35 signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it

35 signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it

Have you noticed strange behaviors from him lately? Is he looking at you the same way he used to? Why has he stated becoming nice to you all of a sudden? Well, there is a high chance the guy likes you, but he does not know how to approach you. Apart from the mentioned traits, do you know any other signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it?

signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it
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Often, it is not easy for a guy to show a lady that he likes her from the word go. Most guys tend to act cool because they are afraid or shy. In most instances, they tend to send mixed signals confusing their admirers. Even so, as a lady, you can easily notice signs a guy is into you.

How do you know if a guy secretly likes you?

If the guy has not admitted that he likes you and you are in doubt he does, you can easily know by observing his actions towards you and his body movements when he is talking to you. Yes!

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Observe his eye contact, the position of his hand when he is talking to you, his response on the phone, and interaction with other ladies around him, among many others signs.

Obvious signs your male friend has feelings for you

There is one that male friend in every lady’s life who you cannot easily avoid. I mean that charming guy who always makes you smile even when you are not in the mood. How do you know your friendship is about to move into the next level even when he has not told you?

1. He tries to be around you all the time

When a guy likes you, he will make sure he keeps you around. Often, he will sacrifice most of his time spending with you no matter what. Besides, it is in human nature for human beings to keep a close distance of the people they value the most. In case you notice this, then he may have feelings for you, but he is keeping it to himself.

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2. Notice how he is always staring at you

Is he always staring at you when you are in the same place? How regular have you caught him doing so when lately? Well, if he has a crush on you, he will often stare at you while smiling when you are not looking at him. Even if you know him to be courageous, this will always happen when he begins to like you.

3. Eye contact

Is it true that eyes do not lie? Yes, it is absolutely right. If your guy looks straight into your when you are in a conversation, chances are he has started developing feelings for you, but he does not know how to tell you. In most instances, he will make sure you are the first one to break the eye contact before he does.

4. Watch how he is interacting with other girls

Obviously, the interaction is not the same, especially when you are not around. So, he will try to be extremely friendly with them to see if you get jealousy. It is very confusing, but that is a strategy for most guys. Notice how he always stares at you when he is with them, and you will notice he is doing it intentionally to provoke a reaction from you.

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Unlike the courageous men, shy guys will avoid conversing with other girls when you are around to show you that you are their first priority.

5. Trying funny moves to make you laugh

Is being funny a sign of how to tell if a guy likes you? Well, a man who wants you will go the extra mile to put a smile on your face even when they are not funny at all. If he has been doing this a lot lately, then know he is into you. Besides, wittiness is considered to be among powerful signs of male attraction.

6. Fast response to your texts

How fast does she respond to your texts? If he is always quick, then know this is one way of how to tell if a boy likes you. In fact, some will even call when you instead of texting have a taste of your voice. Often, shy guys will take advantage of texts to make fun and flirt to make you happy.

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7. Asking endless questions about your personal life

If you feel like he has become too inquisitive, know that he wants to learn you more and keep you talking because he wants to be around you. Often, some will ask a girl if she is seeing someone. Some will ask a girl to imagine what will happen if they became partners. Also, others will ask you about your whereabouts to know if you are seeing someone.

8. Is he nervous when you are together?

powerful signs of male attraction
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Being turned down by a girl is the worst feeling a man can get. So, even if you know him as the courageous type, he will get nervous when you are around because he wants you. In many instances, you will notice his lips becoming dry or his hands sweating. Also, he may get confused when you are asking him obvious things.

9. Quickly remembers even the little details

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Is this even supposed to be among the does he likes me signs? Yes. A man that wants you will remember everything you had ever told him before. So, do not be surprised when he asks you about the birthday of your pet.

Considering how men forget things quickly, this might be another way of how to know if a guy likes you.

Similarly, he will remind you of your important dates, such as your birthday or your parent’s anniversary. In addition to this, he will give you a gift or take you out during these significant days.

10. Grooming himself

Like ladies, men will try to look them smart when you approach them or vice versa. Often, you will notice him touching his hair or balancing his belt to look good when he is around you. In other words, he is trying to convince you to believe that he is ready to be the man you want.

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11. Is he stalking you on social media?

How do you know if a guy likes you if not by stalking you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Some guys will go through your timeline, liking almost all your pictures, even the old ones. Also, you will notice him wanting your comments on other people's posts to provoke you into a conversation.

At times, you will find him talking about a particular post on your page to make you aware that he is watching your moves. He wants to keep you by himself.

12. See who is getting jealous now!

If your guy is becoming angry once he notices you with other boys, it is time you realized he likes you, but he does not know how to make you aware of his feelings. Do this often and watch how his facial expression changes. He will finally approach you or maybe hate those boys because he wants to have you by himself alone.

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13. Requesting your phone number

Has he asked you for your contact details yet? Well, this is how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it. Most will not request for your number directly. They will look for an excuse for having your number to contact you. Often, they will start by a text, and before you realize it, they have established a connection already.

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14. He rarely disagrees with you

When most men have a crush on some girls, they will try all they can to impress them. They will agree to everything they say to be on the same side. This strategy works well with them because it makes their crush to feel like they have something in common. So, if you have noticed this already, it is time you realized this is one of the does he like me signs.

