Download and fill Ghana biometric passport application form

Download and fill Ghana biometric passport application form

Ghana biometric passport application form is issued to all Ghanaians who either became citizens by birth, registration or naturalization. It is simply a travel document that contains identity information of its holder alongside his/her nationality and reason for international travel. Unlike the traditional passport, this advanced biometric passport has a microprocessor chip embedded on it that contains body metrics such as retina scan and fingerprints of its holder.

Download and fill Ghana biometric passport application form

Ghana biometric passport application

This system that was officially introduced in our country in 2010 was mainly influenced by the need to enhance border security using effective means. It was also initiated so as to comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) which Ghana is part of.

So far it has proven to be efficient and accurate in identifying the biometric details of the population. This in turn, has made the whole process of verifying passports to be fast and reliable as customers are generally satisfied. Earlier on, there was so much frustration and wastage of time as the documents had to be scrutinized through manual means.

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Download and fill Ghana biometric passport application form
Source:Ghana Quest

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The application process is equally easy though it requires patience and thorough understanding of the guidelines. Generally, Ghana biometric passport forms can be acquired from designated banks particularly Eco bank, Agricultural Development Bank (ADB), National Investment Bank (NIB), Zenith Bank and Ghana Commercial Bank.

The online application may also be possible, however, it can never be complete without a voucher or receipt. The voucher may be issued for either Expedited Application or Standard Application. The expedited application is usually charged GHS 100 while the ordinary application is simply GHS 50.00

The government has also done an incredible job of establishing various Passport Application Centres (PAC) across the country, so as to ease congestion and hasten the process. Currently, the centers are located in Accra, Kumasi, Sunyani, Tamale, Ho, and Takoradi.

Ghana biometric passport requirements

Download and fill Ghana biometric passport application form
Source:Ghana Quest

There are fixed prerequisites for a biometric application that have to be met for the whole process to work effectively. Other than that the receipts for the application forms, first-time applicants are required to scan and attach the following documents;

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  • Birth Certificate (proof of Ghanaian citizenship)
  • Documents supporting your identity such as Driver’s license, National ID card
  • Proof of Profession.

In general, under proof of profession applicants are required to submit a confirmation letter from their employers, or a work ID card that has their name, position, and organization. On the other hand, if the applicant is a student, a student ID would be required as proof.

Homemakers or rather housewives alongside other applicants that are unemployed as well as those in a non-formal sector such as mechanics, hairdressers, seamstresses, traders etc. are not required to provide proof. Nevertheless, registered business owners and self-employed applicants must issue their business registration as proof.

As for Ghana biometric passport renewal, the following documents should be scanned and attached;

  • First page and bio-data page with picture and confirmation page
  • Valid visa if the applicant had acquired any in the old passport
  • Last page
  • Proof of profession if changed

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For the Black Book/Machine Readable Passports the following documents are a necessity;

  • First page (coat of Arms and Director’s signature
  • Bio-data page with picture and information
  • Valid visa if at all the applicant has any in the old passport
  • Profession page
  • Proof of profession if changed

For missing passports, the following documents should be scanned and attached;

  • Police report
  • Affidavit
  • Proof of Identity
  • Birth Certificate

In case you may need to change your name in the passport, then you are also required to scan and attach the following documents;

  • Marriage/Divorce Certificates
  • Affidavit
  • Gazette

Finally, applicants below the age of eighteen are required to submit their Birth certificate and parents’ or Guardians ID. As for those seeking to replace their damaged passport, the old passport should be submitted together with an affidavit before they get a new one.

All applications should be directed to any of the six application centers after which, they will be given a date for collection of their passports. Depending on the nature of the application, the whole process usually takes a maximum of twenty-one working days and a minimum of nine working days for processing express applications.

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All the above information can be found in this link provided: CLICK HERE

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Acquiring the biometric passport through online medium

Thanks to the advancement of technology, Ghanaian passport application can simply be done online. This system which was introduced in 2017 and was meant to make the whole process faster and convenient. The government under the ministry of Foreign affairs assures Ghanaians of receiving their passport within fifteen working days for the standard application and just five days for express applications.

