Archbishop Duncan Williams fingers story, marriage and prophesies

Archbishop Duncan Williams fingers story, marriage and prophesies

Nicholas Duncan Williams, popularly known as Archbishop Duncan Williams, is a Ghanaian archbishop of the Christian Action Church International Ministry. He is known as the founding father of the Christian Action Faith Ministries, which is a charismatic movement that serves a better part of the West African region. Born on 12th May 1957 in Ghana, Nicholas Duncan Williams has spent over 40 years of his life serving God. He is famous for his life changing testimony about how he lost three of his fingers before he changed his life.

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Duncan Williams profile

  • Born:12th May 1957 in Ghana
  • Age: 61 years old
  • Origin: Ghanaian
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Occupation: Clergyman
  • Famous for: His fingers story
  • Facebook: ArchbishopNick
  • Twitter: archbishopnick
  • Website:
  • Contacts: +233 30 274 5000, or via email;

Duncan Williams Biography

Duncan Williams education

Duncan may not have had any education with only pidgin English to show for it, however, his beginnings were not a curtailment for the achievements that he has made over the years. He is known for a number of publications, a fete that not even the very learned have managed to achieve.

Duncan Williams career

Duncan stumbled into his profession after a life changing experience landed him in his hospital. During his recovery at the hospital he got to make a decision to accept Christ after hearing a nurse preach to him. A few months after he had given his life to Christ, Duncan Williams got baptized. This was the Holy Ghost kind of baptism that was conducted in the church of Pentecost.

This is what marked his first step towards serving God. Over the period of his salvation he had developed a passion for Christ. Duncan therefore devoted his career to serving God. He signed up for pastoral training in Church of God Mission International Bible College. The college is located in Nigeria and is headed by Bishop Idahosa. On completion of his training, Duncan Williams came back to Ghana where he purposed to begin his ministry.

In the first year, he started the Action Chapel International. He also founded a ministry; the Christian Action Faith Ministries, commonly known as CAFM. The Christian Action Faith Ministry church is one of the most Charismatic churches that Ghana has had. Actually, it was the first at that time. Duncan Williams purposed to start a Charismatic church because during his teenage life, these churches where teenagers would go to for advice did not exist, and that contributed to the kind of lifestyle he led back then. The Christian Action Ministries is in existence to date and has its headquarters is in Accra, in Action Chapel International. In fact, it is one of Accra’s largest churches.

Before Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams started small in his ministry he would often organize prayer meetings in his father’s house. With time, he expanded his boundaries and moved to other places in Ghana such as the Diplomatic Shop, Tradefair, International Students' Hall and in Fadama. By 1992, the Christian Action Faith Ministries had spread its wings and secured a building in Spintex Road. This is where it set its headquarters, at the Prayer Cathedral. After this, the church focused on growing branches throughout the whole country. This was followed by overwhelmingly more branches outside Ghana especially in Europe as well as North America.

Duncan William’s family

Duncan was special right from his mysterious birth story. It may not be surprising that he turned out to be the great man he is today despite no so good beginnings.

Duncan William’s parents

Born to Mr. E.K Duncan-Williams, a well-established politician and ambassador, and Mrs. Florence Bruce, Duncan Williams was a special kind of a child. Before his birth, his mother developed complications that led to doctors recommending that the pregnancy be terminated. That was because the pregnancy was posing a risk to her health. Despite stern warnings she decided to carry the pregnancy to term. To prove that Duncan was a miraculous baby who was destined for greatness, he survived the then fatal medical procedure. After the medical practitioners had conducted the procedure, they discovered that Mrs. Florence Bruce was expecting twins. Duncan survived the procedure while his twin succumbed to it. This was an incredible moment for his mother.

During his childhood, Nicholas Duncan Williams experienced lots of problems. This may have been because of his large family and many siblings. He barely got any attention from his parents. Actually, he learnt to fend for himself at a very tender age. This exposed him to a lot of harmful situations, especially for the fact that he was a young man who barely had knowledge or skill to earn a living. However, it appears as though it was all part of the making of the great man that he is today.

Duncan William’s wife

At the age of 24, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams married one Fransisca Duncan Williams. This was such a young couple that stood firm against all odds. The two were blessed with four kids, among them, the famous Dee Wills and Joel Duncan Williams. The 25 year old marriage hit rock bottom in 2007 when archbishop Duncan Williams filed for a divorce, which later saw the marriage crumble. This happened to be one of the hardest part for the Duncan Williams life because he experienced a lot of criticism. The general expectation for the Christian leader was that he was to preach about forgiveness and how to make marriages work. Nevertheless, his ex wife acknowledged in an interview that the person she was had been majorly contributed to by Duncan.

