How to borrow credit on Vodafone in Ghana: The essential steps

How to borrow credit on Vodafone in Ghana: The essential steps

Sometimes one can ran out of credit while having an important phone conversation. Vodafone network in Ghana has now come up with a way you can borrow credit and finish up your vital conversation with that friend, family member, boss, employee, or even your child, but keep in mind that you will pay up the credit on your next top up.

How to borrow credit on vodafone

Vodafone Ghana short codes to borrow credit

How to borrow credit on Vodafone is very simple and instant as long as you are their user for not less than 15 days. You have to dial *505# to request for the loan. Select on the credit loan from the available:

  • GHc 1.50
  • GHc 2
  • GHc 5
  • GHc 10
  • GHc 15

Once you select, a message will instantly show you that the request is successful. The article hopes that it has answered you on how to borrow credit from Vodafone in Ghana. Enjoy the Vodafone service.

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Vodafone SOS credit

Are you a new Vodafone user and you don’t know to top up your credit? Just dial *134*PIN#. There so many reasons why you can need to check you credit balance, maybe you want to make a call and you want to know if the credit is sufficient for the call or you want to purchase bundles for browsing. To check your balance, dial *124# and an instance feedback will be given.

How to borrow credit on Vodafone

What if you have a new Vodafone number and you can’t remember it? Dial *127#. If you require assistance from Vodafone, reach them by calling their center 100.

Vodafone SOS bundle

Are in love with browsing? Well, you need a good internet package that will make you enjoy your browsing without spending more than your planned cash. Now here is a good deal. Vodafone is among the telecommunication networks that will offer you the best internet package. Read to know the internet packages and how to borrow data from Vodafone ghana in case it runs out.

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Daily internet package

For a daily data bundle package, top up your credit and dial the one that suits you.

  • Vodafone Starter Daily – Dial *700*65# to get 20 MB at GH₵0.5
  • Chat Daily - Dial *700*24# to get 80 MB GH₵1.5
  • Browser Max Daily – You need to dial *700*28# to get 200 MB for GH₵3
  • Browser Lite Daily – dial*700*56# to get 450 MB for GH₵5
  • Downloader Lite Daily – dial *700*57# to get 1 GB for GH₵10

Weekly internet package

Those who need a weekly package here are the best Vodafone options.

  • Starter Weekly – dial *700*27# to get 100 MB at GH₵2
  • Browser Weekly – dial *700*30# for 350 MB at GH₵6
  • Downloader Lite Weekly – dial *700*31# to get 1 GB at GH₵12
  • Streamer Max Weekly - dial *700*59# to get 2 GB at GH₵20
  • Browser Max Weekly – dial *700*60# to get 3.5 GB at GH₵30

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Monthly internet package

Get a whole month data bundle package with Vodafone and forget to top up credit for browsing for 4 weeks.

  • Starter Monthly - dial *700*32# to get 450 MB for GH₵10
  • Chat Monthly - dial *700*34# to get 1.2 GB at GH₵20
  • Browser - dial *700*37# for 2.6 GB at GH₵40
  • Downloader Mini – dial *700*38# for 4.3 GB at GH₵60
  • Streamer Max - dial *700*40# to get 7.5 GB for GH₵100

Jumbo internet packages

Here is another 30 days package. The Jumbo package is:

  • Jumbo Browser – dial *700*45# to get 10 GB at GH₵150
  • Jumbo Streamer – dial *700*48# to get 20 GB at GH₵250

Super Sunday internet package

The interesting bit about Vodafone services is that it has an internet package that is offered on a Sunday. Just dial *700*55# and enjoy 150 MB for only GH₵2

How to borrow Vodafone data

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Are you in the middle of browsing and your data runs out? It is the worst feeling ever. Instead of pondering for ways on how to borrow credit from Vodafone Ghana, then purchase your bundles; you can just borrow a bundle loan direct. Dial *700# for the data menu option and enjoy the Vodafone services.

Do you know you can check your data bundle Internet balance? Dial *700*2# so that you can easily get aware on what data is remaining for your browsing. Dial *126# for any data information that you need. For those who require the broad data bundle you just dial *900# and purchase the available Vodafone offer. Any roaming inquiry that you require, just dial *151#

Can you send someone credit from Vodafone?

Apart from knowing how to borrow credit from Vodafone, it is also important to know how to send a family member, a friend to collegue credit from Vodafone. You need to dial *516# enter that someone’s number (recipient)* Credit amount in Ghana Cedis* your password#. Default password is usually 1234, but you can change it to put your own secret one by dialing *117* default pin* your new pin* again enter your new pin*

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  • Cedis only credit transfer

For example, you want to send your mother credit worth 30 cedis and her number is 0525899922. Dial *516#0525899922*30*1234# then send. Keep in mind that you can only transfer a minimum of 20GHp and GHc50 being the maximum credit transfer.

  • Pesewas only credit transfer

For example, is you want to transfer credit worth 50 pesewas to your friend. Her/his number is 0589815087. Dial *516*0525899922*0*50*1234# then send.

How to borrow credit on vodafone

Vodafone will process your request after asking you if you want to confirm or cancel it. Confirm and if it was successful, it will give you a confirmation that your cedis or pesewas account was deducted. The transaction will only deduct 5 pesewas, which is the fee charged for the service.

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How to buy credit from Vodafone

If you want to load your phone with credit from Vodafone cash, it is simple and very fast. Dial *110# and select from the options ‘buy airtime’. Which phone are you using? Choose it. Fill in the amount of credit you need and confirm or decline the process. If you confirm it, enter your secret pin and you get a confirmation message


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