Best action movies list and where to get them and watch

Best action movies list and where to get them and watch

Action movies are a fan favourite for many movie fanatics. There is just something exhilarating about watching Sylvester Stallone eliminate hundreds of enemies with unmatched combat skills and accuracy; where it seems like he is the only one not missing shots, even when all odds are stacked against him. That has to be one among the many reasons as to why action-type movies are the best.

What is the best action movie out? Why action movies are the best? If these are some of your recent searches on Google, stick with us, and by the end of this great read, you will have the answers to those questions.

Best action movies

What are the top 10 movies right now? Here is a list of the best of the best 2020 has to offer.

10. Birds of Prey

Runtime: 1h 49m | IMDb score 6.1/10

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Margot Robbie rarely disappoints. She plays Harley Quinn in this motion picture. After Harley Quinn and the Joker have an explosive break-up, the Joker puts a big price tag on her back. This leads to every criminal in town looking for her. Harley has to team up with Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoya, just to even the playing field.

9. VFW

Runtime: 1h 32m | IMDb score 6.1 /10

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A group of veterans are in a bar when suddenly a desperate young girl walks in. She has a bag of prohibited substances with her. The veterans are forced to protect her when a group of violent punks come looking for her.

8. Time to Hunt

Runtime 2h 14m : | IMDb score 6.2/10

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Three outlaws make a plan to leave their dystopian world for a paradise far away. They plan a money heist to do so and in the process, attract the attention of a vicious killer.

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7. Spenser Confidential

Runtime: 1h 51m | IMDb score 6.2/10

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What new action movies are on Netflix? If that is a question you've been asking then this is one of the new action movies on Netflix. Spenser, who is an ex-cop and an ex-con, teams up with his roommate and aspiring fighter to bring to justice a ring of dirty cops.

6. My Spy

Runtime: 1h 42m | IMDb score 6.2/10

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Just like the name suggests, this is a spy movie. A secret agent together with his partner is sent to spy on a particular family with the aim of trying to get some information from them. A nine-year-old girl from the family catches them doing that and blackmails the secret agent to teach her how to be a spy or she would expose them.

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This movie is a mixture of everything; it has action, crime, comedy and romance in it. If you were a fan of Dave Bautista from WWE, then you are in for a treat as he is the main actor of this movie.

5. The Hunt

Runtime: 1h 55m | IMDb score 6.4/10

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A group of strangers wake up only to find themselves in a clearing not knowing where they are, how they got there and what they are doing there. They come to find out that they are part of a dark internet conspiracy theory where some rich people hunt people for sport. One of the twelve decides to turn the tables, and soon the hunters become the hunted.

4. Sonic the Hedgehog

Runtime: 1h 40m | IMDb score 6.6/10

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90s’ children remember the cartoon version of this movie. Sonic is an alien who comes to hide on earth. He has the power of incredible speed. One day he attracts the attention of an evil scientist by the name Dr Robotnik when he accidentally knocks out the power grid. He has to stop this evil doctor as Dr Robotnik plans to use Sonic’s power to take over the world.

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3. Bad Boys for Life

Runtime: 2h 4m | IMDb score 6.7/10

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If you’ve seen Bad Boys and Bad Boys II, then you know Detective Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett never disappoint. In this movie, they are back for one last ride as they take on the son and ex-wife of a powerful Mexican drug lord who is after revenge on all the people who convicted him and Mike happens to be one of those sought after.

This movie has everything you need in a good action film; drama, betrayal, humour, action, good actors and an unforeseen twist. It is definitely worth your time.

2. The Call of the Wild

Runtime: 1h 40m | IMDb score 6.8/10

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This film is based on a novel with the same title. It is full of adventure as it revolves around a domestic dog named Buck, whose life takes a sudden change when he is uprooted from his home in California and taken to Alaska. The movie keeps you on edge as Buck tries to find his place in this unfamiliar place.

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1. Extraction

Runtime: 1h 57m | IMDb score 6.8/10

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Who said Chris Hemsworth could only act as Thor? This movie brings new light to him as he is a mercenary for hire who has nothing to lose. He is hired to rescue the son of an imprisoned crime lord, who is kidnapped by another drug lord from a different region. This film is action-filled as it seems as if Chris has to fight the whole city just to rescue the boy.

Which of these action movies was your favourite? Share with us in the comments section below.


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