Wedding invitation messages for friends

Wedding invitation messages for friends

Wedding invitation messages, by all means, play an enormous role in determining whether your guests will turn up at your wedding or not. A wedding is a joyous celebration that no one would ever want to forget. You therefore need to know how to design catchy wedding invitation messages. This is what will determine how most of the invited guests will respond. Consider the following messages as examples that will inspire you to write a perfect invitation message for your wedding.

simple wedding invitation messages for friends
personal wedding invitation text messages for friends
wedding invitation wording reception card
back of wedding invitation wording

Those who have had weddings before understand the mixed emotions of excitement, tension, and fear that people go through as they wait for their big day. It is everyone's desire that almost all their friends show up on their wedding day to witness the happy event. This article is all about wedding invitation messages that will help you influence close to 100% of people you want to attend your wedding. Learn how to convince them by writing a catchy message for them.

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Samples for wedding invitation messages

The best wedding invitation messages for friends are simple and straight to the point. Friends are the people who will crown your wedding and make it more memorable. To come up with the best invitation messages for friends, you only need to apply a simple rule. The rule is that the wedding invitation should represent you, your fiancee and also capture vital details about the big day. The good thing is that, with friends, you have the liberty to address them in any informal way depending on how you relate to them. Here are some of the most endearing messages you can send to them.

1. Make it sound like a joke for the friend that is very close

Although you are neither charming nor funny, I want you to appear in my wedding only to allow the other guest to have a better look.

When sending this message, you have to be keen on which friend it is. The right friend for such a message will read it with a smile because he or she will get the joke right away. Be careful about who the recipient of message will be. The last thing you want to do is to offend those you intend to invite.

2. Humor is a quality you must include in your message

Our wedding is next month. Please show up and be assured that the gift you bring will be preserved for your wedding.

This message is, of course, funny and will put a smile on any of your friends.

3. Appreciation is key

Looking at how you, and how you have supported us in all plans for our wedding, I am left with no choice but to invite you for the big day.

This is a message for a close friend who has been part of the whole process of planning and putting things together for your wedding. The fact that you playfully put the message across will make him or her know that it is from deep down your heart.

4. General but casual

You are aware that we have been planning for our wedding for quite some time now. It is my pleasure to call you to grace the occasion next weekend. Be there!

This one looks quite formal. It fits so well with those friends that are always formal in their dealings.You have to be quite close to send such a message though.

5. Tease your buddy

I know you like partying, but you are still broke. Our wedding will definitely be a solution for you. That’s why I have given you the first invitation.

This personalized message will make your friend feel very treasured as you remember what you do best together. Mentioning something personal in a joking manner is sweet.

6. Draw them in

You are a wonderful friend to me, and you will always make my sweetheart a little bit jealous. Please be there for our wedding.

This is an excellent joke for adults . It is a perfect way of making light an emotional situation. It is the best invite for a best friend that you have known for years. Only send this invite to someone that is very close.

7. Lure your friends to your wedding

You are among the insignificant people who do not need an RSVP. Come to our wedding at your own risk. You will pay the price.

This is a light threat to compel those friends who are far. You have to be careful though not to send it to someone that takes offense easily. Your true friends will get the satire and make it a point not to miss your wedding.

8. Special invite for special people

We owe you unquantifiable gratitude for your efforts to see us where we are today. Thanks a lot but please do one more thing for us. Show up as we tie knots.

This is an exclusive invite for a special friend. It shows sincere and heartfelt appreciation. It would be perfect for an elderly couple or someone that is not necessarily in the same age group as those getting married.

9. Remind your relative that you expect them to surprise you handsomely

You’ve heard the wedding bells. Right? I can foresee a precious gift. Don't let me down aunt Nana.

This one is for a close relative who is rich. He or she will smile at this one. Of course, they will bring you a mega gift.

10. Friends to grace the occasion

All we need is a good friend and good cheer. You can’t fail to join us.

This message can be sent through most of the social platforms like WhatsApp. It is an ideal way of encouraging your friends and acquaintances to show up for the party.

11. Family invite

We desire to have the people we love to share our union. You are one of the people we cherish.

This message will work for all family and very close family friends.

12. Message for the soap opera lovers

You must be a witness to the upcoming soppy story of love of ours. Come watch a real one this time dear. We’ll be glad to see you at our wedding.

This is a sweet message to send to a friend through a platform like Instagram especially the one you know likes the soap operas.

