Men African Wear For Engagement: 2020 trends (photos)

Men African Wear For Engagement: 2020 trends (photos)

Style and fashion has presumably been viewed as a thing for women. It is common to hear people talk of an African queen, but how often does the African king discussion come up? Rarely any, but this does not deplete the significance of dressing a man right. Designers seem to place a lot of focus on feminine attire comparable to the masculine counterparts. Nonetheless, it is equally good for a man to give a sharp look more so in ceremonial occasions.

Men African Wear For Engagement Trends in 2018

Apparently, there has been a shift and men have been jetting into events dressed just right to attract the attention of many. Ideally, attire should speak of who you are your mood, as per the occasion and title in the society just to mention but a few highlights. Of pivotal interest to me is the male traditional wedding attire or the men African wear for engagement. It is at such functions that the masses are keenly looking into the groom or rather you got the attention of the people. Well, how do you dress up at such functions?

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African male engagement wear designs

Gone are the days a groom would just put on a suit and be good to go for such occasion. Men have upped their game. If you take a simply look at photos posted online on men attire for functions such as dowry payment, engagement or marriage ceremonies its crystal clear to observe some changes and trends. Most of these are eye catching created by some brilliant and talented designers.

It’s amazing how seasoned experts have managed to mix and match, blend or incorporate both the conventional African style and the modern western trends. The prevalent style is the modern African dress designs at the time. African designs are mainly known of large to small floral to patterned fabrics commonly the Ankara and kitenge. They look amazing don’t they? Especially when the tailors just give the perfect eye and smooth touch to your satisfaction in order to give you’re your desired style.

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Am fascinated by the western Africa designs precisely the Ghanaian designs for the African engagement clothes for men. If you are in search for a look that won’t disappoint for your engagement or an African themed wedding then look no further. The Ghanaian engagement styles are outstanding while traditional wedding attires are both unique and mind blowing. Their fashion sense is at the apex and we slowly following suit in creativity.

Ghanaian traditional wedding attires

Men African Wear For Engagement Trends in 2018

Weddings are commonly white themed, but of late the Ghanaian have stood to retain their culture and practices. This not to say a white wedding is bad but an African themed is unique and most likely to create scenes that relate with people easily. Besides, it’s a step away from the norm and the Ghanaian traditional wedding attires explain it all.

Descriptively, Ghanaian designs are basically a casual wear but fit for outdoor to indoor activities involving family members and friends. Men forget about a shirt collar most of the times, which is replaced by a simple collar neatly done. Men do either a complete Kitenge outfit or a fabric is patched some of these fabrics. Either way they both look awesome. Some more liberal men even go as far as doing the leso, which mean the fabric is wrapped around their body without much elaborate stitching.

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For those that choose small African touches, the look equally looks good. Ordinarily, the bride and groom (to be) if in an engagement put on matching Ankara outfits that boldly makes a statement that they are an item easy to tell from a far. Similarly, the Ghanaian wedding styles have these touches. The bride may choose to put on a white gown while the bridal party remains dressed in African outfits. Alternatively, they can all go Ankara.

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