Best blood group compatibility for marriage

Best blood group compatibility for marriage

Everyone falls under a given blood type and group. More concerns are mounting on whether married couples should worry about their differences in blood groups. Does blood group compatibility for marriage matter? Well, there are many speculations and perceptions regarding this subject, but what is the truth?

Sickle cell types and marriage

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A difference in blood groups of partners in a marriage is not a happiness killer. To lead a healthy marriage, it requires, among other things, understanding, and unconditional love between partners. But if you are planning to have biological kids with your partner, then it's better to gain awareness. It is a good practice to know the plasma group of your partner as well as their plasma type in case of an emergency.

In the case of kids, knowing your partner's blood type helps you in making informed decisions regarding the recommended medical approaches towards bearing children without genetic anomalies. Remember, there are therapeutic options that can help you counteract any risks associated with plasma group differences during pregnancy.

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Different blood types

There are four major blood group types. Everyone falls under any of these plasma types with variations in the groups. They include:

  • A
  • B
  • O
  • AB

Usually, these groups vary based on the absence or presence of antigens, which are responsible for stimulating the immune response in a person.

Besides, there is another element that comes to play. The Rhesus factors (Rh factor) presence denoted by '+' or absence '-' also affects one's grouping. With this in mind, blood groups double in number to eight as follows:

  • A+
  • B+
  • O+
  • AB+
  • A-
  • B-
  • O-
  • AB-

Remember that you are born with the plasma type you possess and cannot be changed using a medical procedure later in life. For instance, if you were born with blood group B positive, then you remain with that group your entire life.

Does blood compatibility affect pregnancy?

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Sickle cell types and marriage

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Because of the Rh factor, plasma compatibility is a primary concern for couples who intend to have biological children. When pregnancy is involved between married partners, then knowing the plasma type of each partner before conception is critical.

Rh factor is either positive or negative. It is an inherited protein meaning that you get it from your parents, and you also pass it to your children. The most common blood type is '+.' Note that, being Rh positive or negative does not have any impact on your health as a person, but it has the propensity to affect youth pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Rh factor

There are different types of marriage. With that comes the continuity from childbirth. The most apparent danger is the growth in complexities associated with Rh factor. The concern is if the mother is Rh- while the child is Rh+.

If the biological mother's plasma cells come in touch with the child's systems, then it can trigger a negative immune response. For instance, a blood group A positive child will have his/her immune system attacked by the antibodies formed by the mother’s Rh- negative cells as a defense measure.

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On your initial prenatal visit to the health facility, the doctor will test for Rh. If you are an A+ blood group, the doctor will further conduct a test to determine the child’s Rh. He/she will also test if your body has formed antibodies to fight the child’s body cells.

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Once your doctor identifies the conditions surrounding your pregnancy, he will provide additional information on the type of care he deems necessary.

Although there is no blood exchange between a mother and the child during pregnancy, there is a high risk during delivery. A mother's blood may come to contact with that of the child, causing an immune reaction. In the event of blood group compatibility issues due to Rh presence, then the plasma will form antibodies to fight that of the child.

Usually, there are no problems that arise during the first pregnancy; the antibodies that are formed during the first pregnancy will hardly affect the child. However, there is a problem with subsequent pregnancies.

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If your first pregnancy has Rh incompatibility with the child and the subsequent pregnancies had the same problem, then there is a likelihood that the antibodies formed will damage the child’s body cells. The doctor will have to prescribe a medical procedure that will help protect the child.

Types of genotype

The genotype is a description of the pair of alleles. Conventionally, the three different alleles make a total of six genotypes. These genotypes include:

  • AA
  • AO
  • BB
  • BO
  • AB
  • OO

A plasma test is used in determining the presence of A or B characteristics in human plasma. However, it is not possible to determine the exact genotype in a human body using one plasma test. For instance, a person with blood type A - there is a presence of at least one copy of A allele. However, further tests may reveal two copies hence giving them a genotype AA. Therefore, someone with plasma group A may have a genotype AA or AO. Similarly, someone with plasma group B will have either genotype BB or BO.

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Sickle cell and marriage compatibility

One of the biggest problems to avoid for any couple is sickle cell types and marriage. Whereas most people will stick to the physical outlook (phenotype), a person’s genetic characteristics are more vital.

Genotype types (sickle cell)

Human genotypes are AA, AS, AC, and SS. These combinations refer to the constituents of hemoglobin gene found in red plasma cells. AC is a rare type, but AS and AC indicates an abnormality. Check out the genotype compatibility chart:

  • AA + AA = AA, AA, AA, AA (Excellent)
  • AA + AS = AA, AS, AA, AS, (Good)
  • AA + SS = AS, AS, AS, AS, (Fair)
  • AA + AC = AA, AA, AA, AC. (Good)
  • AS + AS = AA, AS, AS, SS, (Very Bad)
  • AS + SS = AS, SS, SS, SS, (Very Bad)
  • AS + AC = AA, AC, AS,SS. (Bad; Advice needed)
  • SS + SS = SS, SS, SS, SS, (Very Bad)
  • AC + SS = AS, AS, SS, SS, (Very Bad)
  • AC + AC = AA, AC, AC, SS. ( Bad; Advice needed)
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Which blood group is the best?

Which blood group is the best

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Well, every blood group is perfect in its natural sense. But the ones that are considered better in transfusion include AB and O. While the former is a universal receiver, the latter is a universal donor. However, a person with an O+ blood group cannot transfuse to an O- person because of the Rh incompatibility. However, you can transfuse to a person with a B positive blood group or an A+ person.

So yes, sickle cell consideration in a person’s plasma group types matter in a marriage. The compatible genotypes that are marriage-compatible include:

  • AA marrying AA. It is the best compatibility as you don’t have to worry about the genotype compatibility of your kids and posterity.
  • AA marrying AS leads to kids with both AA and AS, which is still on the better side. However, it could lead to kids with AS, thus limiting the partners they can be with.
  • AS and AS partners should not marry as they will most likely lead to children with SS combinations.
  • AS and SS partners shouldn’t even consider marrying or having children.
  • Finally, SS and SS is a no go zone. They have no chance of escaping a sickle cell disease.
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The genotype characteristics of a person are fundamental. Before you say yes to that handsome guy or that beautiful lady who you intend to spend the rest of your life with, check your genotype. Blood group compatibility for marriage is a growing concern, but it can be controlled. Prior check before you decide to have a biological child is imperative and a precaution that can deter diverse outcomes.

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