Bishop Salifu Amoako: 5 interesting facts you should know

Bishop Salifu Amoako: 5 interesting facts you should know

Bishop Salifu Amoako is a contemporary prophet whose ministry is based in Kumasi. He began his ministry by forming a small fellowship. The organisation grew, and with time, became a ministry named the “Jesus is Alive Ministry”. The ministry continued to get bigger until finally, it metamorphosized into the Alive Chapel International church. The church was inaugurated on 10th January 1998 in Accra.

Bishop Salifu Amoako
Bishop Salifu Amoako during the speech. Photo: @BishopElishaSalifuAmoako
Source: Facebook

Elisha Salifu Amoako ministries emphasize the ministry of angels to humans. Bishop Elisha believes that angels are vehicles for the supernatural occurrences in human beings’ lives. He also believes that God will use angels as instruments in the accomplishment of His end-time prophecies.

5 interesting facts about prophet Elisha Salifu Amoako

While the prophet is famous for his various prophecies and church practices, not much is known about him from before that. The prophet has a backstory that most people do not know about. His life story is proof that anyone can find salvation. Here are 5 interesting facts about the famous prophet.

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1. He was born into a Muslim family

Bishop Elisha Salifu Amoako was born in 1966 and raised in Kumasi. His family was not well off and therefore could not afford to educate him when he came of age. Therefore, Bishop Elisha stayed at home while the other children of his age had started schooling. When his parents could afford to take him to school, Elisha was way older than the other students in his class.

2. He dropped out of school

Due to him being older than his classmates, the prophet suffered from embarrassment and bullying. It is common knowledge that some people do not react very well to those who are different.

Unable to handle this, Bishop Amoako chose to drop out of school. He turned to smoking, drinking, and even robbery. Anyone who saw him couldn’t have predicted that his life would take the path that it did.

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3. He stoned Evangelist Akwesi Amoako

Bishop Salifu Amoako
Bishop Salifu Amoako. Photo: @BishopElishaSalifuAmoako
Source: Facebook

During his wild days, Salifu and his friends decided to attend a crusade. Evangelist Akwesi Amoako had held a crusade in the community which was mainly Muslim. When Salifu and his friends got there, they decided to throw stones at the man of God while he was preaching the gospel.

When the Evangelist saw them, he stated that the boys should repent all they would all die very soon. Of course, the boys did not take him seriously. However, when two of his friends died in three months, Salifu decided to repent and give his life to Christ.

4. He became Evangelist Amoako’s godson

After Elisha Salifu Amoako confession, he joined the local Assemblies of God Church at Bantama, Kumasi. However, he didn't pass there a lot of time. The church mostly used the English language, which was not conducive for Amoako who did not have much schooling.

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He looked for a church which suited him better and decided to join Evangelist Akwesi Amoako’s church, Resurrection Power Evangelistic Ministry at Santasi. This evangelist is the very same one Salifu threw stones at. The church used Twi as the main mode of communication.

Prophet Salifu Amoako dedicated himself to the church and even did all sorts of menial jobs around the church. He also decided to help out his pastor by doing the evangelist’s house chores. Sensing the budding prophet’s dedication, Evangelist Akwesi decided to invite him to live in his house. The evangelist became Salifu’s mentor.

5. Amoako is not his birth name

At birth, bishop Amoako’s last name was Alhassan. However, after he started living with the evangelist, he decided to add “Amoako” as his last name. The name was not all that the evangelist left him.

Bishop Salifu Amoako states that he had an experience with his mentor a week before he died. Before his death, Evangelist Amoako laid hands-on Salifu and prophesied that the anointing on him would be transferred to Salifu.

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After his death, Elisha was devastated and withdrew into a room to pray. In the course of this prayer, God confirmed that the prophecy would come to pass.

Bishop Salifu Amoako is one of the most famous evangelists in the country. Most people do not know anything else about the man of God. These interesting facts about him will give you a peek into his life. has a list of 4 interesting facts about Mary J Blige. Mary J Blige has been running the R&B/Hip-Hop Soul game for a while now, and now she's turned 50 years old.

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