Smart lady scams popular Facebook mallam who tried to scam her

Smart lady scams popular Facebook mallam who tried to scam her

- Naa Tia, a popular mallam on Facebook has been scammed by a lady he tried to dupe

- The lady is identified on Facebook as Esi Akyen Ntiamoah

- She narrated how Naa Tia got in touch with a mouthwatering financial deal to entice her and how she used that to scam him

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A lady identified on Facebook as Esi Akyen Ntiamoah has succeeded in scamming an expert scammer known as Naa Tia, a news report by indicates.

The smart lady Esi shared the story on her official Facebook handle, stating how it all started and how she was able to outsmart the expert.

According to Esi, Naa Tia was the one who started the conversation. She indicated that he mentioned to her he hailed from the Northern part of Ghana and has been helping many people to become financially successful.

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When the lady saw this, she was intrigued and decided to probe further to understand what exactly Naa Tia was into.

Next, Naa Tia explained that there was no sacrifice involved in his dealings but just money transactions.

The popular scammer said that all the lady needed to do was to send $1000 which he will multiply by 10 and send back to her the next day.

At this point, Esi appeared clear in her mind that the man did not actually have any spiritual powers and decided to serve him a dose of his own medicine.

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Esi Akyen Ntiamoah told the man she wants to send $100,000 for him to multiply by 10 but wanted to be sure he is real first by sending $100.

True to her words, she sent the $100 which Naa Tia quickly turned into $1000 the next day, thinking the lady would come back for more.

When she did not, he issued empty threats at the end of which he came back begging the lady to send back the $900 difference.

It is not known whether the lady sent the money or not as she did not state that in her narration.

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See the full narration below:

Scamming has occurred in various shapes and forms lately.

Just recently, reported that a viral video has surfaced showing a young man who tried to buy a quality but highly affordable phone from Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra but was sold a stone instead.

In the video sighted by on Instagram, the young man was looking very sad as some men who appeared to be living around came to console him.

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