African wear styles for men 2021 (photos)

African wear styles for men 2021 (photos)

Africans are passionate about fashion. Their clothing items draw inspiration from the diverse cultures across the continent and the political environment. The unique nature of African men’s fashion has caught the eye of the international stage with African designers being called upon to design clothes for some of the biggest celebrities. When it comes to African wear styles for men, there are plenty of options for those who want to keep up with the latest trends. YEN looks at the top African men’s wear to watch out for in 2021.

African wear styles for men in 2019

Men's African Attire Latest Trends

Traditional African men’s clothing styles are being improved to become more appealing to the younger generation. From African shirt styles to jackets and other clothing items, African menswear is turning heads on the continent and beyond.

The Kente


Originally from Ghana, the Kente is a traditional fabric that is colorful and bright with every color bearing a symbolic meaning.

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It was originally worn by wrapping it around the body and on the shoulders. Newest trends in the Ghanaian fashion industry have seen the Kente and Ankara fabric being transformed to beautiful shirts and cool trousers.

There are even semi-formal jackets and blazers made from this fabric which means a lot not just to Ghanaians, but to Africa as a whole. If you are into African clothes for guys, the new Kente designs will definitely be among the best African wear styles for men in 2021fff.

The Agbada


The Agbada is one of the most popular African dress designs that originated in West Africa. It consists of a large gown that overflows from the shoulders to the knees or the ankles. To keep it in position, men have to constantly reposition it on their shoulders.

The nature of this clothing had made it quite harder for the younger generation impress but modern Agbada designs are proving to be very popular with the youth. All this is enabled by the efforts of creative African menswear designers.

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Maasai Shuka

Maasai Shuka

Recent years have seen the Maasai shuka popping up in fashion shows all across the globe. In 2012, Louis Vuitton did a Maasai shuka inspired collection at the Spring/Summer collection that featured shirts and scarves made from the popular red and black stripes cloth.

The Maasai shuka is turning into urban fashionable wear for men with African designers creating beautiful clothing items from it.



African prints can transform any boring cloth design to a fabulous outfit that will turn heads. The Kitenge fabric from East Africa has been incorporated in many designs making them fashionable and outstanding.

In recent time, this fabric has been used to make blazers, shirts, and even casual shorts for men. With its trendy look and feel as well as many colors and designs, inspirations from Kitenge continue to grow well into 2021.

Senator style

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Senator style

The Senator style has been adopted quickly among the younger generation in Africa. Its simplicity and trendy design has made it more appealing. It can be made from different African fabrics with no color restrictions which is a feature that appeals to people. With African men’s clothing designers making the Senator style even more appealing, the style is expected to continue gracing the African streets for a long time to come.



The Dashiki’s colorful and beautiful fabric originated from West Africa and has been embraced faced in other regions of the continent as well as the rest of the world. Its unique history and role in the revolution in West Africa has made Africans in western countries, including Malcolm X, to embrace this clothing as a sense of belonging.

The dashiki African print shirts for guys are a cool casual fashion item that can be paired with khaki trousers and casual shoes for a trendy look. It can also be paired with jeans.

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Senegalese Kaftan


The Senegalese Kaftan is a popular traditional wear in Western Africa. It consists of a long gown with matching pants and is often worn as a formal attire as well as for special events.

In recent times, Kaftans have been modified to be more trendy. Some of the latest Kaftan trends to watch out for in 2021 include the short-sleeved Kaftan tops which are usually worn on top of a t-shirt and paired with casual trousers or shorts. This style can be complemented with a cotton hat or a fez.

Kidan Hebesha

Kidan Hebesha

The Kidan Hebesha is a popular clothing item from the Ethiopia, East Africa. It is made from quality hand-woven cotton fabric and the patterns are hand embroidered.

It constitutes a white shirt, matching trousers, and a thin fabric that is wrapped around the shoulders and chest. It is mostly worn for special events where a walking stick is sometimes added to complement the look.

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The Kidan Hebesha has seen some changes in design which has made it more wearable during normal occasions.

Atiku Native


The Atiku style was commonly used as a traditional cloth for special events but is nowadays used in casual clothing.

While new trends have been included to make the Atiku wearable for daily use, the native style and its traditional fabric are still intact. In modern trends the Atiku is made to be simple and stylish. Many African menswear designers pair the Atiku with stylish sunglasses, hats, wristwatches, and a neckpiece for a neat and smart look. There are also stylish African print t-shirts being made from this fabric.

African Print in Western Designs

One of the widely noticeable emerging trends is where modern designs are being paired with traditional African clothing to create beautiful attires for any occasion. Celebrities such as Jidenna have promoted beautiful men’s African suits with African print shirts and ties. The style is quickly catching up in many parts of the world.

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There has also been the emergence of the African print bomber jackets as well as Denim jackets with beautiful African fabric elements. African shirt styles are now common in many fashion shows.

bomber jacket

Given the trend that African wear styles for men have been creating in recent times, African wear designs will definitely grace the biggest catwalks and fashion shows around the world in 2021.

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