marriage should not only be for lovers but for best friends. Make that friend a priority, involve them in all your plans, be there when they need you, do things together and your marriage will be a happy one - remember, it's unique," said Masila.

The pastor said when your best friend hurts, you hurt; when they feel, you feel; when they cry, you cry; and when they are happy, it reflects on you.

Daughters of the couple, Simon and Esther Musila.
Simon and Esther Masila have three daughters and two sons. Photos: Simon Masila.
Source: UGC

Patience in marriage is key, says Masila

"My beautiful wife and I are now turning 31 into marriage. One of the first important things I can say is that marriage is beautiful. Though it may not be a walk in the park, we have walked in this journey together. It has taught us to be patient," the father of five.

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Masila also opined that marriage completes what God intended for man; God said whoever finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from God, meaning God favours marriages.

"There are some favours that won't come so long as one decides to be alone," he said.
"One very important thing to note is that the dynamics in marriage are diverse, and therefore, no marriage compares to the other, though they may look the same.This calls for full responsibility for each of the couples involved. Trust is key," he added.
Simon Masila and his wife Esther.
Simon Masila and his wife Esther, who are now in ministry. Photos: Simon Masila.
Source: UGC

Can marriage work without God?

Masila also added that love needs a lot of trust lest jealousy kills love and that no marriage can work without God; lack of love simply means the absence of God in the marriage.

He said that God is love and the author of marriages; therefore, He has its manual.

"Love demands a lot of forgiveness, and don't always be serious. Marriage is not only for making love or bearing children; it needs lots of laughter. Proverbs 17:22 says laughter is like taking good medicine," said Shieldspiritualfoods Facebook page founder.

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"In any challenge you face, involve your partner so that you don't carry the whole weight alone. Know that two are better than one," shared the devoted hubby.

If the only contributing factor in marriage is love for his material things, his looks, her face, or figure eight, then that marriage is bound to break. Love should come from deep within.

The Masilas like calling each other Essy, a combination of the two names to make it one as they are one.

"Marriage is beautiful, but my advice is that you are fully responsible for the success of your marriage," said the marriage counsellor.

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The lady's friends were in attendance to celebrate the couple at a time when they achieved their long-term dreams.

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Among those who reacted to the old couple's video were people who wondered why their wedding took that long.

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