Funny memes about school

Funny memes about school

Funny memes about school will make your life in school easy. Anything, from your teacher's reaction to an extraordinary experience in school, can be turned into a funny meme. You can try using the funny meme just to get your classmate’s or schoolmate’s attention. Maybe you want them to assist in a topic, but they seem bored, just use it to make them laugh. School days can be long and boring sometimes, but in order for you to enjoy school, you need that one thing which will make your school life more exciting. Best moments are created by little things we do; individually or by other people. Funny memes school are part of the little things you do on a daily basis to make life bearable and manageable.

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Funny school memes

You can be as funny as you can towards your schoolmates or classmates. Being funny and making others laugh will cause you zero effort, as a matter of fact, it will be a significant contributor for you to become popular in school. Whenever you are out of school, students will miss you. You can always make fun of your school, and this will make you enjoy the school. Here are some of the funny memes about school that you can add to your meme collection.

  • When you meet your friend who is from boarding school then you go asking them how was home life and they needed to tell you how life was in school. This meme is so funny, and I believe your friends will laugh and tease you back.
Funny memes about school

  • Primary pupils are more serious when it comes to school, then the secondary level is where you find students doing weird things in school, maybe sleep during class time or sit in a funny posture. In college, students even go missing classes; maybe because of the night out parties or just laziness to go to class. College is where you experience the fun in school, which presents a rare opportunity to make as many memes about daily experiences consequently make everyone crack their ribs.
Funny highschool wrestling memes

  • At school when there is fire drill you all make a line quietly, but if you see the real fire, you go pushing each other screaming and shouting all over. You can use this meme just to make fun of the school.
Funny memes about school

  • This meme illustrates a situation when the school needs a parent’s signature but you just go trying forging their signature, and it went on well, and the school won’t realize. This meme points out a common phenomenon in almost all colleges, where students become smarter than the school's administration.
Funny highschool reunion memes

  • When school is tomorrow, but you are busy consoling yourself thinking that school is not tomorrow. The spoiler is when your mum comes out saying preparing for you going to school tomorrow. Then you forget the sweet sound that was talking to you this is really funny school memes
hilarious memes for school

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Hilarious memes about school

One of the categories of memes that will leave you on the floor when you come across them is hilarious memes for school. If the school is not doing well or it has been performing well, you can use memes to make fun of it or if there is something happening to you or your friend. Here are the best hilarious memes;

  • During exam time, the room is always so quiet. Then in an unfortunate event, your stomach begins rumbling, and in an effort to stop it, you whisper some threatening words to it. Then everyone begins looking at you, and you can’t even concentrate on your paper.
pics of funny school memes

  • In primary school when one of the pupils comes saying how the exams was easy and you all give the most innocent face, but in secondary school when one of the students comes saying how the exam was easy and you all go laughing at them. This meme is just so funny.
Funny memes about school

  • That moment you see your teacher walk outside, through the window, and you were busy making noise, but he had seen you already then you pretend to be reading. After some time, you hear the teacher call your name. This is so hilarious, and it brings the school memories back.
really funny school memes

  • On your way home from school you meet with someone then they go on asking if you are coming from school then you give them that hilarious answer like no I’m coming from Asia.
pics of funny school memes

  • Trying to bring your teacher some present and all you could think of is to make a homemade candle for them then it goes having a very hilarious shape.
Funny memes about school

Funny law school memes

As we all know, law is just a difficult course, and it needs more of reading and researching. If you have a law student for a friend, you can just make them laugh and help then know it’s not about books all the time, which they should have fun also, just to clear their mind out. The law school can be so serious from the management to the student, and everyone is just busy running up and down. And here are the best funny memes about law school.

