How to register and use MTN mobile money online

How to register and use MTN mobile money online

MTN mobile money online has significantly simplified the money transfer process in Ghana. With the increasing insecurity and infrastructural costs, most merchants and business organizations have resolved to migrate to mobile money online as their payment methods. Online transactions are completely secure, simple and convenient to use compared to cash transaction. MTN mobile money in Ghana is offered by MTN in association with several banks in Ghana. Increasing penetration of internet in most parts of Africa has made this service more convenient. This article will take you through all the processes required to register for an online mobile money and handling online transactions.

MTN mobile money online


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How to register MTN mobile money online

Ghana has moved to the new digital economy which is currently experienced in many parts of Africa. Sending money, receiving money and payments of bills has become more secure and convenient through the use of this digital system, “online MTN mobile money”. The process of acquiring and using this service begins with registration. Anybody who wants to use MTN online mobile money should first register and open an account. The registration follows a formal procedure which is easy and simple to follow. In Ghana, MTN mobile money registration or creation of an online account involves the following procedure:

  1. Turn on your data and visit the MTN official website.
  2. Go to the MTN menu and press register
  3. Type your phone number as your username, followed by a pin code.
  4. At the username, the system will display a captcha code which you will be required to write it down on the next space provided.
  5. A temporary password will be sent to your phone number. Fill it on the empty space as instructed in the text.
  6. .Create and enter a password which is easy to remember. Make sure that the password you use is simple and can be remembered easily.
  7. Repeat the code to confirm it and press continue
  8. Enable web access from your phone by dialing *126*1#

You can also decide to use the MTN online registration app. This app contains all the information on MTN in a simplified way. When you click on it, you can do anything concerning MTN online, be it registration, sending money, making payments among others.

One of the major characteristic of an online transaction is a receipt. A successful completed transaction is assigned a receipt to confirm the payment. However, the receipt is usual in form of a statement and found in one’s online account.

Alternatively, you can do the registration from an MTN service center. Online account registration from MTN service center is done by MTN merchant and the steps followed are as follows:

  1. Visit the nearest MTN service center with a photocopy of your ID together with your mobile phone.
  2. Give the photocopy of your ID to the agent to capture your details.
  3. MTN system will generate a one-time code and send it to your phone. The one-time code will be used on few occasions to login to the account.
  4. After you get access to your account, you will be required to change the one-time code (OTC)sent to your phone into a pin code which you will use as your security pin.
  5. You can then complete the registration by following the easy final steps.

Now your account is successfully set and you can deposit, send or withdraw money from your account. MTN online mobile service enable you to handle all forms of payment with your phone. Provided the merchant dealing with accepts MTN mobile services, it becomes easy and simple to finish a transaction.

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MTN mobile money Ghana

MTN Ghana mobile money is a prominent means of payment which is currently used by around 200 million people from 22 different nations in Africa. Ghana makes just a fraction of the users though it has become very common in the country. People do not have to walk with cash in order to do shopping. Currently, Considerable number of people in Ghana especially the E-commerce business community have changed to MTN online mobile money as their new mode of payment. Most businesses including shops, supermarkets, wholesalers and retailers accepts MTN mobile money as a method of payment. It has therefore become prominent in most parts of Africa. The method is characterized by the following

MTN mobile money online wallet

Invention of the digital economy has significantly revolved the world economy. With just your mobile phone, you can handle all money transaction from online wallet using a mobile phone. MTN online wallet is usually incorporated in an online account and contains money inform of data. Generally, MTN mobile money account has an online wallet from where all data on transactions and balances are found. Online wallet allows for effective and easy payments of bills like school fees, insurance funds, salary to employees alongside payment for online goods and services. Transactions can only be made when you access your online wallet. There are several steps which are followed to enable one access his or her online wallet. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Open the sign in page from your browse and type your phone number as your username. (this is done from the internet access channel).
  2. From your mobile money menu, check on my web login.
  3. The web access channel will generate unique digits which will appears on the interphase of the page.
  4. Feed the digits as displayed in the text on “my web sign in menu” on your phone. You will then be required to confirm the pin of your mobile money to be logged in.
  5. When the procedure is done successfully, you will be signed in to the online wallet portal. From the portal you can handle various transactions including sending money, withdrawing or balance inquiries.

