Ten regions in Ghana and their festivals: Learn the Ghanaian Culture

Ten regions in Ghana and their festivals: Learn the Ghanaian Culture

Festivals in Ghana are usually held yearly or half-yearly and are celebrated by various communities and towns in the different regions of the nation. They are usually held in remembrance of a past occasion or acknowledgment of a few identities. Visitors in the country find the enormous number of customary celebrations that happen in different parts of the nation consistently to be amazing. This post highlights the celebrations held in the different regions in Ghana.

Ten regions in Ghana and their festivals: Learn the Ghanaian Culture
Ghana Theatre festivals

List of Regions in Ghana

Ghana is a nation that commends celebrations. Notably, all the regions in the country have their own celebrations. Here are the 10 regions of Ghana.

  1. Great Accra with capital in Accra.
  2. Eastern Region with its capital in Koforidua
  3. Ashanti Region with its capital in Kumasi
  4. Northern Region and its capital is Tamale
  5. Volta Region and its capital is Ho
  6. Central Region and the capital is Cape coast.
  7. Western Region with the capital in Sekondi- Takoradi
  8. Upper West Region with the capital in Wa
  9. Upper East Region which has its capital in Bolgatanga
  10. Brong Ahafo Region with its capital in Suyani

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10 Regions in Ghana and their Festivals - How Many Regions in Ghana Hold These Celebrations?

With the ten regions of Ghana map and calendar of events, you can rest assured of a culture that is both rich and diverse. Here are the festivals held in the 10 regions in Ghana.

Ashanti region

Ten regions in Ghana and their festivals: Learn the Ghanaian Culture
Adae Kese celebration

The Akwasidae or the Adae Kese celebration takes place every 42 days in Ghana. Each time that a king passes, his stool ("seat") is sent to a unique place where it is kept for purification. It is the obligation of the Asantehene, the Ashanti King to refine at every 42 days the stools of the dead rulers. It is maybe the most awesome of the considerable number of celebrations in Ghana. It pulls in the biggest social occasion and its presentation of the Golden Stool in full magnificence alongside the King of the Ashanti’s is an incredible sight. Other festivals are the Odwira festivals.

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Great Accra region

Ten regions in Ghana and their festivals: Learn the Ghanaian Culture
Homowo festivals

"Homowo" really signifies 'ridiculing hunger.' After the historical downpours ceased, starvation spread all through Accra. When the harvest at long last arrived, the general population was happy to the point that they created this celebration for the same. There is also the Asafotu festival that praises the victories of warriors in battles.

Eastern Region

They celebrate many festivals among them are the Ngmayen festival for harvest thanksgiving, okwawuman Afaye for the traditional area, Odwira festivals for thanksgiving, and Akonnedi festival for the Akonnedi shrine.

Western Region

This region is also known to hold an array of celebrations. These include the Yam festivals and kundum festival to celebrate the end of famine. There’s also the Ahobaa Festival to celebrate the traditional era.

Volta Region

Volta region does well in the growing of rice this means most of their festivals will be celebrating the harvest of rice. Notably, they have Rice festival and Amu Festival which is the celebration of the brown rice

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Northern Region

Being known for agriculture is one thing, but not all celebrations in this region focus on that side of things. The Damba festival to usher in new yam crop which is linked with the Islam naming of Prophet Mohammed. The Dagomba festival is also celebrated in this region and part of the upper sides too.

Upper West Region

This region is not left behind when it comes to celebration either. They hold the Kobine Festival for thanksgiving during harvest.

Ten regions in Ghana and their festivals: Learn the Ghanaian Culture
Kobine Festival

Upper East Region

Just like the other upper regions, Upper East Region also has different celebrations. They have the Gologo Festival for the sacrifices of the gods for abundant rain and a good harvest in the year. They also celebrate Fiok festival which represents the war festivals.

Central Region

This region leads all the regions of Ghana when it comes to the number of celebrations with different festivals throughout the year. These include:

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  • Edina Buronya (local version of Christmas)The Akwanbo festival
  • Aboakyer Festival (deer hunting)
  • Bakatue festival (fish harvest)
  • Akwambo festival (path clearing)
  • Ahobaa festival (end of an epidemic)
  • Odambea Festival (for the migration of the nkusukum)
  • Fetu afahye festival (first contact with the whites)

Brong Ahafo Region

This region is also known for various annual festivals. They include:

  • The Ntoa Fokuose Festival (festival of the god Ntoa)
  • Bayere Afahye (known as the Yam Harvest)
  • The Kwafie (purification ceremony)
  • Apoo (Purification of the people)

With this detailed list of celebrations, you can be sure that your visit to the great country of Ghana will be worthwhile.

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