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15. He always looks for an excuse to touch you

Men are tricky, and if you have not yet noticed it wait until one has a crush on you. This is among the common suggestive gestures used by men when they want to be noticed by a lady. He will find an excuse to touch your hands or hair when you are together. For instance, he can trick you that he is removing a frightening insect on your head to get the opportunity to touch you.

16. He buys you simple but yet suggestive gifts

Honestly, if a man likes a lady, he will try all means possible to make her notice him without saying a word. When a guy likes a girl, he will not rush to buying him expensive gifts before he admits his feelings towards her. Often, he will go for suggestive gifts such as a necklace and lipstick to pass his message.

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17. That specific last look when he is leaving

If a man looks at you suggestively you are saying bye to each other there is a possibility he is attracted to you. Observe how he does it the next time you meet, and you will discover it is not the ordinary look your other male friends give you. This is a man who lacks the words of explaining how much you matter to him.

18. He is too flirtatious

signs your male friend has feelings for you
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Have you noticed he complements you a lot when you are spending time together? The man secretly admires you, and so he is using the complements to get you to get close to you. He intends to get you like him back, but he afraid of your response.

19. He gets comfortable when you are with him

Most men will convince you to leave your friends to be with him alone. He may suggest taking you out for a walk to find enough time with you. Similarly, he will avoid his friends, just have you by himself. If he has done this several times already, the guy is attracted to you, but he cannot admit it.

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20. He leans towards you when talking

It is not common for a guy to do this, especially to any other person. However, if you notice him leaning towards you when you are asking him something, then this guy is attracted to you. Remember, he is not doing this because he does not hear. He wants to show you that he is interested in the conversation and you as a person.

21. He makes an effort to come to you

It is a myth that any guy approaching a lady in a club is a cheat because some mean it. However, it is up to you, as a lady, to figure it out if he means it. If it is a guy you already know and you notice him making such an effort, then he is probably communicating something.

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22. He keeps a short distance when you are together

Honestly, who will not try this stunt when they are with their crush? It is time you realized the guy is into you if he turns his body towards you. However, this gesture becomes effective when observed together with eye contact.

23. He never leaves you hanging

A man in love will not disappoint a lady she likes. He will always show up on time whenever they have a meeting. If he accidentally does, he will apologize, and you can notice it by looking at his eyes. He cannot allow himself to waste such a chance of being together.

24. He becomes a good listener

Generally, most men tend to be poor listeners. You can be talking to some, and you notice they are on their phones or maybe looking at other girls. However, if he is too attentive when talking to him, then you are a lucky girl. In case you do not know, this alone is an excellent sign of how to know if a boy likes you.

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25. He becomes friendly to your peers and family

Men are funny creatures, and predicting them is not an easy task, especially if it is your first time. Well, a genuine boy usually goes the extra mile to create a connection with your peers and family members. A man who does this is genuinely into you. Such men use your friends and family to earn your trust and proof that they care.

26. He smiles when he sees you

Notice if the guy is always smiling whenever you talk to him. Remember, it is not easy to please a man. If your charm forces that smile out, then you are all he wants to be with. Do not be hard on him because he is trying gathering courage to tell you how much he is attracted to you.

27. Did he try kissing you?

signs a guy is into you
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If he tries kissing you either drunk or sober and you have already noticed his other changes, then there is no other explanation. At times, when a man is drunk, he will get the courage to do the things he usually desires to do when he is sober.

28. He wants to know if you have a boyfriend

While many men will not ask you directly, they will at least try inquiring from you or your friends if you have another guy in your life. Usually, this is the first task a guy will do before making any efforts to get you like him back. Remember, no man will agree to share the woman they love with another man.

29. He does not discuss other girls

If he has a crush on you, he will avoid talking to you about other girls. Such a man will be quick to divert a story involving a girl. If you are in doubt, you can try the trick and observe how he handles the conversation.

30. Always ready to assist you

Still, having a hard time figuring out how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it? Watch his reaction when you are busy with your chores. When he is in love, he will provide an extra hand. He will not only do this to impress you but ensure you are free to spend time together.

31. Easily notices even the slight changes in you

Details seem to be essential for a guy having a crush on a girl. He will be quick to notice things such as your new earrings, a bruise on your hand, among many others. This is among the undeniable signs that he likes you.

32. Tries to get your attention

He wants to stand out from the crowd when you in a group. For instance, he makes smart moves to get praises from friends so that you can notice him.

33. Too concerned

He is always around you when you are in your low moments? This is a clear sign that he likes you, and he is worried about your situation. Such a guy will dedicate his time to make you forget your problems and be happy for him.

34. Crosses his legs

While some people consider this a weird act, to some extent, it is a sign that a boy is attracted to you. If a boy crosses legs when he is around, you know that he is comfortable and he is attracted to you.

35. He does not end the conversation easily

Ending a conversation with a crush is the most challenging thing when it comes to men. A guy may be out of words, but he is afraid to end the talk because he is not sure how his crush will take it. So, if he is showing this behavior, he is probably attracted to you.

Hope by now you are aware of signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it. However, these signs may vary depending on a guy. If you constantly notice some of them on your guy, then know he secretly likes you, but he does not have the courage to admit it.

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