Registration of MTN mobile money wallet(from agent)

Customers who enjoy MTN mobile money wallet services are those who have registered to use MTN wallet. To create MTN mobile money account online, you only need to undergo around six registration steps as follows:

  1. Visit any near-by authorized MTN agent with you’re a copy of identity card or any other relevant document like driving license, passport or voters ID.
  2. The agent will take down all your details as per the document which your document. You will then be issued with a sim card. (MTN mobile money sim card)
  3. After inserting the sim to your phone, you will receive a notification requiring you to enroll to MTN mobile money
  4. From phone menu, go to my MTN. choose the option my mobile money
  5. Then say register. Here you will be required to enter your photo ID number.
  6. Choose your mobile money pin. Type it and confirm. Your pin is confidential and should always be kept secret.

You will then receive confirmation notification that you have successful registered for MTN mobile money.

Check MTN mobile money balance online

MTN mobile money customers frequently check their money balances from their online wallet to enable them budget. To obtain your balance, you need to sign into online wallet and check balance from tool bar icon. Alternatively, you can check your balance using MTN short code. Here are the steps involved in getting your balance using this method:

  • Press *170# ok. This code will take you to your MTN mobile money menu.
  • Choose the option my wallet. It’s option 4 in the MTN menu
  • Select the option check balance.
  • The MTN mobile money system will send you a notification containing your available balance

Send MTN mobile money online

Money can be sent to any online wallet instantly using very short procedure. Before you send money, ensure that the recipient is holding MTN online account which is active. To send money, you need to access your online MTN mobile money account by signing in. You can then do various things including purchasing airtime for another person, buy goods or send money to another MTN mobile money account holder. The method is very cheap, secure and has no delays as opposed to other methods like sending money through banks.

When you are outside Ghana, you can still send money to people living in Ghana. The procedure is simple since you only need a strong internet connection and verify that the destination holder is having MTN online account. You first choose the amount of money that you want to send. The money will reach the recipient’s online wallet in Ghana currency (cedis). The procedure of sending money from foreign country to Ghana involve the following steps.

  1. Confirm that the recipient has MTN mobile money account and you also have his/her MTN mobile number.
  2. From the service menu, select mobile money transfer
  3. Choose the option MTN mobile money for the payout network section
  4. From there, you will be required to choose the currency and the amount of money that you want to send. The different amounts are accompanied with their respective charges.
  5. When the transfer is completed successful, the recipient and the sender receives confirmation notification to prove the transaction was done successful.

MTN mobile money is therefore a faster, easy, efficient and secure method of money transfer in Ghana or outside Ghana. You can enjoy sending or receiving money using MTN mobile money from any country which accepts MTN mobile money to Ghana.

MTN mobile money online


Shop online with MTN mobile money

Shopping online involves buying commodities through the internet and payments are done directly through the online wallet. This has been made possible through the development and acceptability of MTN mobile money as a method of payment. MTN subscribers are now able to pay for goods and service through online MTN mobile money. With the massive penetration of smartphones in most parts of Ghana, there has been efficiency and smooth secure business environment since customers do not have move around with cash. Online MTN mobile money Ghana provides wide range of services which include:

Payments of goods from markets and shops, fee payments, tickets, bills, purchasing applications from the internet, pay for downloading music, movies among others.

With MTN mobile money, you don’t have to visit a bank to send money or receive money. You can comfortable receive money to your online wallet and make payment for goods and service through the same platform from your sitting room. Therefore, handling cash which is highly threatened by insecurity is greatly reduced and payment service is made more convenient.

MTN Ghana has also partnered with VISA to provide more effective means of payment. Online MTN mobile money customers can access their VISA accounts and make payments for goods and services from their MTN accounts whenever VISA is accepted. This step has made payment easier since very many merchants accepts VISA payment method. The partnership has enabled improved electronic payments as MTN mobile payment is becoming more popular among very many people in Africa. It is a critical step in financial development in Ghana. The partnership also enables merchants to operate at international level through buying and selling of commodities online.

How to pay for goods and services using online MTN mobile money wallet

MTN online mobile money transfer method is usually very simple. The buyers after selecting all the commodities follow simple procedures to complete the transaction. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Select all the commodities that you want from the market.
  2. Go to your mobile phone and choose mobile money as your method of payment. On that menu, you will be required to input your MTN mobile money registered number.
  3. Type the merchant reference code or business code of the merchant. These codes are usually provided by the merchant. They are the main requirements before approval of any transaction.
  4. Enter the amount which need to pay to the merchant.
  5. The system will send a notification which will be confirming the payment. From the notification, you will be, fill in the business code, reference number and your mobile money pin code.
  6. Send back by pressing ok.

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