After the divorce, Duncan was single for about a year or so before he later remarried. This time, he married one very composed and well-established lady, Mrs. Rosa Whitaker. Mrs. Whitaker is the CEO of the famous 'The Whitaker Group' (TWG). Her company has expertise in dealing with African trade, business and Investment. The American lady and Bishop Duncan Williams have not borne any children yet. They however have been rated among Africa’s best power couple.

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Duncan William’s kids

Duncan has four children with his wife. These include Dee Wills and Joel Duncan Williams. the two had 2 grownup girls and two teenage boys. Dee Wills is not a new name in Ghana, especially in the music industry. Dee is a hip-hop musician. He is however not a gospel artist as most people would expect. Dee has chosen to express himself through rap music in which he is excelling. Nevertheless, Duncan William son is bringing a lot of controversy especially due to the fact that he has not followed his father’s example.

The other Duncan Williams son that has recently been on the limelight is Joel Duncan Williams. He has topped the blogs and news for recently marrying the love of his life, Anisha in a very colorful wedding.

Duncan William’s divorce

Duncan's divorce was not easy especially on the congregants that felt that he needed to have held on despite the pains. It appears as though the irreconcilable differences could not be sorted out despite the attempts to do so through counselling sessions. The couple decided to part way in an out of court settlement which made the divorce final and binding.The news of the divorce was met with mixed feelings especially considering that the two were both servants of God with great influence in Ghana and beyond.

Duncan Williams net worth

Although everything about him dictated that he would die of poverty especially with his reckless youthful life, Duncan's story is that of providence and turn around. He is currently one of the richest pastors in Ghana and beyond. He is famously know as the apostle of strategic prayer. He is known to be used by God in the prayer line ministry with a focus on world leadership. His interactions with world leaders in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America is proof that he is a man of extra ordinary exploits. This, coupled with the fact that he has many churches and a huge following of congregants shows that he is a man that is counted as rich. While there is no exact figure quoted, the man of God is rich.

Duncan Williams books

Pastor Duncan has written a number of books that include:

  • Born with a Destiny
  • Birthing the Promises of God in Trevail
  • The Incredible Power of a Praying Woman
  • Divine Timing.
  • The Supernatural Powers of a Praying Man.
  • The Price of Greatness.
  • Destined to Make an Impact.
  • Binding the Strong Man.
  • Prayer Moves God.
  • Building a Memorial
  • Enforcing Prophetic Decrees Vol. 1.
  • Enforcing Prophetic Decrees Vol. 2: Prayer Watch for Community Transformation.
  • Powers behind the Scene
  • Understanding the Father Factor.
  • When Mothers Pray.
  • Divine Timing.
  • Worship a Secret Weapon.
  • Turning Pain to Power.

Duncan Williams photos

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Archbishop Duncan Williams fingers story, marriage and prophesies

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Duncan Williams latest news

Duncan Williams’ fingers is the most popular story that most people relate to the archbishop. Actually, so many people have come out trying to explain the archbishop’s disability. Duncan Williams’ fingers have been a puzzle that only he can explain. When he turned 60 in 2017, he mentioned his fingers ordeal in an interview. He went ahead to explain that the Duncan Williams’ fingers situation date back to his teenage life. He was born healthy and had no deformities. He goes ahead to mention how he got himself engaging in undesirable practices like smoking weed due to environmental influences. As such, one night when he had smoked weed as usual and had fallen asleep. In the middle of the night, he heard voices wake him up. This was not the first time he had had such an experience. He says he would hear voices tell him to do weird and dangerous things like jump from the top of a building or get out of a moving car. He termed these voices as demonic.

This time round, it was a completely different kind of experience because the voices in his head told him to light a candle. He got out of bed and lit the candle. He was then commanded to place his right arm on top of the flame. When he tried to open his mouth and utter a word, he realized that his lips were sealed and he could not speak. Because he was tongue tied and helpless, he could barely call out for help. He watched his fingers burn down on the flame, one after the other. He was in pain but could not call out for help.

Luckily, his brother felt a strange smell coming from his room and came to his rescue. He was rushed to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital hospital where he was nursed. He stayed in hospital for a four months. He was nursed by a couple of nurses from the Acquah sisters. During his stay in hospital, Duncan Williams came across one Indian nurse, Mrs. Raj. Mrs. Raj was so free with him that one day she stopped and asked him whether he was saved. In his defense, Duncan Williams said that he had been brought up in a Christian background and that definitely meant that he was saved. Mrs. Raj preached to him and he promised to change his life and turn to Christ.

In the interview, Duncan further narrates about how much he contemplated about his life after Mrs. Raj had mentioned to him about getting saved. He says he questioned God about everything that had happened in his life. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams also acknowledges Mrs. Raj for the great contribution she had towards making him turn his life back to Christ.

