What is my WAEC Ghana index number?

What is my WAEC Ghana index number?

Preparing for examinations is never a walk in the park especially when it involves moving a student from one phase to another. When that is the case, there are a number of things that are involved. Due to that, parents, teachers and students go a long way to ensure that the examinations are successful. Preparations begin very early so as to avoid the last minute rush and part of it includes the indexing process. Students are required to be keen on getting their WAEC Ghana index number so as to be able to sit for their exams at the end of the year. Other things they need to be keen include verifying their index numbers and also confirming their exam centers at the right time.

What is my WAEC Ghana index number?
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This article focuses on vital components of West African Examinations Council preparations which include getting your WAEC Ghana index number2018, verification of the index number and finally the confirmation of exam centers. Read on to find vital information concerning WAEC Ghana index number and much more.

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WAEC Ghana index number check

How do I check my WAEC Ghana index number is a popularly asked question. The West African Examinations Council Ghana index number is a number that a student requires so as to be eligible to sit for the national examinations at the end of the year. This number is important due to the fact that it is used to uniquely identify students seating for the national examinations. Here is a guideline on how to go about checking your WAEC Ghana novdec index number with ease.

  • You should start by logging into the WAEC website
  • You are then required to enter your invoice number in the section presented to you.
  • You should then click continue once that is done. It is important to note that some browsers like Firefox and chrome could display warning messages that are considered errors. When this occurs, you should find out ways to get back on track.
  • In case the error message continues to slow you down, you ought to click on details then visit this site in order to resume. Once the site opens, you should proceed by entering your invoice number which will eventually generate your WAEC Ghana index number for nov dec.

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What is my WAEC Ghana index number?

The good thing about this procedure is that it is simple and straight to the point. Additionally, it is time efficient because it will save you the trouble of having to look for a nonexistent WAEC index number checker 2018.You should therefore take note that your WAEC Ghana nov dec index number 2018 can only be available if you use the official West African Examinations Council website to log in. Additionally, you ought to also remember that you do not only need your index number when doing your end year examinations but also when doing your result check. This simply means that you are supposed to memorize your number even after completing your examinations.

As much as the procedure is simple, you should know that it only applies for the year 2018 once the release date is issued. The WAEC Ghana online index number sheet is set to be released between the months of July and August. Since the West African Examinations Council index number sheet is a crucial part of the preparation procedure, it will be made available prior to the start of the examinations.

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West African Examinations Council Ghana (WAEC) index number verification

As West African Examinations Council examinations approaches, students begin to confirm a number of things so as to avoid the last minute rush. Top of the list of the things students are required to do is to check my WAEC Ghana index number and center. The good news about doing all these is that you do not need to be anxious or worked out as the process of WAEC Ghana index number confirmation is a walk in the park. Here are the guidelines you could use to check WAEC Ghana index number and centre.

  • You should start by logging into the West African Examinations Council through their official website.
  • You should then click on the section marked verification of candidate’s statements.
  • Clicking on the drop down list should be your next step.
  • You should then choose your examination type.
  • Then enter your index number.
  • Click on the section of check entry.
  • The last step for WAEC Ghana index number check involves clicking on get entries so as to confirm whether your index number is correct or not.

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How to check your index number and centers

Once you are done verifying your WAEC Ghana index number for nov dec, the next thing in line involves checking for your examination center. It is quite evident that passing an examination does not only require thorough studies but proper preparation in advance as well. Therefore, knowing where you will be writing each and every paper is vital. Here is a step by step guideline on how to check your examination centers.

  • You should start by logging into WAEC Registration Portal.
  • Click the section “Click here for admission notice” link.
  • Then click the “ignore warning” section.
  • You are then required to fill in your invoice number or index number.
  • Finally, you should click continue so as to view and print your centers.
WAEC Ghana index number 2018

How to retrieve lost WAEC index number 2019

Your WAEC index number is simply a combination of your centre number and seat number whereby your centre number is the first seven numbers whereas your seat number is the last three numbers which brings the total numbers to ten. Your WAEC index number is vital because it serves a number of purposes. For instance, it gives crucial details of a candidate’s academic records, printing of results, checking and correcting of the candidate’s bio-data and much more. Therefore, forgetting your index number could bring you a lot of trouble.

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In the case whereby a candidate forgets his or her index number, it will be impossible for them to check their WAEC results. The good news is that there is a way they could retrieve their identity numbers so as to use them to check their results. The exam syllabus and year that are retrievable include Jan/Feb, May/June and Nov/Dec from 1980 to the current year. Here is a detailed method on how to retrieve your WAEC Examination number online.

Required details for retrieval

In order for you to get your retrieved index number, you ought to provide precise and accurate details like the ones mentioned below. Failure to provide the right details, the retrieval process will not be successful and you will therefore not be able to achieve your goal.

  • Your names in full are required whereby your surname comes first followed by your other names. Most importantly, all should be registered. Here is an example of how the names should appear. If your surname is Patience, middle name Ozonkwor and your last name Chioma, the correct combination should be: PATIENCE OZONKWOR CHIOMA. However, in the case that there is no middle name, the correct order form the example above should be, PATIENCE CHIOMA.
  • The year in which you did your examinations. For example 1999.
  • The type of examination you did (e.g. May/June, Nov/Dec etc).
  • The name of the school you did your exams in. You should take note that there are some schools that change their names. That should not be a problem because what is needed is the name of the school you wrote your paper in. In short, do not use the renamed name of the school but use the old one to avoid confusion.
  • Your correct email address as it will be used to send you your retrieved index number.

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The retrieval process requires you to pay a certain amount of money. The available payment methods include:

  • Payment through the bank (Mobile and direct deposit or web transfer).
  • Physically paying at the retrieval offices.
  • Paying online through Visa Card, Master Card and Verve Card.

After the retrieval is successful, here is a list of the things that will be delivered unto you.

  • Your WAEC Index Number.
  • Your Result slip in either JPEG or PDF.
  • One result checker for free.

A huge part of students’ success lies in how prepared they are for the task awaiting them. With the information provided above, it is crystal clear that preparing for examinations does not only involve studying tirelessly hard but also proper preparations. This is why it is important that you confirm important things like index numbers ,examination enters and very crucial is that you stay calm and collected when the time for exams come. With the advance in technology, the confirmation procedures have been made easy because they are just a click away. Students do not, therefore, have an excuse for not doing what is required of them when as far as the preparation for examinations is concerned.

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