30 clear signs he loves you but is scared

30 clear signs he loves you but is scared

Does he love me? Is he into me like I am into him? Why does he seem close on some days and distance on others? If you get yourself pondering on these questions, chances are that you are in love with him, yet you aren’t sure exactly how he feels for you. It can be quite frustrating not knowing whether to go all in or to hold back and wait for his confession. Although it might be hard to wait for the actual revelation, looking out for signs he loves you but is scared will help you find out exactly how he feels.

signs he loves you but is scared to commit
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Unless you are a mind-reader, you cannot tell what’s going on in the mind of the other person. The situation is even more frustrating when you start developing feelings for the other party, yet you are not sure how they truly feel about you.

Signs he loves you but is scared

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If you are not sure whether he loves you or not, check out these surefire signs that indicate that he does love you even though he is scared.

1. He avoids labeling the relationship

Although you have been together for months acting like a girlfriend and boyfriend, a scared man will always avoid taking the plunge and using the title. Try as much to avoid pushing him to labels as it might push him away.

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2. He enjoys making you laugh

Is making you laugh one of the reasons why you are falling in love with him? Is yes, this shows that he enjoys and loves to see you laugh. Trying to make you laugh is one of the undeniable signs that he likes you.

3. You catch him looking at you with a peculiar smile

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Do you notice how he looks at you, especially when he thinks that you are not looking? For instance, when you are watching a movie or in a room with other people, you catch him giving you a peculiar smile. It is a smile that shows that he is head over heels in love with you.

4. He gives you signs that he wants commitment, but he avoids the conversation

One of the signs he is fighting his feelings for you is when he talks about all the plans he has for the future, yet when you ask him in regards to your current relationship, he is afraid to commit. If he thinks that you are part of his future, he will continue to give you more signs, so be on the lookout.

5. He invites you to his special gatherings

Why does he keep me around if he doesn’t want a relationship? This is one of the questions you ask if he invites you to his special gatherings yet he won’t commit to you. The fact that he is not scared of making you part of his special occasions is a good sign, don’t give up yet.

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signs he loves you but is scared
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6. He makes future plans with you though not involving real commitment

One of the signs he loves you but is scared to commit is seen in the conversations he holds with you. Even though he might be scared to say he wants to marry you, making plans about the future, that involves you, is a good sign.

7. He offers mixed reactions and signals

Giving you mixed signals by being hot on some days and super cold on others is one of the signs he is afraid to fall for you. Most of the time, guys will tend to take a step back whenever they are afraid or scared of something.

8. He avoids public display of affection

A man who is scared of love will always tend to avoid public display of affection especially when he is around his family or friends. He might be afraid of being called out by his friends and family that’s why he chooses to be protective of himself until the time is right.

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9. He gets jealous of other men

Why does he get jealous when he sees me talking with other men? Does he love me? Although jealousy, especially in a relationship, is bad, the right amount of it is a clear indicator that he loves you. Although he is scared to admit that he loves you, he is more scared of losing you.

10. He is over-protective of you

In most cases, men tend to become protective of the things and people they hold dear to them. If he is showing signs of being protective, this clearly shows that he cares so much about you even though he is scared to admit it to you.

11. He talks about being hurt in the past

All of us have been hurt before and it is obvious that it makes us more cautious. When a scared man starts to fall for you, there is a likelihood that he will talk about what hurt him in the past. Take your time to listen to him because it might be the reason he is scared to admit he loves you.

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12. He ignores the signs that you are falling in love with him

Men will always act as though they don’t know that you are falling for them even when they can clearly see that you are. This happens more so when he is falling for you too. The fear of falling in love with you makes him ignore the signs you are showing off.

13. He prioritizes you over his friends

One of the obvious or science signs he loves you but is scared is seen whenever he chooses you over his friends. Men love spending time with their friends but if he texts you the whole time or leaves them to come and see you, it’s a sign that he loves you even if he is scared to use the exact words.

14. He talks of being scared to be in a serious relationship

Whenever a guy keeps reminding you that he is scared of jumping into a serious relationship anytime soon, this is a clear sign that he loves you but is scared to be committed at the moment. If he didn’t care that much about you, he wouldn’t take his time to communicate his feelings to you.

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15. He avoids defining the relationship

While ladies tend to fall in love quickly, men on the other end choose to take their time. If he avoids commitment conversations, it might be a sign that even though he likes you, he is not ready to commit yet.

16. He pays attention to details

One of the sweetest signs that he loves you even though he is scared to admit is his attention to little things. A guy who pays attention to details shows that he really loves and cares about you.

17. He talks about what he loves about you but won’t say he loves you

How he comments and compliments you can tell a lot about how he feels. If he says that he loves your lips, eyes, hair and so on, it is one of the science signs he loves you but is scared to use the actual words?

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18. He compliments you in different ways

If a guy compliments you in what seems like weird or awkward ways, it could be a sign that he loves you but is scared. It indicates that he is aware of how he feels and what he wants yet he is scared to say it.

19. He tends to pull away once he feels closer to you

One of the signs he is afraid to fall for you is observed when a guy begins to pull away. Although he might pull away because he is not into you, another reason could be because he is so much into you but scared to admit it.

20. He says that he wants you to take things slow

Although we tend to view, taking things slowly as a bad thing, at times, it can be a good thing that results positively. If he says that he wants to take things slow, it could be a good thing for the relationship because it shows he likes you and hence the reason why he doesn’t want to mess things up.

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21. He gets heated when he is around you

When a guy blushes around you, it shows that he cares about you and he is worried about impressing you. It’s a positive sign that he is totally into you, although he won’t admit it to your face.

signs he loves you but is scared
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22. He laughs even at your lamest jokes

One way on how to tell if a guy likes you is by looking at how he responds to your jokes. If he laughs at the lame jokes you tell, it could be a sign that he likes you. Probably, he is trying to make the setup comfy so that he can admit how he feels.

23. He never asks you out

Men who are scared of love will want to spend time with you, yet they will never ask you out. You might think that he is not interested, but the reason could be he is shy or hasn’t found the right opportunity yet.

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24. He keeps in touch

Is he the first to text in the morning and the last before you go to bed? If he wants to spend time with you but won’t confess, give him the chance to know you before you begin worrying too much about his real feelings.

25. He doesn’t mention any other woman

One of the signs he loves you but is scared to commit is by telling and showing you that you are not only the only woman in his mind but in his life as well. If you are the only girl in his life, focus on that, and the rest will fall in place at the right time.

26. He supports you fully

We all go through a hard time at some point in life. If he is always there to support you and give you a shoulder to lean on, it’s a sign that he truly wants to be with you, although he scared to admit it.

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27. His friends spill the beans

When his buddies let the cat out of the bag and let you know that he likes you but won’t admit, it’s a surefire sign that he loves you but doesn’t know how to say it to you.

28. He gives you the right gift

It can be hard to give someone the perfect gift, but when he has invested the right amount of energy and time in you, he will know just what to give you. If he knows what’s perfect for you, he likes you, but he is scared to admit it.

29. All his friends know about you

If his friends constantly reference certain pieces of information about you, it is one of the undeniable signs that he likes you, but he won’t directly admit it to you.

30. He finds fun in doing even the boring things

A guy who is ready to help you in doing even the tedious chores shows that he likes you. He wouldn’t be putting in such major efforts if he didn’t think you are an important part of his life.

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At times, it can be very tough to figure out if a guy is head over heels in love with you. However, they are a few indicators that you should look out for. If he does most of the things above, things could turn out positively because these are signs that he loves you but is scared to admit it or commit to you.

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