  • When the school gives you too much of work, and you just feel like the law is above you, and you can’t do anything else apart from reviewing documents and you here crying out, you can use this meme to describe what your law school is.
Funny memes about school

  • When everyone was telling you to go to law school that it will be fun but after few semesters you wonder what was that good they were talking about.
  • You can use this meme just to make fun of the law school where you are in the library just writing law notes, but you just have no choice. So you just psyching yourself by this kind of a meme.
  • When you are so busy in law school that you forget your birthday and try to put the blame on school, but in the real sense, you trying to insinuate that law school can make you forget some of the important things in your life.
  • When you preparing for a law exams, then you wish your law schoolmates all the best in their exams but you just saying it a very funny way.
Funny memes about school

Funny memes about med school

In meds school, you will find every student feeling like their minds will explode because here they are dealing with people’s lives. You can just come up with funny memes for the Meds School just to make the students relaxed and laugh. Here are the funny memes in school;

  • The things that people think you do since you are a doctor but in the real sense you the only one who knows what you do. This meme is just so funny when you share with your law school students.
really funny memes school memes

  • When you receive a letter from Meds School, and you get excited about it then after opening the letter you can’t comprehend what is written in there. It prepares you to know that how meds student’s handwriting should be which is so funny.
  • During the meds attachment the school sends you to go and vaccinate children then you meet such kind of parents who will tell you lots of the negatives towards the vaccines till you start doubting yourself if you really should be doing this work of vaccinating kids…this is so hilarious.
  • Oh this is just so funny, in Meds School you can use this meme to demonstrate what you have been taught but you just know that’s wrong, but you just want to make fun of the school.
  • Doing the patient a favor if you kill them they won’t pay for the service which you just trying to show how people view you and your parents since you are in Meds School and how you view yourself as a future doctor. It’s just so funny.

Funny back to school memes

When is back to school time every pupil and student would wish to rewind time and just prolong the holiday, but it’s impossible. Choosing to use the pics of funny school memes just to make them feel good and remember those funny moments they had in school. Here are the memes for back to school;

  • He is not really excited just pretending so you can use this to those who are laughing at you that you going back to school just show them you so cool with it but deep inside you it feels bad.
  • Imagine if you see people jumping with joy that you are are going back to school this the expression you give to them.
Funny memes about school

  • If you go back to school that would be great. You can encourage your kid with this meme just to show them it will be great for them to study.
  • Mums will be like its school time, and they will just be happy since no one will be around home, messing the house but they still love their children. Use this to your child to make them laugh.

Funny memes about first day of school

When you see a new student in school, you can just welcome them with some fun by using memes. Here are the fun meme to use during the first day in school for you or your friend or the new student in your school;

  • In a school that’s how you going in, send your friend this meme.
Funny law school memes

  • When the teacher starts teaching on the first day and you even don’t know his/ her name
  • When you have to say about yourself, and it’s your first day in school.
Funny memes about school

Funny high school reunion memes

You can use memes to your former schoolmates just to show you miss them and you would like to have a reunion, here are the memes;

  • Here is the funny meme that you can use to your friends.
Funny school memes

  • After high school then you meet for the reunion and all of your classmates are so grown, you can use this meme as a joke.

Funny high school wrestling memes

Do you remember fights in high school? You can send some memes to your friends who used to like fighting;

  • When you see that person, who thought he could beat everyone in school being put down by one of the students.
Funny memes about school

  • You can tease your friend with this and see how he will freeze of fear.

In school, there is much fun, and every person has their way of making others laugh. If you are less of a humor person you can try these funny memes out, you can send your friend funny memes about school work just to check if they are done with their homework or assignments. Most students tend to forget assignments, and you can just use memes to remind them of the way of having fun.

Funny memes in school are what give students best moments in school ever, some might make fun of the teachers, and others make fun of their fellow students but what matters is that everyone is enjoying school. You can even demonstrate how your fellow student can have a facial expression when they are about to be punished by the teacher, and this will make you all laugh during your free lessons. All the funny school memes are all in here, and you can take each and throw some jokes to your friend just to show them you do think about them.

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