Tips on drafting your wedding invitation

simple wedding invitation messages for friends
personal wedding invitation text messages for friends
wedding invitation wording reception card
back of wedding invitation wording

You may have a great message for the wedding but fail when it comes to drafting the invitation. Check out the following samples to get it right.

Samples of wedding invitation messages

A good wedding invitation message will have all the critical details regarding the host, the bride and the groom, time, venue and information about reception. Below is a sample of a standard wedding invitation message.

The families of……….. and………… are happy to announce the ceremony

of our lovely daughter……….. and our son……... which will take place as follows

Church service


Date …………..

Time …………

A reception will follow thereafter at………….

Your presence will be highly appreciated.


Personal wedding invitation messages for friends.

Below is a personal wedding invitation message that is well designed for you to send to friends.

Gabriella Montinez;

Daughter of Lucia Hernadez and David Smith


Carson Ben;

Son of Maria Garcia and Michael Jones

Request the honor of your presence

At their marriage,

5th November 2018 at 10:00 AM

St. Louis Cathedral.

Brother wedding invitation messages for friends

At times, the groom has so much to do to coordinate his wedding that he may forget some things. If you happen to be his brother or sister, it is a good thing to relieve him of some duties by offering to send the invitation messages to his friends. In case you chose to stand in the gap, select your words wisely and be careful to indicate it is for your brother. Here is a good message to serve as an example.

Please join us on this day, a day of its kind, as we say goodbye to my brother as he marks a new beginning as a married man.

WhatsApp wedding invitation messages for friends

latest wedding invitation messages for friends
unique wedding invitation messages for friends
simple wedding invitation messages for friend

WhatsApp is currently among the best social platforms. It has wonderful, and hilarious features that make it very interesting especially for the current generation. Designing an appealing wedding invitation message for WhatsApp is therefore natural and exciting to the recipients. Use emojis to create a fantastic invitation that can be sent through WhatsApp.

Latest wedding invitation messages for friends

Everybody wants something new. Wedding invitation messages are not an exception. This is one of the latest invitation messages for friends.

A sweet love song there is; created from love harmony intertwined with life melody. Make every effort to join us on that glorious day.

Unique wedding invitation messages for friends

simple wedding invitation messages for friends
personal wedding invitation text messages for friends
wedding invitation wording reception card
back of wedding invitation wording

Your wedding ceremony will not be the first on this planet and neither will it be the last. That tells you that the number of invitation messages that have been sent before is uncountable. There is also be a million plus one message to be addressed before the world comes to an end. You, therefore, need to be creative to come up with a unique wedding invitation message that will make your friends happy. Have a look at these examples.

Perhaps this is a violation of criminal justice. People sentenced to life for being crime partners. You can’t risk missing such a beautiful wedding celebration. You’ve got to save the date.
We appreciate your role in our lives, and we will be glad if you join as we open a new chapter in our lives. This message shows how important our friendship is to your life.

Simple wedding invitation messages for friends

You do not need to complicate a wedding invitation message especially if the recipient is a friend of yours. You can always use simple words that make you friends long for that the coming event. Check out these great examples.

The long-awaited cake is almost ready. You must be among the first to taste.
The cake is appealing to the eye and sweet to taste. Come to our wedding.

You have probably heard people say that marriage is all about cutting and eating the cake. This message is right for those friends who believe weddings are about getting cake.

Personal wedding invitation text messages for a friend

latest wedding invitation messages for friends
unique wedding invitation messages for friends
simple wedding invitation messages for friend

This should be a sweet well designed text message meant for that special friend that you really value. It should imply that its specifically meant for him or her and therefore they should not come along with another person.

Moments of great importance are here with us. My wedding is one of the events that comes under them. I and my lovely sweetheart, therefore, invite you to share these moments.

Wedding invitation wording reception card

If you want to host your closest friends and family after a wedding ceremony, you only need to modify the words used for wedding invitation card. A slight modification is what will get you the perfect reception card. This example should come in handy.

Anne Britterny;


Kelly Anderson;

Will be tying knots on September 1st, 2018.

Please celebrate with us at our reception,

At six O’clock in the evening,

Hotel Grand,

Kingston, Illinois.

Back of wedding invitation wording

Instead of cramping a lot of information on the front of a wedding invitation card, it is wise to put some information at the back. Some of the information that you can put at the back include dress code, details about the dancing to follow if there is any and email addresses or contacts.

As shown in the article, the best wedding invitation messages are those that have been creatively designed. Make it simple, straightforward and personalized. You are sure to attract a lot more people for your wedding this way. Stick to the suggestions on how to write personal wedding invitation text messages for friends and you will not be disappointed.

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