How much money does MrBeast have? Net worth and income sources

How much money does MrBeast have? Net worth and income sources

You won't miss an internet user who has not come across or heard of MrBeast. He runs one of the biggest YouTube channels in the world with more than 47 million subscribers. Considering his crazy antics and expensive videos, one of the major questions fans have been asking is, "How much money does MrBeast have?"

How much money does MrBeast have
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The online American entertainer is well-known for his creative and entertaining stunts on YouTube. His acrobatic display in his comedy-centric videos and his philanthropic life has captivated his fans’ hearts. Although his beginning was rough, after he found what works for him best and packaged them in his content, he has not stopped amazing his fans.

Some of his popular videos include counting from the number one to 100,000 in a single YouTube video, shooting a bullet, stopping the bullet with 10,000 pieces of paper, and donating money to attract Twitch streamers. The American YouTuber is managed by Night Media, a talent management and digital marketing agency that specializes in influencer marketing and others.

Who is MrBeast?

The online American entertainer's birth name is Jimmy Donaldson. He was born on the 7th of May, 1998. Newsweek reported that he dropped out of college to pursue his career as a YouTuber, full-time. His elder brother's name is CJ Donaldson, and he is also a YouTuber.

In 2011, at age 13, he created his first YouTube channel, which he named MrBeast6000. He started displaying content ranging from fun to stunts. At that time, his videos hardly hit 2,000 views as people did not find him entertaining enough or relate with most of the things he presented.

However, he did not allow those to discourage him but kept at it. Donaldson tried everything popular with the algorithm. He moved from Minecraft and Call of Duty Let's Plays to videos estimating the wealth of other YouTubers. Yet, his channel did not get the necessary attention he desired.

He finally got significant attention in January 2017 when he shared a video of himself counting to 100,000. The video went viral, and after some time, it recorded up to 200,000 views. Since that time, he has continued to attract lots of viewers to his content. As of December 2020, the American YouTuber has more than 47 million subscribers to his channel.

How much money does MrBeast have
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How much money does MrBeast get from YouTube?

MrBeast income per month is between $75,000 and $1.2 million. His major source of income comes from YouTube adverts. He has different sponsorships and partnerships from firms that are looking to take advantage of his channel's numbers.

More so, he earns from video sponsors like Quidd, TikTok, and CSGO Lotto. It may be quite surprising, but the online American entertainer also sells merchandise like Pants, T-shirts, and bags, among others.

With all of these streams of income, how much money does MrBeast make? Well, according to Social Blade, he makes around $2.5K to $40.1K daily and between $17.5K and $280.5K weekly.

Net worth

It has been estimated that the online American entertainer is one of the richest YouTubers in the world. Since he rose to fame through his content, he has been making a lot of money. Currently, MrBeast net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

This is possible through the career he has built in the entertainment industry. Some of the videos uploaded online are shot at MrBeast house in Greenville, North Carolina.

Moreover, he earns from different YouTube channels that he has created over time. So, how many YouTube channels does MrBeast have? His top five channels and the total subscribers are as follows:


Since the American YouTuber began his career, he has been nominated for different awards, most of which he won. In 2019 and 2020, he won the 9th and 10th Streamy Awards under the categories of Breakout Creator and Creator of the Year, respectively. Additionally, in 2020, at the 12th Annual Shorty Awards, he bagged the YouTuber of the Year award.

The story of the online American entertainer's success is a result of his dedication, diligence, and creativity. Although he did not come from a wealthy family, he has done well for himself. He once noted that every dollar he has made in his life comes from YouTubing. So, if you are wondering, "How much money does MrBeast have?" you should know the answer by now.

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