Traditional African dresses for kids

Traditional African dresses for kids

Ordinarily, parents get to choose what their kids put on until they get conscious about themselves and can tell what is good to them and what is not. Until then, the choice of dressing solely lies on the parent and even when they get older, the purchase of any outfit is of course subject to the parent’s approval. In this day and era when people have soberly become cautious about their mode of dressing, the kids closet similarly needs to be in check with some impeccable elegant African dress designs for the girl child.

In as much as girls of a younger age do not have the pronounced feminine curves in place, they need to be dressed in a manner that is girlish, decent, and fashionable too. There are a whole range of African dresses for girls at the stores to check out from. They are suitable for girls of different ages, have fine touches, and made of durable fabric with the child use factored in place to ensure it is washable, does not fade off the color, and is warm enough to keep the little girls healthy.

Traditional African children’s clothing designers would have done a lot of disservice to our kids if they failed to invest their skills, resources and time towards coming up with smart attires for them. And because they know the value parents put on the little ones, they cling onto that and have appreciatively and consistently surprised the market with amazing African beautiful dresses for the girls. I know every parent desires to stock their girl’s closet with unique and flattery dresses for the girls along with other clothing’s, this piece will guide you on some of the latest African dresses for girls.

African dresses 2018

One thing you will observe with kids of all ages is their inquisitive nature; this is a milestone in life characterized with a lot of exploration, adventure and hunger to information and knowledge. They are very keen to details and from time to time they may decide to ask crazy and unanswerable questions like; why did you buy me an African dress like the one Mary has? Is this the best you found in town? Why can’t you buy me a dress like of abc celebrity I saw on television? These are some of the hard questions. As a good parent you need to get that which the kid desire hence have to know what they want, trendy and is equally useful.

However, there are a few things you need to know about girls of all ages; they are very choosy and their dressing preference will commonly be determined by current trends in the fashion industry which happens they mostly are aware of. Additionally, girls love brightly colored clothes, unique flattery designs, easy wear and as a matter of fact what their peers are often in. this will help you narrow down the wide selection to a few African dresses styles that will be appreciated even when shopping for them in their absence.

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African dresses have a lot of versatility and hence covers all consumer tastes. There are the conservative to liberal and modern designs, winter to summer dresses, simple to sophisticated outfit just to name but a few of these dimensions. Girls of all ages have something they can shield themselves with and be stylish. There are decorous African traditional dresses for toddlers, below five years girls and even in the next sphere of girl up to teenage. Below are the African dresses 2018 for the girls;

1. Ankara African dresses for kids

african dresses, african dresses for kids, african dresses for girls

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There is something unique about the African fabric Ankara; it has amazing and diverse patterns, tastefully colored and the fabric is gentle and warm for kids wear. The Ankara African dresses for kids have become a popular style in the recent past with the African and western children having their clothes made of the traditional African children’s clothing. The association it draws from our ethnic background is probably the reason for its global preference.

There are many African dresses styles from the Ankara. We have the short flared dresses, long free dresses for girls, jumpsuit collection for kids, coat, skirt, and top among many other things that can be made from this outstanding fabric. The infinite number of patterns, animal and flowered motifs has brought a lot of diversity making it possible for kids to rock this style like a queen.

2. Dashiki African dresses

african dresses, african dresses for kids, african dresses for girls


Dashiki style has not only been prevalent in people of older generation but also in the young and toddler generation too. This is one of the African dresses styles whose significance and fashion sense is long standing. It is very easy to tell dashiki attire because it has a big central pattern with others small line patterns on the edges which should be cut neatly and should be visible in the outfit.

Amazing dashiki African dresses have been made and the girl gets to dress up courtly. There are many available designs short to long dresses, cool to fancy ones and the list goes on and one. The styles have become innumerable because of the many wide and crazy ideas about fashion. This a style one should check for their kids; it will not only bring the joy of fashion home but also give you that inner satisfaction of being a good parent as kids will interpret it.

