Best African print skirts styles with pictures and tips

Best African print skirts styles with pictures and tips

Africa is a continent that is blessed with a diverse range of cultures, food, languages, people, and clothing. It is among the few continents to have upheld its traditions and cultures till today. African clothing is popular for its amazing style, rarity, and decency. Our clothing for women is generally very feminine and is fit to be worn throughout the year and the next, without hesitation. It is obvious that skirts compliment every and any body type; whether you are tall, fat, short, or skinny. When we talk about skirts, it is unfair to speak simply of plain skirts because it is Africa and our uniqueness comes from the various kinds of designs and ornamentation since past times. As our women are beautiful and love to stand out in every occasion, we bring you a hoard of African print skirts styles. These will make you hit your nearby stores and grab a few pieces. So, what are you waiting for! Hover your eyes through this article and decide which suites your persona and style.

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1. African print pencil skirts

We know you want to look pretty. Pencil skirts never cease to amaze when it comes to amplifying your looks positively, they are always a fine choice. All that is different about such skirts from the general ones is that these skirts are slim-fitting, with a narrow, straight cut. Pencil skirts mostly fall a little below the knee or only till the knee, with a close-fit. Take a look at the designs I have mentioned below and figure out which catches your eyes.

african print skirts styles
Source: Fashionghana

Add these African print skirts to your wardrobe. This selection of printed pencil skirts will take your look to better places.

african print pencil skirts
Source: Pinterest

A simple yet cool design makes this skirt modern by adding a pinch of trend to it. The warm orangish tone of the skirt is contrasted with the use of cool colored disk prints. The disks can be resembled with straw hats, but in this case, there is a metallic effect to it which makes it look a little 3D. Want a pencil skirt for casual outings or for your office use? This safari styled skirt seems like a good choice. You can also count such designs among formal African wear for women. Do not worry about the office; this skirt can play both parts.

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formal african wear for women
Source: Shopafropolitan

Here is another pencil printed skirt for your casual days. A clever warm tone is what makes this skirt radiant. The colour is definitely an eye-catcher. The wavy fabric prints decorated in golden shade adds to its charm, making this skirt eligible even for parties or a trip to the club. Wear it with dark tops and a pair of high heels and you are set for the day.

african print high waist pencil skirts
Source: Wandizi

Does it not look wonderful? The mossy-worm patterns are distinct and the green color with bits of black shades gives this skirt a great glossy finish. Wearing this will grab their attention for sure. Check out the picture above; the combination of colors and the style makes this a must-buy. The witty zipper is added to make it an easy wear which you can adjust accordingly. Pair this range of African print high waist pencil skirts with a black business tops and head into the office, as you watch them all stare with admiration.

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2. African print flared skirts

Flare skirts help you look attractive because of their appealing design and cut. The folds give the usual skirts a unique look and shows off your style. The flares can be of different variations, but stays the same on one cloth. African flare skirts are really something, and it makes our ladies stand on top.

african print flared skirts
Source: Pinterest

This elegant flared print skirt is going to cut your age down drastically. The colourful mix of various kinds of patterns gives this skirt a fresh and jolly look, while also portraying the feminine touch. The skirt has a little puffed up design which enables you the liberty of movement. So, if you are in the mood to dance and move your body to the party groove, go ahead. Just remember to match up the color of your heels and shirt with your skirt.

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ladies african wear
Source: Aliexpress

This gorgeous flared skirt is a sight to see. The fabric details fitted with pink and white beads give this skirt a beautiful design. The pretty peacock-tail inspired pink and blue colors are a perfect choice if you want to look bright and attractive. In addition, the front cut makes this beauty a comfortable wear. Go with a set of transparent strapped heels to add to its charm. The stylish looks of such long African print skirts are definitely for your favorite party. If you are going to a grand event in this skirt, you can be pretty sure you have the attention of everybody in the house.

long african print skirts
Source: Madivasmag

Check out this mini flare skirt. The purple is definitely to enhance your woman energy. Feel confident wearing this cool skirt. Proper for both parties and casual activities, this skirt should be accompanied with a off-shoulder that brings out your confidence. Go for a pair of silver heels or feel free to try out flats if you want to; it will work either way.

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3. African print high low skirts

High low skirts are popular for their idiosyncratic look and feel. They have full circle hem, of which, the length differs from long in back to short at the front. This style of skirt has been named many things by the press and designers alike. It is mostly known as Mullet skirt now. If you are up to pulling all the gazes towards you, try one of these high low skirts.

african print high low skirts
Source: Lapassionvoutee

This printed high low skirt is a witty combo of both traditional as well as modern styles. The traditional African way of fitting various colours in one cloth can be traced in this skirt. If you are in the mood to brighten up the streets, this skirt is a great choice. Lengthy at the back, the length is cut of a little to the front revealing your legs and increasing the attraction factor. An irresistible choice.

