Mark Zuckerberg Flaunts 'Mark's Meat' Business Idea By Meta AI, Stirs Reactions

Mark Zuckerberg Flaunts 'Mark's Meat' Business Idea By Meta AI, Stirs Reactions

  • Meta, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger parent company, introduced new AI features for the social media platforms
  • Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the new version of Meta AI can generate animated photos of high quality in real-time
  • Zuckerberg demonstrated the ability of the AI feature by creating a vision of Mark's Meat business if he's "ever done with meta"
  • The video sparked debate among social media users, with some commending the tech entrepreneur for the AI feature

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has demonstrated how the new version of Meta AI can generate animation.

Mark Zuckerberg said he wants to make Meta Ai the world's best.
Mark Zuckerberg speaking at a past event about Meta AI. Photo: Josh Edelson.
Source: UGC

In a video shared on Facebook, Zuckerberg created a vision of 'Mark's Meat' restaurant, which he said would be his retirement business after he's done with Meta.

What Meta AI can create on Facebook and WhatsApp?

This followed the launch of new Meta AI features, which Zuckerberg said can create animation and high-quality photos in real-time across all Meta platforms as the user types.

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"If I'm ever done with Meta, I am going to run Mark's Meat. I used Meta AI to come up with the vision for Mark's Meats, the meat restaurant," said Zuckerberg.

The tech entrepreneur shared the prompts he used to create the animated photos.

"Imagine a ranch in Hawaii with cows drinking beer from troughs," read one of the prompts in part, showing the image in real-time.

He called upon all subscribers of Meta platforms to try the new versions on WhatsApp.

What social media users said about Meta AI animation

The video sparked debate among social media users, with some commending the new feature.

Fidji Simo said:

"The McDonald’s partnership."

Michael Novati asked:

"Sigh, I interrupted listening to the new Taylor Swift album to listen to this... maybe work with her on the next video Mark's Karaoke Shop?"

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Anwar Mahmud

"Wow very impressive , Thank you for the new and special features, keep making things easy for the users."

Helen Parker exclaimed:

"‘Mark the Meat Man!’ Love it!"

Mie Felipe said:

"Meta AI come up with the vision Mark's meat's I love the idea Sir mark Love it."

Santos Loveskee Leedonna said:

"What an impressive vision now it's easy to visualize dreams and how it's gonna look like. Thanks Meta for more special features to come."

Aphiwe Ngindana noted:

"Wow, I love the idea of Mark's Meats! And it's amazing to see how AI is evolving to help create such stunning visuals. With AI's speed and imagination, who knows what the future holds for business ideas like this!"

Mmesoma Josephine wondered:

"This is quite impressive... I already asked several questions and got nice answers but it failed to explain how I can remove violations on comments that I can't even see."

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Silverta Gedoria Maddox applauded:

"What an impressive vision. Now it's easy to visualised dreams. Thank Meta for more special features."

Goldie Ann Henry said:

"It creates really awesome art! The best that I have come across, but I’ve not engaged with much."

Meta keeps rolling new features on WhatsApp

Zuckerberg noted that their new features lined up for WhatsApp and other Meta platforms.

In November 2023, WhatsApp continued to improve its services for users by introducing new messaging features.

The platform announced plans to roll out a feature allowing users to retrieve older messages by the date they were sent.

What to know about other WhatsApp changes

Meta launches Llama reported that Meta on Thursday introduced an improved AI assistant built on new versions of its open-source "Llama" large language model for powering the technology.

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Meta AI is smarter and faster due to advances in publicly available Llama 3, the tech titan said in a blog post.

"The bottom line is we believe Meta AI is now the most intelligent AI assistant that you can freely use," Meta co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said in a video posted on Instagram.


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