3. Skater African dresses for girls

african dresses, african dresses for kids, african dresses for girls


More than just being feminine, smart and tasteful there is something beyond words with the skater African dresses for girls. Just like older women have embraced the skater designs, the toddler and young girls seems to fit well in this design or should I say it is a one design fit all kind of wear. I guess I am not wrong though I stand to be corrected.

If you desire to revamp the kids’ wardrobe with a fashionable and show stopping traditional African children’s clothing designs then this is the way to go. It is easy to wear, comfortable to be in and stylish on appearance. Ideally, a skater dress is body fitting on the upper body part and flares out from the waist downward and ordinarily the dress is knee length and with sleeveless arms. Creative designs have incorporated this design with an open back, big monotone waist band, flowered, high neck, lace among other things. It is good for summer and is very girlish too.

4. Laced African dresses styles

african dresses, african dresses for kids, african dresses for girls


If you are looking for something that goes parallel with the girl child is the lace, fishnet dresses and flowered. A girl of younger age would go for these any time. Laces bring a dignified beauty to a woman and so goes down to the girl child. This is common in the African traditional dresses for toddlers who have striking designs although it is still present in teenage wears as well as older women attires.

Laced African dresses ordinarily are in the skater designs. The lace is both at the bust area and also at the flared section; this is tasteful beauty on another level and provides amazing aesthetics. However, this design has varied touched of the western design in bid to make the dresses look more exquisite. That aside, this African dresses styles is lovely for the kids, it is prevalent yet very compact even as many kids pull the look. Fresh designs make our eyes always on the lookout for the next big creative design of the African dresses.

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5. Flowered African dresses

There is a lot of beautiful sceneries created by nature and by extension flowers give life to humanity. The universe plainly without flowers would be boring and probably leave nothing to design. The glow in flowers usher in a ray of life and hope to humanity. It makes this look good and worth fighting for, they are a universal beautifier.

Similarly, when it comes to the flowered African dresses for girl, there is something unique and phenomenal about the aesthetics it depletes. Flowers look good for the toddlers and even the teenagers hence none even in between these ages has been deprived off this style. The girl attains that excellent prepossessing look any girl does not mind getting. Even as age and nature shapes them into becoming a fully fledged woman, this would not be a badly off to start by.

6. Off shoulder African dresses 2018 for girls

african dresses, african dresses for kids, african dresses for girls

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In this modern world, there are things that make me laugh out loud so heartily, when young girls get to embrace the old women outfit. Truth be told they look spectacular in these designs but the femininity ingrained upon them at this age is what makes it laughable, well, let me stop at that before I spoil everything.

Off shoulder African dress 2018 is another trendy and latest African dresses for juniors in 2018. This designs in layman’s language means the neck line at the collar bone extends up to the shoulder length leaving some skin exposed. This attire has been in high demand for the better part of 2017 and 2018 and still is to date. It is discerning for the young girls to get flattery by showing skin at their age.

7. Fashionable free African dresses for girls

african dresses, african dresses for kids, african dresses for girls

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Among the many, one should consider before actually making an outfit purchase for the kid when it comes to this dress. Is it comfortable for her? This question should linger in your mind until it is satisfactorily answered because you don’t want your kid to be dull and withdraw from others during play because they are not comfortable in the clothes they are in.

A free African dress for girls would save you all these tussles subjected to the kid. It is stylish, comfortable and easy to stay in; they can wear it for any occasion. The style can be blended in with a waist band or a slim belt to make them more elegant. However, if you are concerned about the girly sitting posture or probably know your girl is not good at this, then a pair of tights would help her cover all the nakedness even while playing with peers.

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8. Print fabric patched African dresses for girls

african dresses, african dresses for kids, african dresses for girls

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African print patches are the in thing today and it is admirable to see the extension of the same to the African dresses for boys and the girls and even the African attire for babies. A patch of the ankara, kente or kitenge does not imply the fabric got worn out and then a patch was stitched in, no. It is a modern style and you can attest to the fact that it is skillfully done. As a matter of fact, every patch tells of something say love signs, symbols, maps of a place name it all. The patch is not just done for the sake of doing it after all.