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african print high waist skirts
Source: Etsy

This is a skirt with an elegant design. Such African print high waist skirts can bring out the royal attitude and look in you. Its jazzy style and vibrant color is praised beautifully with traditional laces. It has a decent look and will cover you from waist to feet. This long printed skirt is best for traditional occasions. The crazy thing about this skirt is, probably that you can detach the mullet design and turn it into a pencil skirt. Really cool, don’t you think? Interchange styles with this single product as you leave everyone puzzled and amazed at the magical variations. You will definitely stand out as the dark color pulls the eyes of the beholder. Be the queen that you are with this magnificent skirt. Try a light colored tank top to match the colors.

latest african dresses
Source: Picmia

If a simple look is what you are looking for, this has to be perfect. The combo of warm orange and cool blue gives this skirt a sweet design. The matching waist belt adds to its style. White is a great choice as the inside of the skirt has the same colour. If you are going to hang out with your friends and you want them awestruck, this skirt is going to do that for you. Match it up with a pair of matching sandals and colorful wrist accessories. Unlike the model in the photo, go for a more revealing top to give your shoulders some space and air.

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4. African print maxi skirts

There are many instances when too casual may be rather problematic. Some occasions demand a fresh and conventional look to make an impact. That is when maxi skirts come into play. Cover yourself to the ankle and look regal with African print maxi skirts.

african dresses
Source: Montoyamayo

Looking for some awesome maxi skirt designs? You are here. Let us start with this beautiful yellow skirt that is going to have dozens fall in love with you. The bright blue peacock feather patterns are matched with the luminous yellow. In case you are heading out somewhere under the daylight and you are up to impress someone, wait no further. Grab this skirt and make your collection even better.

Delightful, is it not? So many different eye-catching patterns have been incorporated in this one long cloth. The plethora of designs in this maxi skirt is really something. Do I really have to say much about this? Put it on along with black blouse, black wristbands and show off your style to the world.

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african fashion dresses
Source: Sincerelymissj

The artistic round ornamentation on this skirt gives definition to the already brilliant color. It looks like slices of watermelons on a pretty blue sky. It will unquestionably make you the lady of the day. It doesn't matter if you are in a party or hanging out in the mall with your girlfriends, this skirt will definitely work for you. Compliment this skirt with a light-brow jacket and a shirt inside. Go for large round silver earrings and a silver stone-studded bracelet.

5. African dress designs for plus size women

There was once a time when having a big body size would be embarrassing for ladies. I never understood why. Beauty comes in different forms and there is nothing to laugh about; whether a person is fat or thin. That perception is, however, changing day by day as we pursue a better future. Below are a few African fashion dresses for ladies who are plus size and love to stand up to the world.

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african dress designs for plus size women
Source: Pinterest

This dress design is going to make you the party-girl of the night. I bet you can already imagine yourself shining under the red, blue and green party disco lights with this outfit. This dress will make you look sassy while also showing out those curves. Do not think of the world and wear it to wherever you want to. Grab a pair of soft-coloured high heels on your way back from the mart. Put on a black designer watch on your wrist and a simple wrist bag.

african dress designs for plus size women
Source: Afrocosmopolitan

Feeling classy? Why not try out this dress? It is a pleated, plus size dress for women on the big side. The folds on the bottom part of this dress make this dress unique and nice. The design is uncommon, and the patterns fit for a luxurious lady. The waist is regulated with a fancy lace-styled strap and the sleeveless arms give more freedom for movement. Wear it with designer heels and a hang beaded necklace and bracelet, to complete the look.

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fashionable african print skirts
Source: Stylishcurves

Hello dear curves, it is time to let the world witness the power of beauty. The fabric work and the stitches are what fulfill the comeliness of this dress. It is not completely off-shoulder with one side held by the same fabric. The dress has a frock-look and you are going to look much younger wearing it. The puffiness of the dress is cleverly lessened by a white waist-strap and the upward aggressing triangular patterns give an edgy feel to it. Bring out the strong avatar of yours with this gorgeous wear. Wear colored jewelry on your wrist and spotted heels for a finer match.

latest african dresses
Source: Afrocosmopolitan

African dresses have always been appreciated all over the world for their design. This dress is just cosmopolitan in every sense. A mix of different styles makes this something you can easily wear no matter where you are. The denim upper half matches the bottom red. Traces of faint blue are added to the red half completing the design. The dress is made even more stylish with the fabric printed leaves and branches giving this dress a more natural look. The sleeves are bordered with red and the addition of the red collar has the dress looking very trendy. Fit for all kinds of occasions; commend your look with beaded wooden accessories and a pair of thin-strapped red high heels.

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6. Latest kente styles

Kente style is famous for its distinct cotton and silk fabric which are made by interweaving cloth strips. Several tribes wear Kente clothes and they surely are able to carry the style. What skirts can we talk about if we miss out our very own Kente style in this article! Below are some Kente styles that you might want to take a shot at.

african dresses
Source: Ankarastyles

Mostly traditional, this kente style dress is brightly colored and the design; beautiful. A little revealing on the top, this dress is for the classy and the sassy who love to dress up boldly. Bring out the fiery tigress by putting on this piece of radiance. It will help you maintain the traditional look while adding a hue of the modern world. Try wearing golden jewelry on your wrists and if you are up to it, go for short length necklace and let your bare skin portray the attitude.

