“I Paid My Girlfriend’s Education At Legon, But She’s Dumped Me”: Ghanaian Psychologist Advises

“I Paid My Girlfriend’s Education At Legon, But She’s Dumped Me”: Ghanaian Psychologist Advises

  • A young man who funded the education of his girlfriend at the University of Ghana has suffered heartbreak after she jilted him
  • In a message to YEN.com.gh, he recalled the moment she told him he was beneath her status weeks after graduation
  • Joy Anima Debrah, a licensed Ghanaian paraprofessional counselling psychologist, has shared ways he can deal with the heartbreak
My decision to support my girlfriend's goals and raise her ambitions has broken my heart. I financed her studies at the University of Ghana, where she studied nursing. I invested my heart and savings in her education.
Young man suffers heartbreak.
Man who paid his lover's school fees dumped by her. Photo credit: Westend61.
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For me, it was never about status; it was about uplifting the love of my life, as we had agreed to marry once she graduated from the university. But our worlds grew apart shortly after she completed the programme and walked across the stage for her certificate.

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I still remember when she told me I was no longer at her level because she was now a graduate. My heart shattered, and I’m still in deep trauma. I’m hoping to find solace in the words of an expert.

Joy Anima Debrah is a licensed paraprofessional counselling psychologist with a background in human rights. Her focus is youth, children and gender advocacy. She spoke to YEN.com.gh about how he can cope with the stress.

Paying fees and being generous to other people is a good thing. But then, it’s okay when the person is on a par with you. However, in relationships, especially with women, they are unprepared to succumb to the people they are above. So, we should be mindful when paying fees or doing things that bring people above us ...

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When such things happen, you should know that life continues. It’s good to have a positive mind when dealing with this situation. The simple thing that comes to us is having a good, regulated breath. When you do this, it will bring you some form of relaxation. Also, live in the present, take time, and reduce stress. It’s essential to be mindful of the present and find positive ways to cope with it.

If you’re a Christian, you should learn other relaxation techniques, such as reading the Bible to overcome the situation. You should also visualise or imagine beautiful things around you to ensure the problem from [your lover] does not overwhelm you.

Disclaimer: The advice in this article is general and is not intended to influence readers’ decisions about dealing with trauma or stress. They should always seek professional advice that considers their circumstances before deciding.

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