MTN fibre broadband packages and prices

MTN fibre broadband packages and prices

The MTN fibre broadband is a product of MTN. The largest provider of data, voice and mobile financial solutions in Ghana has come forth to provide yet another amazing service to its customers. Following the combined efforts between the government of Ghana and private sectors to improve the communication industry, MTN launched the MTN fibre broadband. This is a designed high-speed internet system, which is intended to avail fixed internet connectivity to offices, homes, SMEs and corporate organizations. This will enable its subscribers to enjoy more services other than high-speed internet including affordable prepaid bundles, videos-on-demand, video calls, voice calls, live streaming on online television channels and many more benefits. This article will narrow down to look at the MTN Ghana fibre broadband packages, prices, coverage and speed in Ghana.

mtn fibre broadband coverage
mtn fibre broadband speed
mtn fibre broadband short code

In the current world, internet connectivity is almost a mandatory requirement. More people are interacting online through social media, emails and video calls. This has made the world become a global village as barriers to communication keep narrowing.The MTN fibre offers a solution that most people will appreciate.

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MTN fibre broadband coverage

The MTN fibre broadband covers a larger area of Ghana with most MTN customers currently enjoying it. The service is availed to the customer by installing fibre optic cable at a given address depending on the needs of the customer. Typical advantages of the MTN fibre broadband over copper cables include:

  • There is readily professional technical support from MTN
  • There is uninterrupted internet access
  • Higher speed than using copper wires
  • Data have a top speed of up to 60 Mbps

The MTN fibre broadband speed is relatively high, enabling faster browsing, streaming and other internet activities for both commercial and home use.

MTN fibre broadband locations

mtn fibre broadband coverage
mtn fibre broadband speed
mtn fibre broadband short code

Almost all customers who use MTN's services in Ghana use the MTN fibre broadband. The service, since its launch in 2016, has penetrated to various parts of the country. It is located in approximately 107 different locations in Ghana. The MTN fibre has enabled many people to access high-speed internet connectivity in their homes, offices and other areas where they operate. Some of the areas where it is located include the following:

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  • Abelemkpe in Accra
  • Airport Hills in Spintex
  • Airport Hills in Accra
  • Airport Residential area
  • American House East Legon
  • Atasomanso in Kumasi
  • Baloon gate in Kwabenya
  • Cantonment in Accra
  • Blue Rose Estate Budumbulam
  • Adenta housing down
  • Caslida Estate
  • Crown of the Ridge in Ridge
  • The Coastal estate in Spintex
  • East cantonment in Accra
  • Dome
  • East Legon 1
  • East Legon 2
  • Alwark Cantonment
  • Fortune city in Weija
  • Frunko Estate
  • Fringpongma in Spintex
  • GH housing
  • Karen gardens
  • Karianang Estate in Lashibi
  • Kas valley Estate
  • Kofofridua site 1
  • Koforidua site 2
  • Kumasi business district in Adum Kumasi
  • Labone
  • Mile 7 in Achimote
  • North Legon
  • North Ridge
  • Millennium city in Kasoa
  • Oak villa among others.

These among other areas have been installed with the MTN fibre broadband enabling all subscribers to access secure and faster:

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  • Internet connectivity
  • Online streaming on online television stations
  • Affordable data bundles
  • Video and voice calls
  • Video on demand among other benefits of experiencing the digital life in Ghana. To access more locations where fibre broadband service is available, visit the MTN fibre homepage or the link below.

MTN fibre broadband packages

mtn fibre broadband coverage
mtn fibre broadband speed
mtn fibre broadband short code

Fibre broadband packages are divided into two major divisions. There are packages for residential use and others for business purposes. Of course, fibre packages for residential purposes are more affordable compared to those for business use. All the packages have a validity period of 1 month. After a month, the subscribers are required to renew their subscription at a small fee to continue enjoying the service. There is a fixed installation fee, which is paid upon installation of internet on the premises.

Residential packages are categorized into four categories as follows:

  • High speed
  • Super high speed
  • Ultra high speed
  • VIP

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All these categories offer different volumes of data bundles, and they are charged differently. The validity period is, however, constant and last for 30 days. These packages are exclusively set for home use. They do not support heavy browsing like that of business purposes. The volumes of data bundles also vary, and this brings differences in prices of packages. VIP is the most expensive packages but provides giant speed compared to high-speed packages.

