17 surefire signs he regrets breaking up with you

17 surefire signs he regrets breaking up with you

Are you going through a heartbreak and feeling like the whole world is against you? Are you wondering why it has to be you going through this nasty heartbreak that is causing you sleepless nights? Are you looking for signs he regrets breaking up with you? I understand you! No one enters into a relationship with the anticipation that their relationship will come to a halt. However, when this happens, and he says he is leaving, your heart is torn apart, and your mind often thinks that maybe, he still loves you, and regrets ever hurting you.

signs he regrets breaking up with you
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Let us be real, heartbreaks are devastating, and they leave one feeling sorry for themselves! If you are not careful, they are likely to take a toll on you emotionally and have you holding a pity party every day for the next few months after a breakup. If you find yourself going on some unusual mental journeys, stay calm, it is pretty normal during a heartbreak. In most cases, you often wonder if he still wants you back and regret breaking up with you.

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Signs your ex wants you back

Most of the time, thoughts of whether he is happier without you will torment you, or you will wonder if he has already moved on? No need to beat yourself up over such thoughts as there are various signs to prove that your ex will eventually come back or signs he misses you. Here are guaranteed signs he regrets breaking up with you.

signs your ex wants you back
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1. He cannot help but check on you now and then

If he just ended the relationship a few hours ago or one day ago, then it's apparent that he regrets his decision because of the shift his life has taken! Such a feeling is temporary and is likely to fade with time. But, if the breakup has lasted a while and he still won't stop calling you to find out how you are faring on, then you can be sure that he regrets his decision and still has you on his mind. However, it would be best if you were wise to avoid a scenario where he wants to string you along for his benefits.

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2. He chooses to be alone

If you notice that he spends time alone, whether in real life or on social media platforms, it means that he wants another shot with you. Most of his time, you will find him burying himself in books, taking a walk, or listening to music. Interesting to note, whatever he seems to be doing, he probably seems out of place. Have you found yourself face to face with him, and he stays quiet? There is nothing wrong with you; it is a clear sign that he still misses you.

3. That common drunkard phrase

He spends considerable time drinking with his friends in a bid to forget you. You will hear the word that he is on a drinking spree and that he is moving on by picking a random lady from the bar. However, his buddies know very well that he is doing so to try and forget you. Instead, he will find himself thinking about you and the memories that you two shared.

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One question, does he call you late at night? If the answer is yes, then he sure wants you back! No doubt about it. Sleeping around or flirting with other girls is something that you will never hear about. Instead, he will go to a bar alone and sit all by himself. You may also find a few pictures of himself alone on his social media, which will tell you all about it.

4. Social media posts

His social media posts will be tailored to uplift a person. The funny thing is that he will be sharing to prove the point that he is over you, but the truth is that he is not! At the back of his mind, he will be trying to convince himself that things are over between you two, but that is not is the case.

5. Evident changes

They say that only change is inevitable, and so, you will notice that he drastically changes his old habits. Most of the old habits that used to irritate you will now be a thing of the past. He will start working his way around to become a better version of himself, all to please you and maybe get a second chance with you. His inner circle will notice that indeed he is changing and no longer sticking to the old habits.

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6. The best friend title

This is a clear sign that he still wants you to be his girlfriend. If he did not care enough, he would maybe send you a text to check on you, but if he still wants more from you, he will reach out to your best friend to know how you are! I am pretty sure you would do the same! This means that he cares so much about you and wants to know every detail happening in your life.

signs he regrets breaking up with you
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7. Much noticeable effort

Is he trying all he can to spend more time with you? If the answer is yes, then this is for you! He is trying all he can to squeeze himself in your schedule to laugh again as he spends some time with you and also cheer you up when you are feeling down. Once you make a post on social platforms, he will be the first to make a react and let you know how special you are!

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8. Drawing away from society

There is a huge difference between being lonely and alone. His buddies may surround him, and yet, his mind seems detached. However, anything to do with your relationship will have him lighten up and get attentive. In most cases, he will try and spend time with you so that loneliness can go away. Anything small will trigger thoughts and memories of you, which reminds him that he cannot live without you.

9. Acts like everything is normal

After your breakup, he will try and act like everything is normal, and you two are still a couple. For instance, you will have him asking about your personal life, personal conversations, or even new people that you meet.

10. Call reaction

A breakup is no walk in the park, and so is the very first call! His response to your call means a lot and will spill the secret of whether if he still loves you. If he picks the phone rings instantly or after one or two rings, he cares much about you and wants you back. Sorry to say this, but if you call a few times and there is no response, the guy is happy with his new status.

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11. Tries his level best to make you miss him

If, after a nasty breakup, he is trying, by all means, to have you back, then, he regrets ever losing you. You will notice him doing his level best to win your love back again by making you miss him from creating the memories you two made together.

12. He works his best to try and win you back

Your ex-boyfriend will move mountains to win your love back. For instance, he will try his level best to change the things that made you two to part ways.

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13. Says he wants to remain friends

If he says that he still wants to be pals with you because your friendship means the world to him, then it is evident that he still cherishes what you two shared. Your ex-boyfriend is not ready to let the thoughts of not having you around sink in him well.

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regret breaking up
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14. His emotions are all over

If he clearly expresses his emotions concerning your breakup, then you can be sure that he still has feelings for you. It may be feelings of sadness, love, or hate, but the fact that remains he still has feelings for you.

15. Reminds you the reason for your breakup

If he feels the need to explain to you why your relationship came to a halt, then he is still in love with you. He may try to apologize to you or even joke about you two getting back together. If you have experienced any of these, then rest assured that he regrets losing your love.

16. His close circle wants you to talk to him

Your mutual friends will always have his back, especially if he wants you back. Remember that they are aware of his feelings for you as he keeps on talking about how good the two of you were in your relationship. This means that they will try to convince you to speak with him and hope that you two will solve your problems and get back together.

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17. He has not moved on

If he is in no hurry to date someone new and moving on, then he still loves you and wants you back. It shows that he is not ready to forget you and will do all he can to win your love once more.

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After enjoying this read, I am sure that you are enlightened more on signs he regrets breaking up with you. However, it is wise that you are kind enough and give yourself time to heal and clear your mind before deciding if he worth a second chance with you.

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