12 most beautiful places in Ghana to visit

12 most beautiful places in Ghana to visit

The beautiful places in Ghana are not just the tourist attraction sites like most people assume, there is more to it. From breath taking sceneries, historical rich culture captured in museums, long strides in the sandy beaches and ocean are among some of the beautiful places in Ghana. There is so much to explore in Accra Ghana.

12 most beautiful places in Ghana to visit
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Imagine visiting beautiful tourist places in Ghana where the natives maintain their culture in today’s modern life. Imaging visiting a sanctuary with all kinds of fishes. Picture visiting structures during colonial times that are still standing to date. Imagine the ambiance and beauty of the scenic mountains as you take a hike in the countryside as cold fresh air blasting your face. Imagine dipping your feet in sand as you enjoy the sun in the nice beaches in Accra.

Beautiful places to visit in Ghana

We know that there are many places you have heard off, but we have compiled a list of the top 12 most beautiful places to visit as a tourist or even as a local. They say travelling is learning, well prepare yourself a day in class since what you are about to witness will blow your mind away.

1. Nzulezu Ghana

We start off our tour with at Nzulezu, translated to English means ‘surface of water.’ It has been taunted as one of the great wonders of nature in Ghana. Imagine a village that has been built on top of a lake. If that isn’t mind blowing, picture a community has been living there for centuries. The Nzulezu village sits on stilts placed above a lagoon. It is the perfect blend of when nature comes into harmony with man. To give us the breath-taking scenery making it one of the beautiful places of Ghana.

12 most beautiful places in ghana to visit
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The village has been divided into two areas where one part hosts the hotels for tourists while the other area hosts residential areas, schools and businesses of the locals. The site is best for couples on their honeymoon or family on a retreat. The village has a serene environment surrounded by the forests making it a haven. The place is secluded from other areas and is perfect for people who are into adventures.

There are a lot of fun activities you can engage in Nzulezu such as swimming, diving, boat riding and sight-seeing. The locals are friendly people who are deeply rooted in their culture. You will learn a lot from them from their lifestyle including their way of dressing, type of food and activities they participate. All visitors of the place praise its unique serenity and ambiance. The place also hosts a variety of wild animals such as crocodiles, monkeys and the unique rainforest that covers the land.

2. Accra

Well you first have to tour the capital of Ghana before venturing into the other places in Accra. The city is steadily populated with over 2 million citizens and has been named as one of the safest cities for tourists in Africa. The town is a blend of the modern buildings with shanty towns and castles and the most noticeable are the hyped markets. The Makola market is an eye catch for many. It is always busy during peak and off-peak days. The place is usually crowded by business people selling different artifacts.

12 most beautiful places in ghana to visit
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Another noticeable land mark in Ghana is the James Fort situated in the suburbs of Jamestown. It used to a prison for slaves during the colonial times. It stayed a prison until a decade ago when the Government declared it a museum. It has one the strongest and oldest buildings that have stood the test of time. The dungeons are favorites for the tourists as it reveals the nature of how slavery was conducted in Accra.

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Another thing that makes Accra city one of the most beautiful places in Ghana are the long sandy beaches. There a host of favorite beaches such as the Labadi beach, Coco beach, and the Bojo beach as one of the most visited beaches in Accra. There are lot of fun activities you can engage in the beaches for you and your family. You can organize for boat rides, beach volleyball, and bon fires. You can also bask in the sun as your children play in the sand and make castles.

3. Paga Crocodile Pond

Locate in the north eastern border of Ghana. It is a haven for people who like to see crocodiles. The sacred crocodile sanctuary is another mystery of the beautiful places of Ghana. In this place your notion of crocodiles as wild and very dangerous wild animals will be put to shame. The crocodiles live in peaceful co-existence with the humans.

12 most beautiful places in Ghana to visit
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Many people around the worlds are amazed at the striking relationship the crocodiles, considered one of the deadliest animals in the world, have with the local people. Many tourists fly in to witness the rare occasion where humans and crocodiles can live in harmony. The crocodiles are well fed and protected from harm. You will be surprised to see some daring tourists who get up close and personal with the crocodiles to take pictures.

According to the people of Paga, it is a customary offence to hurt, harm or kill any of the crocodiles. Once the crocodiles have been fed, it is common to see the locals even sit on the backs of these deadly predators. Tourists can also participate in the feeding of the crocodiles. There is also another tourist attraction close by on the area like the Paga-Nania slave camp and the mystery dam of Kayoro and the Nasaga Game Reserve.