Business packages are also categorized into four categories as follows:

  • Sonic
  • Supersonic
  • Ultrasonic

These packages offer unlimited data bundles, but they expire after 30 days. Each of these categories is charged differently due to variations in speed. Sonic packages have the lowest rates while ultrasonic exhibits giant speeds. The prices also vary for this reason. The info below shows all the MTN fibre broadband prices in different packages in Ghana. It includes installation and renewals fees for all packages. The prices are prone to change, and therefore customers should keep checking on the MTN fibre broadband official portal for any update. The prices are as follows:

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Residential packages

mtn fibre broadband coverage
mtn fibre broadband speed
mtn fibre broadband short code

Business packages

mtn fibre broadband locations
mtn fibre broadband coverage
mtn fibre broadband speed
mtn fibre broadband short code

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MTN fibre broadband offers

MTN is determined to ensure all its customers get access to and experience the new digital world at affordable rates. Apart from this assurance, the company also rewards its customers to motivate them to keep using the service. This motivation comes in the form of offers on purchasing any MTN fibre service. Some current offers that greatly attracts more customers on a daily basis, include the following:

I. Broadband extra byte offer

This is applicable when broadband bundles expire while you are browsing. This should not worry you too much. The MTN broadband has a service called Extra byte offer, which enables the subscriber to access emergency data bundles, which he/she will pay upon renewal subscription. To get these emergency bundles, dial *5057# to access the menu. Alternatively, you can visit the MTN fibre broadband portal and follow the procedure to activate. This enables subscribers to stay connected even when their bundles are exhausted.

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2. Early bird offer

This offer gives an opportunity to all customers to pay in advance to enjoy offers and incredible bonuses. This category offers three significant rewards as follows:

  • Make payments three months earlier and enjoy 50% one-month data bonuses free.
  • Make payments six months earlier and enjoy 100% one-month data bundles free.
  • Pay one year earlier and get 200% one-month data bundles for absolutely free of charge.

To access these fantastic offers, dial *5057# to get the main menu and make your payments. Alternatively, visit the MTN broadband portal to enjoy these amazing offers.

3. Be-Right-Back service

This is among the most excellent and favorite service for customers. It is a subscription, which allows the MTN fibre broadband customers to freeze their accounts when they are unavailable. This mostly applies when the customer cannot access the internet because they have traveled outside the country or have temporarily moved to work elsewhere for a given period. Therefore, the bundles will not expire when not in use. To access this service, the customers only need to dial *5057# or visit the MTN fibre portal to activate the service.

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4. Data rollover

This service is a great relief to those customers who do not exhaust their data bundles. It allows customers to roll over their unused bundles to the new month after making a renewal. Rolled-over bundles usually last for 30 days. To enjoy this service, you only need to top up your account before the expiry of the data bundles. This service is also accessed by dialing *5057# or through the official portal.

5. Other services from the MTN fibre broadband

Cloud services

This is a central-based business service, which enhances competence and effectiveness in business. The service enables access to a large customers’ base and is characterized by faster-growing profits. Essential benefits enjoyed by customers courtesy of cloud services include:

  1. There is improved flexibility
  2. 24-hour technical support from the MTN support desk
  3. Protection from web viruses, spyware among other web criminals
  4. Reduces capital required and infrastructural costs
  5. Revenue growth among other benefits.

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Communication and collaboration

Communication is an essential part of any business. Effective communication between employees, organization and clients, management and worker is critical to business growth. Unlimited data bundles provided by MTN allows for affordable calls through voice minutes, messaging, emails and all other online communication methods. Benefits that come through this service include the following:

  • Reduced dependency on MTN fibre customer care services
  • Sense of control among customers since they can readily communicate with the management
  • Ease modification, especially for employees.

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Fibre broadband needs to be installed at a customers’ premises or office to enable them enjoy and experience the digital world. For installation to be done, the customer needs to apply by completing a form and sending it to the MTN head offices or any branch of MTN in Ghana. The customer may also send an email through MTNFibreBroadband.GH@mtn .com. Alternatively, customers can go to any MTN service center and apply for installation. Installation payments should be made at the service centers to avoid inconveniences. However, renewal charges can be paid through MTN mobile money. You can also top up with MTN airtime vouchers. The MTN fibre broadband short code that is commonly used for this service is *5057#. The MTN fibre broadband offers the best solutions. Follow YEN to get more information about similar services.

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