Duncan William preaching

Ever since he started his ministry, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has put effort on seeing to it that he reaches out to the world through all means. He has even developed social media platforms through which he preaches to believers. This has seen him create a huge YouTube following. Apart from YouTube videos, Duncan Williams also has a website for audio sermons. The archbishop Duncan Williams sermons are normally uploaded on the website in the form of audios. This is to ensure that the gospel is readily available for believers all over the globe. The website contains a couple of Duncan Williams sermon topics. It also has information on Duncan Williams’ upcoming missions. It also has an interactive sessions where believers are allowed to leave their comments after listening to the audios.

Duncan Williams praying

Apart from creating branches of his ministry in most parts of the world, Duncan Williams’ works of compassion have earned him a name internationally. The archbishop has had the honor of representing Ghana and Africa at large in other super power countries. He recently had the chance of taking part in president Trump’s inauguration ceremony in the United States. He teaches young Christians how to pray.

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Duncan Williams prophecies

Duncan Williams’ childhood is a mystery that not even he can explain. Starting from surviving his mother’s delicate pregnancy, to burning his own fingers, Archbishop Duncan Williams believes that he was chosen for a purpose. This is definitely the reason why he has given all his life towards spreading the gospel. Not only is he doing this through prayer, but also through Duncan Williams prophecies. This is one very controversial sector in gospel ministry that faces opposition, especially for the fact that so many fake prophets have risen with the aim of trying to solicit funds and other gains from believers.

However, to prove the doubting people, Duncan Williams prophecies are coming to fulfillment. A very good example of Duncan Williams prophecies is one about the rise of Ghana’s currency. Archbishop Duncan Williams prophesied that the country’s currency would rise. This prophecy is slowly coming to fulfillment. These Duncan Williams prophecies are also part of his ministry. These prophecies in most cases are told during Duncan Williams praying sessions. He also prophesied tough times ahead as the world is not going to get any better. He argued Ghanaians to remain calm. A few years back, Duncan prophesied the direction of Ghana oil, 15 years in advance.

Duncan Williams philanthropy

Apart from his ministry, Duncan Williams is also giving back to the society by funding several non-governmental organizations. An example of these NGO’s is Compassion in Action Africa which is aimed at transforming schools into better institutions to provide favorable conditions for learners. This organization provides clean water to the learners. Apart from that, Compassion in Action has also devoted its efforts towards supporting other facilities like a drug rehabilitation center and an orphanage which is home to more than 150 children. The rehabilitation houses more than 120 people who are battling with drug addiction.

Another venture that Archbishop Duncan Williams has established himself in is the Dominion University. Duncan Williams is the founder of Dominion University whose aim is instilling ethical leadership to its students, who will later have impact on the government at large. He also owns a television station, the popular Dominion Television. Dominion Television broadcasts in more than 15 countries in Africa. It broadcasts about Christianity as a lifestyle. These two are major contributors to Duncan Williams salary.

Apart from owning these assets, Duncan Williams is an author. He has spent a better part of his forties writing. His books are majorly Christian and focus on the Christian life. These publications are also contributing factors to Duncan Williams salary and overall net worth.

Duncan Williams quotes

Apart from writing books, Archbishop Duncan Williams has also written a couple of quotes. These quotes are aimed at encouraging and empowering the society. They are also a way of him ministering to the public. Some of these Duncan Williams quotes are from the Bible. Examples of these quotes include;

  1. It is not how you die but how you live. So live
  2. Desires are shadows of things to come
  3. Without prayer God does not have a channel and a means by which he gives expression to what he intends doing among men, Jesus said: "Watch and pray.." (Matthew 26:41) The reason why a lot of folks are not praying is because they are not watching. If you are watching -awake spiritually -you will see the reason to pray, without prayer God does not have a channel and a means by which He gives expression to what He intends doing among men.
  4. Prayer is the birth place of the miraculous; the womb of the spirit that transports what eternity has determined to do so in time
  5. The saddest conflict of destiny is when two good people who were never meant to marry, do so.

These are just a few of Duncan Williams quotes. More Duncan Williams quotes are also available on his website.

Throughout his life, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has seen God’s mighty deeds. He has all reasons to serve him and also give back to society. For the forty years that he has been in service, there has been tremendous growth in the industry. Not only has he grown as an individual but also has been able to extend the boundaries of his ministry to other countries and continents. Right now, Christian Action Faith Ministry has 2000 affiliate churches. The ministry also has over 250 different branch churches. The ministry has been extended to other parts of the world like Europe, North America and the rest of Africa.

It is more than encouraging learning that in the current world which has turned out to be corrupt and selfish, there still exist optimistic and selfless men like Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams. What makes it even better is the fact that Duncan Williams has chosen to use all the means he has to win more souls back to Christ and give back to the society. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams is one man whom the society should appreciate and celebrate every day.

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