Uber taxi Ghana - registration process for drivers

Uber taxi Ghana - registration process for drivers

With Uber taxi, travelling is not the same! Unlike old times when you had to look for a taxi and then start bargaining the price with the driver, Uber gives you power, and it’s all in your hands through your phone. It is also cheaper and you no longer need to wait in line in order to travel.

Uber taxi Ghana - registration process for drivers

Uber taxi Ghana

Since the company came to the continent, Africans have been all over social media, talking about their experience with Uber. It has become the new pizza, if you ask me! But has it come to Ghana? Well, if you haven't enjoyed a ride, you are quite left out. Uber taxi in Ghana has been in operation for close to 3 successful years. It was launched to operate in Accra which has an estimated population 2 million people with limited access to transport. It has seen the creation of employment among the youth in many areas. Many people are really switching to Uber taxi, this is judged by the raise in revenue generated by the sector.

How does Uber work in Ghana? First, the passenger has to download the Uber Ghana app on their phone. Then you have to state your precise location and the estimated time arrival to your destination. In case you have a preferred route, you can also include the detail on the app. Uber taxi offers the most affordable pricing when it comes to traveling.

Uber taxi Ghana - registration process for drivers

A nearby driver will accept your request. You will be able to see the information of the driver, such as their name, photo and license plate number. You can go further and check the experience of the driver. On your arrival, your fare will be automatically charged with the means of payment you chose on your Uber account. The Uber Ghana app will also ask you to rate your ride.

Uber taxi in Ghana has also lead to the growth of employment opportunities through the Uber Ghana jobs. Many drivers are employed under the Uber taxi firm that operates in Ghana. There are many opportunities for the youth under Uber taxi once they have been signed up.

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Uber taxi Ghana - registration process for drivers

Uber Registration Process

Before you enroll for the Uber registration, you must first be 21 years of age or older with at least a three-year driving experience. You must possess a valid driver’s license approved by one of the relevant transport authorities in Ghana. Your car must also have a valid registration. The driver must also have a clean driving history with no criminal record. The car must also be clean and in top notch condition.

Once you have all the above requirements, you can proceed to register with Uber. For you to register for Uber as a driver, download the Uber Driver app and sign up. You will create your Uber driver account. The firm will undertake a screening process online of all your documents. They will check whether the car is insured as required by the law. Your driving record will also be reviewed. They will also check your criminal history.

Uber taxi Ghana - registration process for drivers

Once you have certified the board, you will be required to bring your car to the Uber taxi headquarters in Accra. The car will undergo further scrutiny and inspection. The process takes less than a week. Once they are done you will be required to include your means of payment.

In case you lack a social security number or bank account, you can also register for uber without a credit card. But you will have to provide an alternative method for receiving payments. The same applies for drivers who like to receive payment direct to their bank account. You can register for Uber without a phone number.

Uber taxi Ghana - registration process for drivers

The Uber taxi firm works in close conjunction with the law enforcement in Ghana. They are involved in the screening process of the drivers. So, all details delivered to Uber by drivers should be accurate. False documents delivered to Uber will be taken as a crime and all perpetrators of the illegal activity will be apprehended and face the law.

Uber taxi aims at ensuring the ultimate Uber experience for all Uber users. Your comfort is what comes first. Customers are able to send complaints about drivers; immediate termination will be made of drivers who work against the rules and regulations of the firm. After every ride with Uber, remember to rate you’re travelling experience and that of the driver.

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