Physically-challenged man marries his beautiful bride in style (photos)

Physically-challenged man marries his beautiful bride in style (photos)

They say love is beautiful and yet complicated and everyday couples reflect both sides of the mystery of love.

A Nigerian couple have caught the attention of many internet users with their heartwarming love story which has left many inspired and desirous of a love so deep. Joshua and his bride walked down the aisle in a beautiful ceremony recently and the photos will bring tears to anyone's eyes.

Beautifully captured by Shoebox, the couple appear to be sticking together despite the obstacles that life has presented. The photographer even confessed that it was one of the best couple he had ever had to work with because having to see the true power of love is a blessing in itself.

Joshua, the groom was said to have been involved in an accident two days after proposing to his lover. The accident changed his life as it confined him to a wheel chair. Rather than leave him at such dark hour, Chisom, the bride, decided to stick to the man she fell in love with.

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Here are photos from their beautiful ceremony below:

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Their pre-wedding photos also ooze of the deepest kind of love and affection that will brighten anyone mood.

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See below:

Congratulations to the couple.

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