Ghana youth employment registration

Ghana youth employment registration

Employment is a vast chasm since every youth completing their higher education expects to get a job after graduation. Having a job is one thing while going through the process of getting one is another unfortunate exhausting period for a majority of the people. Ghana youth employment registration is a puzzle that every person seeking work is wondering how to go about. Here is all you need to know about youth employment in 2018

Ghana youth employment registration: Requirements for jobs and internships 2018
Source: Ghana News Online

The youth in Ghana have been empowered to participate meaningfully in the socio-economic and sustainable development of the whole country. This has been made possible through the establishment of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) under the (Act 887) of 2015. Its primary focus is to support individuals aged between 15-35 years through internship modules and skill training by providing them with employment opportunities. The Ghana youth employment agency registration is carried out yearly. It is one of the top-rated institutions in Africa offering youth empowerment.

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The entire process has been made successful through advancing the curriculum and providing integrated programs. Just in 2012 alone, the agency drove over 600, 000 youth in paid internship in Ghana. So far, there has been a significant improvement in the economy while enhancing the lives of students in all sectors. Programs from the agency include vocational courses, trade, and security helping the students to be self-sustainable and get much out of their daily lifestyle. The agency is mandated to carry out the following functions:

  • Provide training and develop support to the youth
  • Offer the youth with requisite skills while training them.
  • Facilitate and monitor the employment of youth in Ghana
  • Ghana Youth Employment Registration 2018
Ghana youth employment registration: Requirements for jobs and internships 2018
Source: Ghana Live Tv

Although the placement process is for 2018, the youth employment programme registration in Ghana was carried out in September 2017. A long process commences once they are open for registration. The announcement is made on television and radio stations. To get detailed information, one can visit the agency offices located on the ground floor at Liberation Towers along castle road in Accra.

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When applying for Ghana youth employment online registration, the following must be observed to the latter:

  • You must be between the age of 15-35 before you enroll in this program
  • Be a Ghanaian citizen and provide the national identity card for proof.
  • Upon receiving a receipt from YEA, an applicant is deemed engaged
  • A person in the running or existing module cannot apply.
  • It is the sole right of YEA to shortlist and hire an applicant
  • A successful application does not guarantee a person engagement
  • To complete the registration process, an applicant must have a working phone number

During the registration process, women are encouraged to participate more in the youth employment program since the field is flooded with men. The objective of the youth employment agency 2018 is to benefit the youth while alleviating issues arising from unemployment. Before someone is placed permanently on the payroll, there is a training period. Be aware of fraudsters who post wrong dates on social media. The best source of information is the radio, newspaper, or television.

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Ghana youth employment registration: Requirements for jobs and internships 2018
Source: NIIT Ghana

Ghana national youth employment online registration

The application process to the youth employment registration in Ghana is simple.

  • Log into and print out the application form provided.
  • Attach your contacts, a valid national identification card, and an authentic passport photo to the forms.
  • Fill it out appropriately and drop the forms at the district office of the youth employment agency.

Successful candidates are contacted after that for further details including interview dates. Once you send your application, it is advisable to check on the website from time to time to confirm new developments such as if people are shortlisted or not.

Ghana youth employment registration form

Several youth employment modules are available. In turn, there are many beneficiaries, assured of getting jobs after passing out from their training school. Among the different modules for the youth employment programs provided by YEA include:

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  • Youth in agriculture and afforestation-The aim of the program is to provide the youth with job opportunities. At the same time, it will boost the nation’s food security. The module consists of afforestation and greening in Ghana.
  • Coastal assistants and sanitation-It creates youth employment 2018 for a majority of job seekers. Through maintaining the cleanliness of the environment especially the coastal belt, Ghanaians will be earning a living. The module is categorized into water bodies’ protection, coastal protection assistants, youth in sanitation, and coastal sanitation assistants.
Ghana youth employment registration: Requirements for jobs and internships 2018
Source: Class fm online
  • Apparel and textiles-Those with prowess in sawing can make clothes locally and sell in Ghana or export the products. Another option is they can be absorbed easily by garment manufacturing companies.
  • Entrepreneurship-The aim of the module is to get a new crop of business minded people who will create employment in the long run.

Other categories that are likely to suit the youth enrolled in the national youth agency jobs include; :

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  • Community teaching assistants
  • Trade and vocation
  • Community service and security
  • Community and health assistants
  • Information communication and technology-the module helps the youth to be equipped with technology skills for self-employment.
  • Industrial attachment-Lastly industrial attachment gives the youth who have completed higher education a chance for hands on experience.

Employment is vital to enable the growth of Ghana as a nation. YES has pursue all avenues possible to ensure the dream is achievable by enrolling the youth in paid internship in Ghana 2018. We wish you all the best in Ghana youth employment registration 2018.

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