50 funniest redhead jokes that will make you laugh aloud

50 funniest redhead jokes that will make you laugh aloud

Are you having a bad day? Do you feel like going through some funny jokes will lighten up your mood a bit? Redhead jokes are some of the hilarious things that will go a long way in getting you into a better spirit. They will not only entertain you but will also get you laughing out loud.

Redhead jokes one liners
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Redhead jokes are so popular and widely known to be funny. In the recent past, these particular kinds of jokes seem to be fading away gradually. This means that the upcoming generation will be deprived of this type of fun. Before they get completely extinct, take a look at the collection below.

Funniest redhead jokes that will make you laugh

Here are the 50 funniest redhead jokes that are sure to give you a burst of hearty laughter.

Blonde brunette and redhead jokes

  • A blonde brunette walked into the doctor’s room with both of her ears badly burnt. The doctor enquired what happened to her ears. She said that she was ironing her clothes when the phone rang. Mistakenly, she picked the iron box instead of the phone. The doctor said that that statement explains about one ear, how about the other? The blonde said that the idiot called twice.
  • A blonde was wearing a non-matching pair of socks, one was white, and the other one was red. Her friend asked her why she is wearing a white and a red sock. The blonde explained that it was so weird because she left a similar pair of red and white socks in the drawer.
  • A brunette and a blonde were walking past the flower shop. They saw the brunette's boyfriend picking some flowers. The brunette sighed, saying that she will be expected to spend her weekend on her back and legs in the air. The blonde asked, don't you have a flower vase?
  • A blonde walked into the doctor's room, saying that she had a problem. Every part of her body that she touches pains; her leg hurts, her arms hurt, her head hurts. She asked the doctor what’s the problem and the doctor said that it’s because her finger is broken.
  • A teenage brunette takes around half an hour on the phone. When she hung up, her father asks why she has made such a short call considering that she stays on the phone for more than two hours. The teenager explains that the call was from a wrong number.

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  • The traffic officer spots a blonde lady driving and knitting at the same time. Infuriated, he drives up to the lady and asks her to pull over. The lady responds that it's a scarf.
  • A man was driving with a blonde brunette. He asked the lady to put her head through the window and check if the blinker was working. The blonde replied, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.
  • A blonde brunette walked up to the librarian and shouted at her angrily, saying that the book she was reading s**ks because it has way too many characters, but the story doesn't make sense. The librarian responded telling her that she took the phone book.
  • A blonde waitress walked towards the customer to get her order. The customer asked how they prepared their chickens, and she replied, "Nothing special, madam, we tell them straight out that they are going to die."
  • A blonde brunette walks into the doctor’s room and tests positive for pregnancy with twins. All of a sudden, she begins to cry out loudly, and when the doctor asks why she is crying, she says that she is aware of the father of one of the babies, but she doesn't know the father to the second one.

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Redhead jokes one liners

  • Two redhead men were playing chess on a weekend when one suggested that they should make it more interesting. Immediately, they stopped playing chess.
  • A young ginger man said that he felt like he was a man but trapped inside the body of a woman. Eventually, he was born.
  • The ginger person said that he loves meeting his girlfriend at 12:59 because he liked having one-to-one time with her.
  • How does a ginger person know that he is a working-class? When his television is bigger than his bookcase.
  • The difference between a brick and ginger is at least the brick gets laid.
  • The difference between a vampire and ginger is that the second one is a pale blood-s**king creature that avoids the sun while the other is a vampire.
  • It takes zero ginger people to change the light bulb because ginger heads prefer to stay in the dark.

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blonde brunette and redhead jokes
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  • Gingers look forward to growing grey hair later on in their lives.
  • Red head girls with an attitude are called normal.
  • The advantage of having a blonde over a redhead is because you can safely ignore the blonde.

Funny redhead jokes

  • Why are the Harry Potter movies so unrealistic? (Because a ginger child has two friends).
  • When you cross ginger and a Jamaican, what do you get? (a gingerbread mom)
  • How can you change the mood of a ginger? (by waiting for ten seconds)
  • What is the one thing that all gingers get to miss about every great party? (the invitation to that party)
  • What is typical between the gingers and the extinct dinosaurs? (both of them are never enough)
  • What is the similarity between gingers and guns? (when you keep either of them for an extended period, you will want to shoot it)
  • What is the name given to the ginger person in a porn film? (he is called the cameraman)
  • What difference is there between a ginger and a shoe? (a shoe has a soul, ginger doesn't have one)
  • Which train are the gingers not allowed to ride? (the soul train)
  • How does a ginger person answer his telephone during a Saturday night? (wrong number)

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Short redhead jokes

  • How can you get a redhead to argue with you? (just say something)
  • What is the name given to a cute redhead who is walking in between two blonde brunettes? (the interpreter)
  • What is made by redheads for dinner? (they make reservations)
  • How do you know that a redhead is fully satisfied? (when she unties you)
  • What is the reason behind so many guys dating blondes? (because all the red head girls are taken)
  • There is a vast difference between a terrorist and a redhead. What is the difference? (you can negotiate with a terrorist)
  • What does someone get when they cross Raggedy Ann with the Pillsbury Doughboy? (a very pissed off redhead with a yeast infection)
  • What is the similarity between a redhead and a freight train? (you can hear both of them from miles away)
  • How is a redhead different from a lawyer? (there are several ways in which a lawyer cannot screw you)

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redhead jokes one liners
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  • How do you know that a redhead has wholly forgiven you? (when she stops washing your clothes in the toilet bowl)

Best redhead jokes

  • How do you tell that a redhead has been using a fussy computer? (when there is a hammer fixed in the monitor of the machine)
  • Why did redhead jokes become extinct? (because someone mistakenly told them to a redhead)
  • What do we call a blue and black guy lying on the sidewalk? (a person who says too many redhead jokes)
  • How does a person get to remember the date of a redhead’s birthday? (by forgetting it once)
  • What is typical between a redhead and a razor-wire? (both of them should be handled with care)
  • What is the name given to a redhead person working at a bakery shop? (a gingerbread man)
  • What are the two ways in which you can keep a redhead happy? (by letting them think that they have their way and secondly, by giving them their way)
  • What do you do with a redhead that you love? (you should make her free and if she follows you to everywhere that you go, puts a tent on your lawn and hospitalizes your new girlfriend, know that she is yours for life)
  • What type of beds do ginger people sleep on? (they sleep on temper-pedics)
  • What is the best thing about being a ginger person? (you are sure that you were not adopted)

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If you are looking forward to having a burst of hearty laughter, jokes are some of the things you should look out of. With this collection of the funniest redhead jokes, you can rest assured that you will have a good laughter.

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