4. Kintampo Falls

Located in Kumasi, kintampo highway provides a scenic view of the beauty of nature. Set at 4 kilometers away from the Kintampo township on the Kumasi Tamale road, this is where the Pumpu river falls to a stretch of 70 meters to descend into an abyss only to later arise and continue with its journey into the Black Volta at Buipe. The Kintampo waterfall forms a beautiful and scenic staircase as they water descends and disappears and resurfaces 200 meters away from its original location.

12 most beautiful places in ghana to visit

The waterfall is formed by three man drops with the longest drop recording 82 feet. After a number of steps, the river cascades and falls about 70 meters. The place is well maintained surrounded by trees that make it scenic. You can enjoy the fresh air and the smell of nature that makes it a joy. You can also visit the Boambeng Fiema monkey sanctuary that is nearby the Brong Ahafo region.

5. Elmina and St George’s Castle

Elmina is a fishing town along the coast of Ghana. It is home to the St George Castle which is the biggest tourist attraction site in the area. It was erected by the Portuguese in 1842 but after 150 years later in the colonial era, it was captured by the Dutch. Later they made it the headquarters of the West Indies company for close to 250 years.

12 most beautiful places in ghana to visit

The site has a historical background at the era when gold exports were replaced by human slavery. The tunnels and dungeons vividly describe how the slavery was carried out. As part of the castle, there is a small museum which hold historical artifacts used in the colonial era. The magnificent white washed castle is a reminder of the history of Ghanaians and the struggles they faced at the hands of the colonialists.

Near the castle is the Fort St. Jago which lies in a lagoon from the castle. Another of the beautiful places of Ghana nearby the castle on the Central Western road is the Cape three point. It is a small peninsula in the Western Region of Akanland, West Africa. It forms the south tip of the Akanland which is located between the coastal towns of Dixcove and Princess Town. It is commonly referred to as the ‘land nearest nowhere’ since it is the nearest land locations in the sea which is at latitude 0, longitude 0 and at a distance of 570 kilometers.

6. Kokrobite Beach

Want to bask under the sun with your feet in the sand? Well Kokrobite is the place to be. Undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches around the coast. It is a 30 km ride away from the capital Accra. Another reason that makes it stand out from the rest of the beaches is the presence of the Academy of African Music and Art founded by drummer Mustapha Tettey Addy. The institution is an eye catch for drummers and dancers from all around the world.

12 most beautiful places in ghana to visit
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The beach has rooms for accommodation for visitors at reasonably fair prices. At the Music Academy or nearby is the Big Milly’s which has a restraint and a perfect view of the ocean. The long stride of the sandy beach is ideal for families and couples. There are many fun activities at the beach such as beach volleyball, surfing, basking and boat rides. The beach is lively during the night with bonfires and entertaining music provided by the Academy. It is the perfect place to relax with your loved ones.

The beach usually receives huge numbers of tourists flocking from all over Ghana and the world including volunteers, backpackers and local. They all come together to enjoy the food, bon fires, dance and music on the beach. However, during the month of May the local people observe the traditional festival of ‘Homowo’ during when the noise making and large social events are banned.

7. Busua Beach

Thinking of taking a boat ride in the Atlantic Ocean? Busua beach is synonymous with boat rides and paddling for the visitors. There are a host of many hotels around the beach for accommodation for visiting tourists. The prices vary with the hotels but they offer reasonable prices. The Busua Beach Resort is one of the notable hotels in the area with the Busua Inn and the African Rainbow resort.

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The hotels offer sumptuous sea foods ranging from lobsters, crabs and different kinds of fish prepared with the inquisition of a chef. Unlike other beaches, the Busua beach is less crowded by many people hence giving some privacy for tourists. The place is lively at night with bonfires and fun activities carried out by the locals.

8. Kakum National Park

If you are a fanatic of nature and wild animals, you will definitely have the best experience in the dense tropical national rain forest in the southern Ghana. The interesting fact about the park it was established by the outcry of the local people and not the local government. It is one of the three locations in Africa with a canopy walkway which stretches 350 meters which connects to seven tree tops which provides access to the forest.

