African natural hairstyles for wedding in Ghana

African natural hairstyles for wedding in Ghana

Natural hairstyles for wedding that are in a pristine condition look awesome. Ladies treasure their gift of hair for it gives them an indescribable beauty. Are you about to wed or attend a wedding? Well, here we have a collection of natural hairstyles that will make you look outstanding in the ceremonial occasion as well as complete your outfit. Whether you have a short or long hair, this article will sort you with amazing natural hair wedding ideas. The good bit is that most of the natural hairstyles in our collection require zero experience and you can just create the beautiful looks by yourself; they are simple hairstyles that will suit the big ceremonial occasion.

African natural hairstyles for wedding in Ghana


Natural wedding hairstyles for short hair

There so many short natural hairstyles for wedding that will make you rock in that ceremonial occasion. Short hair is very advantageous for it requires very little maintenance. This article will offer you with different styling as well as cutting techniques.

The interesting bit is that the curly and the kinky hair have a huge range of styling options that can suit you no matter the face shape. In simple words, the collection here will suit your personal style. Read on.

1. Dyed short hair

Short natural hairstyles for wedding


When you dye your hair, you tend to give yourself a more attractive and feminine look. Before you commence on dying your short hair, you should at least visit a hairstylist guru, so that they can tell you the color of dyer that will suit your skin tone. This is because your hair is short and it has to match with your scalp tone. This short hairstyle will definitely give you styling freedom as well as a natural look. During the big day, apply a more to natural make up and complete your excellent look with accessories.

2. Half twist natural hairstyles in Ghana

Natural hair wedding


Are you trying to grow your natural hair? Well, this is the natural hairstyle for you. Twisting it half way will make it grow fast compared to leaving it unplaited, it will take off your hair from your face, and it also give you a unique as well as an amazing look during the special day. A little creativity is all that you need to rock. We bet that you will be overflowed with comments on how awesome you natural hairstyle is.

3. Short shaved hairstyle

This is one of the simplest hairstyles for bride as well as guests in Ghana. You can apply curly gel to give you a more feminine look. Cuts will also add feminine features on you superb natural look. Apply make up, add accessories, and make sure you dress to kill. If it a traditional wedding, then find a classic Kente style for the day. It is best if you go for a gown to give you unforgettable looks. For a church wedding, don’t hesitate to dress on a trendy shiny lace gown or create a piece of other rich African fabrics such as Ankara, Kitenge, and Dashiki.

4. Wash and go hairstyle

Hairstyles for curly hair


Wash and go is one of the simple wedding hairstyles that can suit both the bride and the guests. All you have to do is to wash your short hair with shampoo, condition it, and treat it to give it a good condition. You don’t have to comb it; let it dry before you dress in your trendy outfit. The hair will have coily patterns and therefore you can create a small cut if desired. You create the cut at any position and then complete the excellent natural look with make up and beautiful accessories. If you are a guest and the special day for your friend or relative is on a summer day, then sunglasses won’t harm your looks.

5. Finger twist hairstyle

Natural hair wedding ideas


To make natural short hairstyle not to be too boring, you can go for the finger twist hairstyle. What you require is any hair styling gel. Wash you hair well with shampoo, apply conditioner on it, and leave it for about 5 minutes so that you easily comb it.

Treat it and don’t let it dry that much. Remember that if you want the finger twist hairstyle to look awesome on you during the special occasion, you need a bob shaved short hair. You can even shave the back and one side part of the hair. The next step is to use the gel to make the twists. Apply gel on it and twist it using your figures; make sure you twist if from the base. For a more feminine look, you can also apply dye that matches with your skin tone at the top most hair of the finger twists. This is a simple yet amazing wedding natural hair style. You will definitely rock with your excellent wear and accessories.

6.Afro hairstyles for wedding

This natural hairdo style is amazing for it makes one to highlight their beautiful faces. Any lady can fit well with the short afro hairstyle and you can either decide to level it up or trim the back and the side’s hair. This hairstyle is close to the wash and go hairstyle; the only difference is that you are supposed to apply the right styling as well as moisturizing products. It is a special day and you can imagine how everyone has prepared to be the attention to detail. The good thing is that it will fit both the bride and the guests.