The African beautiful dresses that are patched are something worth your attention. There is one that recently got my attention and without saying much I found it very interesting. It was a dress of the African fabric in flared out design with suspender straps although the upper part was in a monotone color. The bust was patched in a love symbol and the pose on the girl could tell it all; they knew they were the African queen. There are other amazing art works for patchwork in regards to African attire for babies and even for the boy child you can check out.

9. Long African dress styles

african dresses, african dresses for kids, african dresses for girls

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I love dresses in women as much as I love pants, but the case of dresses weigh more. I have asked around and received similar sentiments especially from the masculine creature. So this helps me draw a conclusion that dresses look better on a woman more than other outfits do, of course this is debatable. The long African dress styles are on another level though.

Ordinarily, the African dress is made from the native fabric; which means it is patterned, flowered or has animal motifs in it. Irregardless of the choice of fabrics since I have seen several varied designs, the outfit still stands out. The designer ensures that the cloth has a good cut and is fitting to the girl in question. That done, they are then able to stitch together the parts for an excellent design or final product. The emerging trend in African dress 2018 is that the fabric is toned down by a matching monotone color touches which could be around the waist band, collar areas, bottom edges, arms among many other styles.

10. African traditional dresses for toddlers

At first I thought this was not possible, because In my mind I thought how could a toddler have their measurements taken when they barely know how to sit or raise up. Well, I was wrong because I realized designers have a way of knowing how to make estimate measurement that will fit the child bearing in mind it does not have to be too fitting to trade off the comfort of the child.

Well, it all began with family photo shots where people with blood links wear similar clothes and pose for photos. So if a family has a toddler they need not be left out. A match fabric similar to the one made for their parent is used to make an outfit for the kid. Some amazing designs then are actualized that are just beautiful and admirable – African dress up boys attires and the African dresses for girls.

Today there are many designs from the African dresses for juniors one can choose from. They come packed differentially for winter to summer weather, which means some cover more skin than others dont. However, times and seasons change and we therefore need to sway with the current tide and once it passes we pick up the next that comes.

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Areas of consideration when buying the African dresses for kids

It would not be enough for me to end the discussion about the African dresses in the traditional African children’s clothing without mentioning what to consider when buying an outfit. Remember as I had premiered by saying, kids ordinarily get to be selected for their clothes by their parents with some few exemptions here and there. There are top three things you must factor into account;

Type of the fabric – Here you need to check the kind of fabric; cotton is the most preferred because it is easily washable, does not stain, its durable, not allergic or does not cause sensitivity to the kids delicate skin and is warm. The texture and quality of the fabric should tell you all this which should then guide you on whether to settle down with that or not.

Fitting and appropriate cut – If the African dress you desire to purchase is already made, then check if it perfectly fits the baby. If the design should be fitting then that should be so, if should be loosely fitted then this too should be in check. The cut and the finish should again be done flawlessly. However, it is advisable that the kids' wear leave an allowance since the kids are growing.

Fashion taste – Finally, you cannot buy something that is not attractive to you. You only get to purchase something that matches you taste and preference. This too should be a key consideration, do not get coerced to buy something you inherently know is not your type. Again you do not want to spend on something that you will not use later in your life.

The above are some of the top notch African Dresses 2018. Well, there are many other styles and designs for the kids but I just selected the above since there are infinite ideas about style and fashion. I would however want to note something down. The traditional African children’s clothing wardrobe is something of interest and one should get to watch the new evolutions and innovations that are coming out. I am thrilled by how the kids bring out beauty of the African roots, dark soft skin tones, chubby cheeks, alluring smiles, model poses and the innocent faces just make the African dresses styles something to behold. We may need just have to watch how our next crop of ideas from our seasoned designers about the attires for kids will be.

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