Retraction and apology to Ms Emefa Adeti

Retraction and apology to Ms Emefa Adeti

On Thursday, August 30 2018, published a report under the headline "I fell in love after a one-night-stand – Emefa Adeti". The story was based on a contribution Ms Emefa Adeti, the 2012 winner of TV3's Ghana Most Beautiful contest made as a panelist on the Gee Spot show on Multi TV.

In the show, which had MzGee as host, Ms Adeti was asked if she had ever had a one-night stand.

She responded, "I have thought about it but it didn’t end up as a one-night stand. I ended up being the person. I woke up several nights with the person as my boyfriend or husband-to-be,” she said

Our reporter interpreted the remarks to mean that Ms Adeti had a one-night stand with a man and found love instantly.

Our reporter also wrote that Ms Adeti said she met a guy and slept with him instantly but the relationship later became serious.

The former Ghana Most Beautiful winner has, however, reached out to to deny that that was the case.

Ms Adeti stressed that there was no such thing as a one-night stand with anyone nor did she intend to suggest so.

She denied that she had met the man and instantly slept with him, as our story suggested.

She said our story's headline and content were wrong and did not accurately capture the message she sought to convey.

Ms Adeti also said that our reporter's suggestion that she wore a promise ring on her finger was wrong.

She said during the television discussion, she wore several rings, but none was a promise ring.

In view of these, we unreservedly apologise to Ms Adeti for failing to capture her views as she intended. We have, accordingly, pulled down the article in question.

We want to assure her and our esteemed readers that remains committed to reporting truthfully, accurately and fairly.


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