7. Fro-hawk short hairstyles

Hairstyles for wedding day


Mostly young girls prefer the fro-hawk short hairstyles. It gives them a pretty and amazing look therefore completing their fashionable looks. You can dye the tip of the front hair with color of dyer that fits your African skin tone, shave a bob style, and the cuts will give an awesome look. It is one of the hairstyles for wedding day that will give you unforgettable looks. The beautiful thing is that it fits any hair texture, kinky or curly. It is one of the ideas that also suit every Ghanaian lady as far as the fashion rules are followed.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Styling long hair is much easier for it has versatile impressive styles that will make you rock in that wedding occasion. You can go for the twists, puffs, protective updo hairstyles, as well as Mohawks. A little creative will give you an awesome and unique look in the big day. Most people think that the only solution to their long hair is chemicals. Chemicals are sometimes aggressive and it is best when you make your natural hair simple with a sophisticated hairstyle.

The natural hairstyles for wedding in Ghana has drew too much attention and its time you appreciate your beautiful natural hair as well. The collection are among the best bridal hairstyles in Ghana as well as the lucky invited guests with long hair.

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1. Tiny top ponytail Wedding hairstyles in Ghana

Ghanaian hairstyles


This is among the most awesome Ghanaian wedding hairstyles fit for ladies with kinky, curly or straight hair. What you have to do is to gather a small layer of your front hair into a ponytail and use a band to make it more secured. Take the gathered hair and make a Dutch braid, round it well and tightly to the base of the other side. Use bobby pins to secure your hair.It can also just be the plain and ordinary ponytail. The style is simple and it gets your hair off your face. It is one of the cute wedding hairstyles.

2. Fish braids hairstyle

Natural hair styles in Ghana


It is one of the Ghanaian wedding hairstyle that makes the ladies rock with their African trendy wears during the social occasion. You can also refer to this style as herringbone hairstyle. All you have to do is comb your natural hair to either of the sides and then make an awesome Dutch braid. Make the Dutch braid to be strong and neat so that it can give you an outstanding look. Once you are done, you can apply any styling and moisturizing products to make it glow. Apply a perfect make up and remember to complete your beautiful looks with make up. The fish braid hairstyle will make the guest or the bride look awesome.

3. Voluminous combed natural hair for wedding

This hairstyle is awesome and many people may think that it is too simple for the ceremonial occasion. All you need is to make a small cut in any position of your hair and rock. Make sure you dress to kill, wear your makeup and don’t forget accessories. You can even refer to it as hair for traditional wedding because it is simple and it requires less effort. Wash it a shampoo, condition it for about 15 minutes to comb it easily. Treat it and rock; it is awesome if you comb your hair when it is dry to avoid breakage.

4. Fish tail natural hair wedding

Simple wedding hairstyles


This amazing Ghanaian hairstyle is guaranteedto make you look fabulous in that special day. A bride can rock with it as well as the lady guests with long hair. The technique to this awesome style. Go for it, it is simple and classy.

5. Dutch braid wedding natural hairstyle

African natural hairstyles for wedding in Ghana


The Dutch braid hairstyle gives a feminine look to any lady and that is the reason why most Ghanaians embrace it. How many cornrow lines do you need? Well, it all depends with you. Keep in mind that it is a Dutch braid not a French braid and therefore you should create it underneath to give you an awesome look. The braid is supposed to sit on top of your head; you should to make it more strong and tight. The technique is splitting three strands and cross the strands. Do a perfect make up and rock at the ceremonial occasion.

6. Natural curly hairstyles for weddings

Hairstyles for curly give a lady a fierce natural looks because the infusion of the awesome curls will definitely send a fashion statement. All you need is to make sure hair is clean and rock with that trendy wear. A bare shoulder dress will not harm your looks as far as the fashion rules are adhered to. Kente fabric is rich with a beautiful texture and therefore don’t limit your styles. This natural hairstyle will complete the looks of your trendy wear.

7. Lustrous updo African natural hairstyles for weddings

Wedding hairstyles in Ghana


Lustrous updo is one of the Ghanaian engagement hairstyles that needs less effort to create the fabulous looks. The techniques to accomplish the fabulous looks, it washing your hair, and making a strong ponytail with a hair or elastic band. Wash your hair with a shampoo and condition it for about 15 minutes to make it easier for you too comb; the conditioner also makes your hair not to break. Treat you natural hair and use an elastic band to create a ponytail before it dries.

You can even dye your hair with a color of dyer that match with your skin tone. You can visit your hairstylist and ask for advice. You will look awesome, as it will add you features that are more feminine..

Braids natural hairstyles for wedding guest

Natural hairstyles for wedding guest


Braids will never go out of fashion and the Ghanaian ladies embrace it massively. Be creative and you will get that unique look that you have always wanted. If your hair is long enough, you don’t have to add the braid extension. It is a protective hairstyle that can take you for a couple of weeks after the wedding occasion is over.

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