Standard Chartered bank Ghana online banking

Standard Chartered bank Ghana online banking

Banking online is very fast, easy, safe, convenient, and saves you time. Thanks to Standard Chartered for their online banking services in Ghana. Imagine doing your bank transactions at the comfort of your home. All you need is your mobile/computer device and pay your bills, send, and receive cash. Check out the online banking service offered by the Standard Chartered bank in this article

Standard Chartered bank Ghana online banking: Things you should know

Standard Chartered Bank Ghana online banking application

Standard Chartered bank Ghana online banking application is very simple, free and fast. To be eligible to enjoy the Standard Chartered Banking online service, you have to be an account holder with the bank

If you are eligible, you can easily register online by visiting their homepage that is You are a new user. Right? Then select ‘New User Registration’. You will be required to fill in Standard Chartered Bank forms, have your own banking online ID and click on ‘submit’.

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Once you complete and submit, print the standard Chartered Bank downloads forms for the confirmation page, make sure you put the correct signature and mail the page to the bank.

If the printing and downloading is a task to you, there is an alternative. All you have to do is to visit that bank quoting referencing number that was generated when you were requesting for the service. Your registration will definitely be done at the branch and later you receive via post your password.

Standard Chartered bank Ghana online banking: Things you should know

Standard Chartered Bank Ghana online banking forget password

For you to login and enjoy the Standard Chartered banking online services, you need your secret password and ID. What if you forget your password? Well, you need to call the phone banking so that they can help you out. You can also call for help if your ID is invalid.

Keep in mind that you can’t use your ATM or Phone Banking pin to login in. You should make your password and ID remain secured.If you feel they have been exposed, change your password immediately

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How do you change your password? Well, all you need to do is login and select on ‘personal change’. Change your password to make it secured. For the login ID, it can only be changed ones and that is the time you login in at the very first time.

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Standard Chartered Bank Ghana swift code

What are swift codes? Swift codes are very important because you may need to transfer money or a message to a person using a different bank. Most banks have the swift network codes to identify them. It has to contain 8/11 characters that will identify the institution, which country the Institution belongs and lastly where the institution is located in that country. Here are the Standard Chartered Bank limited Ghana online banking branches swift codes.

Accra, Ghana – Head Office

  • Swift code -SCBLGHACXXX
  • Main code -SCBLGHAC

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Accra, Ghana – Securities Services Unit

  • Swift code - SCBLGHACSSU
  • Main code - SCBLGHAC
  • Branch code - SSU

Kumasi, Ghana

  • Swift code - SCBLGHACKSI
  • Main code -SCBLGHAC
  • Branch code - KSI

Takoradi, Ghana

  • Swift code -SCBLGHACTDI
  • Main code - SCBLGHAC
  • Branch code - TDI

Tema, Ghana

  • Swift code - SCBLGHACTMA
  • Main code - SCBLGHAC
  • Branch code - TMA

Standard Chartered fixed deposit rate

You need to own a fixed deposit account because it will give you an added advantage. This is because you will be getting interest rates and you can easily do the booking of a deposit holding cash as low as GHS 1,000. A fixed deposit account will give you flexible tenures of about 91, 182 to 365 days, and also you can borrow 90% amount on your account.

What about foreign currency account? The standard Chartered bank gives their customers freedom to choose how much they want to deposit, which currency works best on them ( USD, GBP, EUR), and options on long do they want to take to do their renewals. This means there are considerate to the Ghanaians with this account because they can easily have returns from their investments.

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Standard Chartered online banking Ghana security information

You need to make sure you protect your bank accounts and all its information data. Do you imagine waking up and find that someone stole all your hard-earned money? Well, this article wishes to share with you a vital information about how you can keep your Standard Chartered bank financial statements, information data safe.

Standard Chartered bank Ghana online banking: Things you should know
  • Use the Standard Chartered website to access your account

There so many hyperlinks that pretend to help you access your account easily. You should avoid them and access your account directly through the bank’s website.

  • Keep your password a secret

Once your password is exposed, someone can easily access your account. You should keep it a secret and try as much as you can to create a strong password. For instance, when you use your name or your birth year as your password, someone can easily guess it, but if you use both alphabets and numbers to it will be more unique and safe. Change your password often too.

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  • Logout from your account once you finish up with your activities.

It is important to log out from you Standard Chartered account and from the browser you were using once you finish up with your activities. This will keep your information and account data safe.

  • Update your operating systems, malware & virus software, apps, and browsers.

You update them to prevent the criminals from accessing your mobile/computer device. If your browser, software, apps or operating system are outdated, they become weak making them easily hacked.

  • Use secured wireless networks while performing your banking

This is because unsecured wireless networks have settings that are very weak and therefore allowing people connect very easily.

  • Don’t ever disclose or respond to anyone asking of your financial statements.

Hackers/criminal can impersonate themselves and pretend to be Standard Chartered banking representatives just to help them access your account. Don’t ever respond to them because that is your secret information that you should not disclose to anyone.


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