New iPhone 11: 5 things every apple fan has to know

New iPhone 11: 5 things every apple fan has to know

Is iPhone 11 out? If not, what is the iPhone 11 release date? These are some of the commonly asked questions. Truth be told, 2019 promises to be a good year for both Apple and android users. Though, Apple users will experience more of iPhone X design in iPhone 11, as this new creation uses the iPhone X design. Of course, the gadget will come with immense upgrades, and a couple of new features that will enhance user experience. Even though Apple is not known for its use of the same design for multiple generations of iPhone, this design has been used for three consecutive generations.

iPhone 11

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If the recent leaks about the new iPhone 11 series are anything to go by, users should prepare to be carried away. The new iPhone 11 series will have a similar front look like its predecessors but a sleek, newly conceptualized back design that will remind everyone of Apples mission on the tech space. The design, combined will result to a great gadget that will be unrivaled by any android phone. Another leak revealed more details about the new iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 max refined designs. There is a lot to hope for in the new iPhone 11, from its incredible design to affordability and user experience. Below are 5 things every apple fan has to know.

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1. It is a three series release

If the rumors are anything to go by, the new iPhone to be released in 2019, comes in a series of three. These are iPhone 11R, iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Max. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a world top Apple insider TF International Securities analyst, these releases will come with great camera upgrades. According to Kuo, the iPhone 11R will upgraded to a dual-lens rear camera. iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max on the other hand will be equipped with huge camera designs, that include a new-triple lens array. He also noted that the phone designs will have frosted glass backs, and a possible fresh look of the smartphone. Clearly, there is a lot to hope for in the new 2019 iPhone releases.

2. It comes with a cool design

Is Apple coming out with a new phone in 2019? Yes, and its design is great. Of all the new Iphone 11 features, its back design is one of the greatest yet to be seen. In the series, Apple has redesigned the rear camera, thus making the phone stand out among other gadgets of its class. It is yet to be known if the phones specification justify the new camera design, but hopefully it will pay off. It can be argued that Apple has slackened on matters photography, but with the new camera design, iPhone users will probably experience more, especially on the quality of the photo.

This new phone is also expected to come with the iPhone 11 mute switch. The company will release the famous horizon mechanism common to the iPhone gadgets.

Apple, for a third generation, has retained the design language of iPhone XS and iPhone X.

Iphone 11

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3. It will be thicker

Even though you have not seen the new Iphone 11 pictures, you should expect to see a thicker gadget. Apple always has a way to meet their customers safety needs without compromising on the design quality. One of the ways they achieve this is through reverse wireless charging, all-new Apple A13 chipset, and bigger batteries. The bigger batteries will hopefully save the company from a repeat of the iPhone XS and XR battery issues. However, with bigger batteries comes a thicker phone.

4. Larger holes cut out above the camera lenses with a slim camera bump

Ordinarily, these holes are fairly small, but in this new design the holes are fairly larger than they are in the previous designs. The camera bump on the other hand are thinner than in other Apple versions. Apple iPhone 11 has a camera bump made purely of glass.

Iphone 11

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5. When is iPhone releasing a new phone?

You will probably get to see the new iPhone 11 mid september 2019. Apple has been working round the clock to ensure that you get their latest phone as soon as you can, with all the right specifications and security features. According to predictions by techradar, iPhone 11 launch date will be on September 10, 2019, while the iPhone 11 pre-order date will be on September 13, 2019. It also predicts September 20, 2019 to be the most suitable date and day to release the iPhone 11.

This release date might be a bit late than the previous release dates. This can be attributed to Europe's biggest tech show, IFA 2019 in Berlin which is set to happen from September 6 to September 11 in 2019, thus forcing Apple to set their release date the following week.

According to historical data Apple has never released its phone on a Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday has always been their preferred release dates. However, Wednesday will be September 11 a day of mourning. This leaves Tuesday 10th the most preferred release date for the phone maker.

Events following the new iPhone 11 rumors have only affirmed the widely spread speculations. The new iPhone 11 specs are shaping up to peoples expectations. The design seeks to correct the problem iPhone has been criticized for, with camera being the center focus for this iPhone design. If the new iPhone 11 videos are anything to go by, the developer and designers have really worked to create the best camera design.



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