Writing GRE exams in Ghana: registration, test centers, and dates

Writing GRE exams in Ghana: registration, test centers, and dates

Are you a Ghanaian who has a dream of studying their master’s degree program at a foreign university? Well, the Graduate Record Examination test is among the requirements for you to get admitted in most of the foreign universities. GRE exams in Ghana are similar to GRE exams in the rest of the world since regardless of where it is taken, the exam is standardized and observes the same format and rules.

GRE exams in ghana
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What is GRE exams all about? The Educational Testing Services (ETS) coordinates the standardized exams, which is an organization in the United States. Paper-based and computer-based formats are the 2 modes used by the ETS to conduct the test. If you are Ghanaian interested in doing the test, this article is for you. Read on to know everything from Ghana test centers, registration, fees, and test dates.

GRE exams in Ghana

The GRE tests include general tests and a total of 7 additional subjects that will test your understanding of your field. The general tests is meant to measure various skills in the following areas:

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1. Verbal reasoning

You will need to be able to complete test questions, fill blanks in 2 separated word sentences, and critical reading. You should prepare well for this test especially on synonyms areas.

1 hour is the timing for the section, but split into tasks half an hour each with 20 questions.

The scores are 130 to 170 points, which is interpreted that you will still attain 130 points even without getting any of the question right.

2. Analytical Writing Assessment

Do you know how write essays? It is a brush for the learned students. Right? Be prepared to write an “argument and issue” essay.

The timing of the task is split into two 35 minutes each with 20 questions.

It has a 0-6 scale in that you can get a complete zero in this writing section if your not well-prepared.

3. Qualitative Reasoning

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Math’s gurus will be very comfortable in doing the test that will be on areas like the numeric entry, problem solving, and quantitative comparisons. You should be ready for algebra, statistics, and geometry; do not bother on revising the trigonometry/calculus because they are not included.

The section is split into 2 half an hour sections.

The scores are 130 to 170 points, which is interpreted that you will still attain 130 points even without getting any of the question right.

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GRE exams in ghana
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How to Register for GRE Exams in Ghana

Before you start off with your GRE test registration in Ghana, you should be aware that not all foreign universities require the scores of this test. You should check first if your dream university requires it. The interesting bit is that there is no 2018 eligibility of the GRE test. This means that apart from being above 18 years and having a degree in a specific field, the chance to apply is open for any Ghanaian student in need of a master’s degree. Here are tips on GRE test registration 2018.

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Step 1 – Create your GRE account which you will use to check your result score, and cancel your registration

Step 2 – Register for the test either online, or via email by creating ETS account, GRE 2018 registration.

The online Ghana registration is preferred by most students because it is easier and will take only few minutes. All you need to do is to visit the website and create an account.

Mail Ghana Registration can be done via downloading the form and fill it.

Step 3 – which type of the test do want between the GRE general and GRE test subjects? Select it.

Step 4 – include the location and the date of the GRE test 2018.

Step 5 – fill in all your academic information required.

Step 6 – pay for the test via MasterCard/ Visa/ America Empress/ Discover. In simple words, pay at exchange rate.

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GRE Examination Centers in Ghana

GRE exams in Ghana have only one Centre that is in Accra, Linear Assessment services. What do you need to prove your identification? Well, carry with a passport that is valid.

Going by recent headlines, the GRE test fee in Ghana is $205/ 905.98 Ghanaian Cedi for the General test and $150 for the other the subject test on your specific field. Keep in mind that if you register late for the paper-based (online) you will incur GRE exams fees amounting to $25; for the paper-based test a fee of $50 is required. The extra cost of GRE exam in Ghana for a student who registered for a subject and they later think of changing, is $50.

GRE exams in ghana
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GRE exams dates in Ghana 2018

GRE test dates in Accra Ghana are selected by the student from the available dates on the year of registration. The GRE exam dates in Ghana usually fall on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. In 2018, the exams will take 12 months and you need to take the test once in 21 days. Where to write GRE exams in Ghana being in Accra alone, it means that you have to make sure you have a seat during the exam day.

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It is important to prepare for the GRE exams because it will win you higher consideration over the students who never wrote it. The Ghanaian students are lucky for having few yet trusted institutions to help them out with preparing for the exams. The good bit is that they will provide you with sample papers and GRE books in Ghana to study. Here are a few GRE examination centres in Ghana

Global Baseline Institution

The Global Baseline has a small class size in order for the teacher to recognize every student's weakness in a particular test. The teachers are more than qualified in that field in that they are capable of giving you quality lessons. If you are a slow learner, they offer a teacher and a student tuition at a very affordable price. Visit and get enrolled there, do your registration there, and you won’t regret.

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Timeline Trust

Timeline Trust is popular for offering quality tuitions to students in need of an advanced degree. Once you get enrolled at the institution you are sure that the chances for you to get admitted into your dream foreign university are high. A total amount of GH¢999, is enough to cover most of the things including study materials, your tuition, help you in your application for the university and Visa, to counseling.

GRE exams in ghana
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GRE Results in Ghana 2018

The Ghanaian students who sat for the GRE exam will be sent an email to notify them to check out their scores. You have your GRE account and that is where you find your scores. Have in mind that scores are valid for two years. Once you have your score report, send your perfect scores to your list of dream foreign universities. In case you failed a test, there is a chance for you to register for a retake. The ETS will offer you 4 foreign universities to select if interested. To send your scores you have to be prepared to spend $20. Choose wisely a business or graduate school that offer your course, find out if they offer scholarships, and also check out their part-time services.

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You can use your GRE scores to get scholarship, especially when you have a good score It is likely especially for student with a more than 160 score in sections for the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning to get scholarship. The writing score of about 5 is also perfect for you to increase your chances for that scholarship.

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