Which is the most expensive college in the world? Top 10 list

Which is the most expensive college in the world? Top 10 list

Some colleges have an amazing reputation and a promising career for future graduates. However, not everyone with straight A’s and an overachieving history can get in. The tuition fee for the most expensive college in the world can make the most well-to-do families scratch their heads in disbelief.

Most expensive college in the world
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Quality education is undeniably a necessity if you need to pace your steps with the ever-changing world. However, it is undoubtedly not offered for free. In highly-acclaimed universities, you will have to part with a lot of money to undertake their specialized programs.

Most expensive college in the world

Many students choose to earn their degrees in the US because of the wide range of degree options. The country also has some of the highest tuition fees in the world. Here are 10 schools with the highest fees:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - US

MIT is one of the most expensive universities in the world. It offers need-blind admission to both domestic and international students. The annual fee is about $55,450 for undergraduate and $53, 450 for postgraduates courses.

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2. Stanford University - US

Stanford Univerisity offers need-blind admissions to US students only. Undergraduate programs are priced around $55,473 annually. This means that one will have to part with $18,491 per quarter. Other payments are as follows:

  • Postgraduate engineering - $57,861 yearly
  • Other postgraduate courses - $54,315
  • Summer optional tuition fees -$17,493.

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3. Harvard University - US

Most expensive college in the world
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Harvard University is one of the most famous institutions in the world. It is the third priciest college with a tuition fee of about $49,653 for undergraduates and $48, 008 for postgraduates.

The university provides more than 50% of its population with an aid. The scholarships are given on a basis of financial need. If your parents make less than $65,000 yearly, then you do not pay any fees.

4. California Institute of Technology - US

CalTech Institute of Technology is relatively cheaper compared to other expensive colleges in America. The university specializes in offering disciplines in the STEM group. The annual fee for an undergraduate student is about $54,570 plus a mandatory $2,292 to cater for health insurance.

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Postgraduates part with $52,506 plus a mandatory $2,031. To cover the costs of studying here, you can apply for internal or international grants, scholarships, loans, and a work-study program.

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5. University of Oxford - UK

The University of Oxford is the fifth college with the highest tuition fees. The fee paid is as follows:

  • UK and EU undergraduates - € 10, 430
  • International students - €27,280 and €36,065
  • UK and EU postgraduates - €7, 970 to 12,990
  • Other countries pay about €26,405

The institution has a reputation for churning out some of the genius minds in not only the United States but also the entire world.

6. ETH Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Switzerland

ETH Zurich is known for offering the best engineering and sciences courses. Home and international scholars pay the same amount of $1660. PhD students earn a salary of $48,777 in their first year. After registering for exams, you pay a tuition fee of about CHF 1,350 and CHF 37 to cater for the scholarship fund and ASVZ.

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7. University of Cambridge - UK

The United Kingdom’s University of Cambridge is one of the most expensive colleges. Undergraduate students part with €9,250 per year while international prices go as high as €22,227 to 59,038 for degree scholars. Scholarships to this top-notch university are offered by various bodies, agencies, UK government, international organizations, and home-country government.

most expensive college in the world
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8. Imperial College London - UK

Imperial College London is one of the most expensive colleges in the world. The school specializes in offering STEM, medicine, and FAME related studies. Most undergraduate courses cost between €31,750 to 33,000 annually. PhD students pay up to €32,000.

9. University of Chicago - US

The University of Chicago is a world-class research institution founded in 1890. The estimated annual fee structure for undergraduate and postgraduate courses is $57,642 and is $49,734 respectively. Students are considered for merit-based financial aid with no separate application required in this institution.

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10. University College London (UCL) - UK

Last on our list of the most expensive colleges in the world is UCL. Most undergraduate programs cost €9,250 for EU students and 31,270 for international learners. Postgraduate courses are priced at about 13,640 to €22,010 for locals and up to €28,410 for foreigners.

Their fees are fixed. This means that you will pay the same amount every year. A selection of bursaries and scholarships are offered for international students. There are also a variety of international bodies that offer UK scholarships.

Now you know the most expensive college in the world. When choosing an institution to study in, take into account the course you want to undertake and the surroundings you will feel comfortable in.

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