Wife Helps Husband Who Caught COVID-19 Twice Recover From Cureless Condition after 78 Days in Hospital

Wife Helps Husband Who Caught COVID-19 Twice Recover From Cureless Condition after 78 Days in Hospital

  • Hernando Rodriguez was found to have a rare neurological disorder after a stint with COVID-19 during vacation
  • A few days later, he was admitted to hospital only for the doctors to discover that he had surprisingly caught COVID-19 again
  • The 46-year-old started his rehabilitation process, but when he seemed to be giving up, his wife's determination worked wonders

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A man has celebrated his wife and entire family for the emotional support they provided him, leading to his recovery.

Woman Helps Husband Who Caught COVID-19 Twice Recover From Cureless Condition.
Hernando Rodriguez with his wife Uruena during their good times and while in hospital. Photo: nbcnews/Solangi Uruena.
Source: UGC

Hernando Rodriguez and his family were planning a trip from their Florida home to Tennessee back in January and went for COVID-19 tests, only to discover they were all positive.

They tested negative a week later while on vacation, but a few days later, Rodriguez started feeling bad and felt like his legs were burning.

The family returned to Florida about a week after their trip, and they went to a clinic since he was still in pain and was told he had post-Covid syndrome.

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According to NBC News, He was given pain killers and discharged, but the pain persisted. He started becoming weak and this is when his wife, Solangi Uruena, began to worry.

He suddenly collapsed in the kitchen, and his family quickly rushed him to Kendall Regional Medical Center.

After several tests, Rodriguez was found to have Guillain-Barré, a rare neurological disorder in which the body defences lose control and attack healthy myelin cells.

This condition has no cure, and those who suffer complete paralysis like Rodriguez are likely to survive.

Rodriguez was hospitalised on January 20, 2021, and his family were not allowed to see him due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Tests positive for COVID-19 again

Surprisingly, five days after he was admitted, Rodriguez tested positive for COVID-19 and caught pneumonia that lasted 50 days.

An iPad was connected to his room where his family could watch him all day and talk to him. Then, nearly a month later, Uruena got some bad news.

A nurse called her saying she was worried for her husband as he was in terrible condition, and the nurse urged her to come to the hospital and seek permission to see him.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctors told her they had done everything possible, and while waiting to see him, she knelt and began to pray.

When she went into his room, the husband opened his eyes, showing a bit of delight, and his wife continued to pray for him, and nine hours later, the doctors were able to stabilize him.

After this, Uruena was allowed to come in and spend time with her husband to help him recover, which worked perfectly.

She became his personal caregiver, and on the side, she would urge people from her extended family and church to keep praying for her husband.

Wife Helps Husband Who Caught COVID-19 Twice.
Urena helps Rodriguez to walk with his walker. Photo: nbcnews/Solangi Uruena.
Source: UGC

After 78 days, on April 8, 2021, Rodriguez came out of hospital but had to use a walker, which doctors say he might use for upto a year before a full recovery.

The family and friends threw him a welcome home party, and he said he would still be in the hospital recovering slowly or dead if it were not for his family.

Man stands outside wife's hospital window

In other news, a man showed his wife immense support by standing outside her ICU room while holding a card written: "I love you."

It started when his wife, Donna Crane, 56, tested positive for COVID-19 and was admitted with breathing difficulties, what medics called acute respiratory failure.

Given that the two had to maintain social distancing and could not talk, Gary invented a method that would not only offer hope to Donna but also remind her of his love.

"After I went in, we couldn't talk to each other. He told me, 'I want you to look out the window," remembered Donna, as reported by CNN.

Donna added that when she looked out the window, she saw her husband in the parking lot holding a huge sign with the words "I love you."

As it happened, the act did not only happen once as Gary stood outside Donna's ICU window for 10 days holding the placard.

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