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latest kente styles
Source: Dabonke

Have plans for a date? Confused how to impress Mr. Perfect? Head out to your nearest store and buy this piece. Although not anything rare, a blend of eye-pleasing green and orange, this full-length design is alluring and appropriate for your date. The front has a cut which is cleverly made to help you feel free. The kente fabric gives meaning to its style, and you should try it with a pair of designer high heels; I’d recommend green or brown. Alternatively, you can try grey like the model in the picture. A bit of golden accessories on your wrist and big circular earrings could help you carry out this dress with ease. Good luck on your date.

kente dresses
Source: Pinterest

This clinging long dress is one you can use to win every heart. Whether you are attending a fancy dress up event or a grand wedding, this off-the-shoulder tight material can be one of your finest choices. The variations in patterns and colors make this elongated design exceptional. The white laces bordering the bottom makes it look like the tail of a mermaid. Make all the other ladies jealous as you bloom in this style of kente dresses.

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latest kente styles

If red is your favorite color, then you are all in for the glamour. Red is very alluring and can make you the star of the evening as you blossom like a china-rose under the bright and colorful lights of the disco. I’ll admit it is not one of the latest African dresses styles; but nonetheless, it deserves to make its spot in this post. This is for the better because its symmetrical patterns give this skirt a very show-off look, which I think is great if you want that attention of the party. Pair it up with high heels of the same color, and a red or black shirt. Go for your favorite accessories.

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7. African print skirts with pockets

It can be understood how problematic life can become if you are missing a pocket or two on your body. After all, we are but humans and need to carry a few important things along. Ladies, especially face a lot of issues when they have to carry a huge bag with them just because they are missing out a pocket. To help you get some relief from that part, here are a few printed African skirts which will make you look great while also letting you carry your favourite tiny stuff.

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african print skirts with pockets
Source: Grandeurbynasb

Mamma Mia! Is it not a cool-looking print skirt? This is liable to make you look young and stylish. It is a girly pink designed by pretty crystal-looking flowers and yellow circular ribbons; pretty hypnotic actually. The white shoulder cut top goes definitely well with the deep-coloured skirt; ideal for accompanying the girls to shopping, or heading for lunch with your man.

african print skirts with pockets
Source: Laviye

Majestic is the word that comes to my mind as I write about this skirt. The colour combination might be common but this design, overall, is striking. The tone of the cloth is ferocious. Men admire ruthlessness in a woman’s attitude which will be painted even better when you put this skirt on. Leave the wrists empty if you are opting for a top of the similar style as the model above. But make sure to wear a watch if you plan to wear a tank-top. Show off your ambitious lifestyle with this African wear for ladies that come with pockets.

This African print maxi skirt comes with two side pockets and a zipper at the back. Ready to buy it already? And why would you not? The view of this beautiful creation is breathtaking. It has two pockets on each side for your comfort. The conspicuous other-worldly design and the monster-eyed motif of this cloth are going to get a spot on the front row. Partner such fashionable African print skirts with a black full-sleeve and colourful decorative necklaces to light up the world.

8. African print peplum skirts

Sometimes simple skirts may not be your favored choice. We all want to look different and special. That is when we want to try something different. I thought you would want to check out some peplum skirt designs. You can wear peplum skirts every day of the week. Such ladies African wear make really hot date outfits. It is easy to dress up and down relying on where you are going. The best part is, your curves can never go wrong with peplum skirts. Check below:

african print peplum skirts
Source: Feelovely

Take a look at this high waist peplum skirt. It is a single peplum design adorned with yellow fabric and floral patterned laces. The pink, yellow, and black concoction is a fair deal, which is complimented with the high-waist look. A pair of black heels will do just fine with this skirt. Match it up with a yellow, red, black, or brown top to spice up the look. Add a pair of big earrings of black studs and you are all set. Get that smart look your boss is a fan of.

ladies african wear
Source: Blacklovesgold

Beat the heat this summer with this cool peplum skirt. The blue and brown make up a rare blend of colors, and the geometric ripple patterns gives this thing an elegant finish. The material used on this skirt is light and gives it a comfortable fit. The markings are hypnotic and give the skirt an oceanic touch. Relate to this skirt with a nice denim shirt or a short denim jacket. Alternatively, you might try wearing a white tank top, which I believe is going to go really well with this skirt.

african fashion dresses
Source: Pinterest

Do not mistake the pretty pink background to be the reason for this skirt’s beauty. This has to be that garden-party skirt you have been searching for. It has Mother Nature all over it. We love nature and it is what makes us look beautiful. This floral peplum skirt comes with a matching top. So you need not worry about what you should wear on top to match it with the skirt. The patterns are old-school and maybe that is exactly why it is able to catch our attention. If you want to feel special and blend with the stranger crowd, you might just want this to be in your closet. Be the mood of the party in this peplum design which adds to the outfit’s amazing look. If you are going to be out for shopping, this two-piece might just be in your list.

I’m hoping you are satisfied with this article from Yen, which brought to you, a collection of awesome African print skirts and dresses. Bask in the light of admiration as you try out one, two, or all of the given outfits. I’m sure the attention is going to be all on you.


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