Best blood group compatibility for marriage and pregnancy

Best blood group compatibility for marriage and pregnancy

Love and marriage are beautiful things. People consider multiple factors when choosing life partners. Couples who wish to have biological children should learn about the best blood group compatibility for marriage. Although one's blood group does not affect the ability to have and maintain a happy and healthy marriage, it is essential when planning to have children.

Best blood group compatibility for marriage
Best blood group compatibility for marriage. Photo:, @mohamed_hassan
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A difference in blood group between married partners is not a happiness killer. However, knowing the best blood group compatibility for marriage is crucial for couples who desire and plan to raise biological children.

Best blood group compatibility for marriage and pregnancy

Medical experts have expressed concerns about blood type compatibility for couples planning to have biological children. In case of incompatibility, there are solutions offered during pregnancy to counteract risks.

An overview of human blood groups

A blood group means a type of blood. There are four primary blood groups, i.e., A, B, AB and O. An individual's blood group is determined by the genes they inherit from their parents, and it cannot be changed.

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Each group listed above can be either RhD positive or RhD negative. This means that the Rhesus (Rh) factor gives the positive or negative sign next to the blood type.

The presence of RhD antigen in blood makes it RhD positive, while its absence makes it RhD negative. This means there are eight blood groups in total, as listed below.

  • A RhD positive (A+)
  • A RhD negative (A-)
  • B RhD positive (B+)
  • B RhD negative (B-)
  • O RhD positive (O+)
  • O RhD negative (O-)
  • AB RhD positive (AB+)
  • AB RhD negative (AB-)
What blood type is incompatible with pregnancy?
What blood type is incompatible with pregnancy? Photo:, @200degrees
Source: UGC

How does blood compatibility affect pregnancy?

The Rh factor makes some blood types not compatible for pregnancy. The Rh factor is an inherited protein found on the surface of a red blood cell.

Note that being Rh positive or negative does not impact your health as a person. It can only affect your pregnancy.

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If the biological mother's type is Rh- and the baby is Rh+, there is cause for alarm. This is because blood cells from an Rh+ baby crossing its Rh- mother’s bloodstream might trigger an undesirable immune response.

Many people often ask, "Which blood group is the best?" While no type is superior to the other, O-negative blood is recognised as the universal blood type because it is safe for everyone to receive O-negative red cells when it comes to blood donation.

In terms of pregnancy, the only concern is the Rh- factor in the biological mom's blood and Rh+ in the fetus' because the mother’s body might form antibodies to attack the baby’s Rh+ red blood cells.

The body responds this way as a defence measure. With this understanding, medical experts recommend blood type and Rh factor screening at the first prenatal visit. If a mother has A+ blood, medics normally conduct a test to determine the child's Rh.

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The test also shows if the pregnant mother's body has formed antibodies to fight the child's body cells. Although there is no blood exchange between a mother and the child during pregnancy, the difference in the RH factor poses a high risk during delivery.

Interestingly, no problems arise during the first pregnancy. This is because the antibodies formed by the mother during the first pregnancy hardly affect the child.

Problems may arise with subsequent pregnancies if solutions are not enforced in time. In these cases, there is a likelihood that the antibodies formed by the mother will damage the child's body cells.

Fortunately, medics prescribe a certain intervention to protect the fetus. Special immune globulins, called RhoGAM, are administered to prevent RH incompatibility in mothers who are Rh-negative.

Below is a blood group compatibility table you can use as a reference when checking your compatibility. Alternatively, you can use an online calculator for blood group matching for marriage.

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WomanManChildRisk of conflict
+++ or -(75% or 25% respectively)None
+-+ or -(75% or 25% respectively)None
-++ or -(75% or 25% respectively)50%
--- (100%)None

Blood types that should not have babies together

It is not advisable for a man and a woman whose Rh factors are not the same to have babies. This can lead to Rh incompatibility, which can cause jaundice in a child.

A child has jaundice when there's bilirubin, a buildup of an orangish-red substance in the blood. This is produced when red blood cells break down naturally.

Nevertheless, it is not every child with Rh incompatibility that will develop jaundice. At the same time, not every baby with jaundice will require extensive treatment. What determines this is how much bilirubin collects in the baby's blood.

which blood group is the best
Which blood group is the best? Photo:, @Belova59
Source: UGC

Which blood groups should not marry?

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There are no blood groups that should not marry because the blood type does not affect one's ability to have and maintain a happy and healthy union with their partner.

Can a couple with the same blood group have a baby?

Yes, married partners with the same blood type can have a baby. According to the generic principles, the baby will have the same blood group as them.

What happens if husband and wife have the same blood group B?

Nothing happens if a couple shares the same blood group. If they have a baby, there are chances of it being the same blood group. If the rhesus factor varies, they should seek medical advice.

Can O-positive marry A-positive?

Yes, an O-positive person can marry an A-positive person.

Can O-negative marry A-positive?

Yes, an O-negative individual can marry an A-positive person.

Which blood types go well together?

All blood types go well together. The only challenge is seen in a woman with a rhesus-negative factor while her baby's is rhesus positive.

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What blood type is incompatible with pregnancy?

Rh incompatibility occurs when the mother's blood type is rhesus-negative and her fetus' blood type is Rh-positive.

What blood type is not compatible with couples?

There are no blood types that are not compatible among partners. However, rhesus incompatibility happens if a mother has rhesus-negative blood while her fetus has rhesus positive.

What two blood types are not compatible for pregnancy?

There are no two blood types that are not compatible with pregnancy. Incompatibility arises when a biological mother has rhesus-negative blood while her baby's is positive.

Many people ponder over the best blood group compatibility for marriage and pregnancy. In reality, the group does not affect marriage. However, the rhesus can affect pregnancy.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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