5 kinds of Ghanaian men every single woman must never date

5 kinds of Ghanaian men every single woman must never date

It is the dream of every single Ghanaian woman to have a stable relationship that aims at marriage.

Unfortunately, most single Ghanaian women enter into relationships with men they believed are deserving of their time and resources only to realize it was all not meant to be after all.

The truth of the matter is that many Ghanaian women fail to assess their guys before deciding to date them. This article does just that. We shall be taking lessons on the kinds of Ghanaian men they must never consider dating.

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1. The married man

It is interesting how many single Ghanaian women are choosing married men over single ones. There is this perception that married men are more matured and know how to 'handle' them. This may be true but also comes with huge risks.

First of all, he is a married man and that means he will need to find time for his wife and children. Dating a married man may come with some positive sides but the negatives are unimaginable.

2. The possessive man

The possessive man is the kind pf man who wants to own everything. He loves to be the man in every stand of the relationship. Being possessive here means literally owning you and everything you hold dear. Possessive men sometimes take hold of the account numbers of their partners and even their car keys.

They want to know when you come back home and when you get to work. Possessive men could be very violent sometimes.

3. The man with no commitment

Relationships are built on commitment. In fact, commitment is all that makes a relationship live on. Some men are proclived to being distant from loved ones.

A lack of commitment in the relationship could mean he not calling or texting for days only to get back with the excuse of being busy.

Remember that if he had been distant in the relationship he definitely might get worse in marriage. Marriage is all about commitment so if your guy fails this test them he has failed forever.

4. The 'player' man

A Ghanaian man who is known as a womanizer can never change. Nothing can be done to change a man who goes out with multiple women.

Sadly enough, some women believe the lie that marriage will change their man but the fact of the matter is that marriage rather exposes their man's weaknesses. If he is a womanizer then you may have to stay away from him before things will get worse.

5. The secretive man

Men are naturally less-talkers. Things get worse if a man is always known for keeping things to his chest than you ever imagined.

Secretive men are dangerous to be with. As a woman, you must have a man who is open to you on mostly everything. From his bank account and health details to even his the high blood pressure it is no denying the fact that marriage is about being open to your partner the best you can.

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