12 most beautiful places in Ghana to visit
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The park has some of the endangered species of animals like the Diana species, giant bongo antelope, yellow backed duiker and the African elephant. It is also a sanctuary of birds recognized by the Bird Life International covering the park area. The park has over 266 different species of birds.

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It also has the Kakum river which runs through the park. In the center of the park is a restraint, lodge, picnic area and a campaign area. The place has educational benefits for the visitors and especially for children through the wildlife education center. The park is surrounded by over 33 villages and agricultural land where crops are grown. The park has also a moist forest and a swamp forest. The park has 115 species of plants made up of 57 trees.

9. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

The memorial park is one of the places to visit in Ghana Accra It was dedicated to the first president of Ghana and independence fighter and leader Kwame Nkrumah. The house is the resting place of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and his wife Fathia Nkrumah. It represents an upside-down sword in the Akan culture which is a symbol of peace. The mausoleum has been cemented from top to bottom with fine Italian marble with a black star at the top symbolizing unity.

12 most beautiful places in Ghana to visit
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Why we say it is one of beautiful places in Ghana is due to the skylight at the top which illuminates the grave and on occasions reflects off the marble further enhancing the beauty of the mausoleum that many people love. The interior is furnished with marble floor and a mastaban looking like a grave marker surrounded by river washed rocks.

It also houses some of the house and personal effects and publications of the first president of Ghana and pictures showing his history. Before entering the mausoleum, the walk way is beautified with two springs each with seven bare-chested, squatting statuettes of flute flowers who welcome the arrival of leaders of the world and other important personalities. The history behind the transitioning from Gold Coast to Ghana happened in the same area.

10. Mole National Park

Located in the north western part of Ghana is the largest wildlife park in Ghana. The park has two rivers; the ole and Lovi flowing through the park. The park is home to a huge population of elephants, hippos, buffalo and warthogs. It is also a preserve for antelope species like waterbuck, roan, oribi and the rare yellow backed duiker. It also hosts a variety of species of monkey like the olive baboons, green vervet, black and white colobus and the patas monkeys. There are also lions, hyenas, and leopards.

12 most beautiful places in ghana to visit
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It is a haven for birds having over 344 different species of birds. It also a host of 33 different species of reptiles. The tourists are offered tour guides and rides through the park. It is the best place to take your family for a walk-in nature. Close by is the Mole hotel which has accommodation comprised of chalets, single, double, three bedded family rooms and dormitory rooms for guests and a common room which overlooks an elephant bath and offers overnight accommodation and restraint facilities.

11. Lake Volta

Heard of the largest man-made lake on the planet? Well Lake Volta is one of the top 10 most beautiful places in Ghana. It also holds the record of the fourth largest water body in terms of volume. It was formed as a result of the construction of the Akosombo dam when the Volta River was dammed to produce hydroelectric power for Ghana. The size of the dam covers four distinct regions including the Volta, Easter, Brong-Ahafo and Northern Regions. Another amazing fact about the dam it’s that it covers 3.6% of the total land surface in Ghana.

12 most beautiful places in Ghana to visit
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There are a lot of fun activities to do at the Lake Volta including taking a cruise to the Dodi Island on the Dodi princess. There is also the Digya park which is home to indigenous species of birds, trees and endangered animals. You can also go for fishing in parts of the lake. You can also go for sight-seeing of the beautiful Akosombo dam. There are a host of hotels for accommodation ranging from exotic and luxurious ones to simple ones, each with a view of the wide dam.

12. Boti Forest Reserve, Koforidua

Located in the Manya Krobo district of the Eastern Region, Boti falls is the second most popular waterfall and the hallmark of the beautiful places to visit in Ghana. At the Boti forest reserve, there are two main falls; the upper falls and the lower falls. It is divided by the locals into the male and female part of the waterfalls. During the high rainfall season, the male and female section of the lower falls, meet at a mating point. Another thing that makes it the most beautiful places in Ghana is that a mating ceremony is crowned with the formation of a rainbow.

12 most beautiful places in ghana to visit

It is an hour drive from Accra, Ghana. There are plenty of fun activities in the Boti falls like taking a swim in the water, relaxing and enjoying the scenery and ambience of the place and with a guided tour of the Boti forest reserve around the Boti Falls. The Boti Forest reserve has different spies of birds and trees making it a haven for sight-seeing. The place is in a secure gated area with a picnic area for families.

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