Download and fill Ghana biometric passport application form
Source:Tech Habor

The following are the steps on how to go about the online application;

Step one

You need to buy a passport Application voucher from any of the three accredited banks comprising of Eco Bank, Zenith, and Ghana Commercial Bank.

Step 2

Type in your browser to get into the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration official website.

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Step 3

As a new member, you will be required to register and therefore click on the new user? Register Here. But in case you had earlier on registered, then you simply log in to trace your application process.

It is recommended that before filling the form you have read the instructions provided carefully and understood.

Step 4

Once you have completed filling the form, a confirmation code will be sent to the mobile number you applied to enable you to get to the next level of registration.

Step 5

Once you have entered the confirmation code an e-mail will be sent to you for yet another verification process. That means, if you don’t have an email address by now, you need to create one quickly.

Step 6

Once you have clicked on the confirmation link, you will be lead back to the main login page of the online passport application. Click on My application and start a new application.

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Step 7

At this stage enter the receipt code and click on verify to proceed. You need to have scanned copies of your Bio-metric Birth Certificate, Affidavit, Passport pictures that are not more than five years old, Police report and any other relevant document that you may be required to have.

Ghana biometric passport application form pdf

The portable document format above illustrates the layout of the passport application form and the instructions that come with it. For a smooth ride, it is usually advisable to adhere to the rules and regulation. In case of any issue, you are required to visit the Ghana biometric passport office for assistance.

Ghana's biometric passport challenges

Download and fill Ghana biometric passport application form

The biometric passport process has been the solution our country has always been seeking in dealing with immigration management system and general border security. In as much as it was part of the requirement for ICAO. This latest technology in passport has curbed so many vices including possessions of multiple illegal passports by individuals.

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Nevertheless, since it is still a new thing in our country, many people opted to rely on intermediaries for assistance. But then again, instead of providing assistance these middlemen make money by exploiting the naïve members of the public. They make the whole process seem complicated. Yet despite their involvement, one of the reasons for the generation of the biometric system was so as to eliminate them. It has now become so ironical.

The other problem officials at the Passport Application centers face is the inadequate documentation issued by the applicants. Whether its first time application, renewal or black book, there are relevant documents that are to be provided. This problem has become so common with people relying on middlemen and are not available to provide the required documents.

The other challenge being faced is the issue of multiple applications under different names which in most cases raise alarms for security concerns while some are as a result of an unintentional human error in the side of the applicants.

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The good news is that the government is spreading awareness on proper channels for acquiring this latest kind of passports. Through the director of passports, the government issued a statement on the five stages that applicants are required to go through at the Passport Application Centres. The first procedure is the intensive vetting of the application forms by checking whether they are properly filled and completed.

Download and fill Ghana biometric passport application form
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The second vetting procedure involves confirmation of the supporting documents which include birth certificates, Affidavits, Gazettes and any other relevant document. The application form is also verified again to ensure all the information is genuine.

The third stage involves the Approving officer who authorizes the documents by digital capturing once the information has been confirmed to be true.

It is in the fourth stage where the biometric capturing procedure takes place. The applicants’ biometric features which include fingerprints, signature and picture are obtained by use of specialized equipment.

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In the last stage, applicants are issued with details including the transaction number and date for passport collection. Even though the process takes longer than the alternative online application it is still reliable and satisfactory.

In summary, the biometric system that our country introduced has really been beneficial. In this modern world, international travel has become a common thing, as people may be citizens of Ghana but work in South Africa or Australia. Therefore, the last thing you may need is a slow passport processing technique that compromises your trips.

Initially, the Ghana biometric passport deadline was stipulated to be on 2015 by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Thankfully, the government through the ministry of foreign affairs was able to beat the deadline, by issuing these new passports as early as 2009.


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