The top 15 rare Squishmallows: A list of the most popular plush (with pictures)

The top 15 rare Squishmallows: A list of the most popular plush (with pictures)

Squishmallows are extraordinarily squishy characters akin to pillows. They make adorable travel supports as well as wonderful bedtime companions. Squishmallows have a texture similar to marshmallows and are squishy and lighter in weight, making them ideal for hugging. There are many adorable squishy characters, but what are the rare Squishmallows?

Rare Squishmallows: Lenora the Loon (L), Connor the Cow (C), and Avery the Dark (R)
Squishmallows offer the best travel support and are easily huggable. Photo: @vonsmallows, @_zebracake, @stitch_witches on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC


We compiled this list of rare Squashmallows using data from Fandom, Amazon, and other publicly available sources. The research concentrated on the most selling Squishmallows globally, chosen based on price, quality, and availability. Publicly available information on the Squishmallow's personality was also evaluated.

Top 15 rare Squishmallows

The popularity of Squishmallows transcends age boundaries despite their initial target audience being younger people. These Squishmallows have become cult favourites, each with a unique background story.

No. SquishmallowType
1. Jack the CatCat
2. Avery the DuckMallard (Duck)
3. Blossom the SheepSheep
4. Patty the CowCow
5. Gertrude the GooseGoose
6. Philippe the FrogFrog
7. Fania the Purple Owl Owl
8. Santino the PlatypusPlatypus
9. Lenora the LoonLoon
10. Connor the CowCow
11. Celine the HenChicken
12. Jackie the Purple TulipTulip
13. Brigita the CheetahCheetah
14. Louisa the PenguinPenguin
15.Daxxon the Purple AlienAlien

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1. Jack the Cat

Jack the Cat is sitting on a couch, and she is in a bookstore
Jack the Cat has a 500 golden tag on her right ear. Photo: @ebay, @squishmallows on X(Twitter) (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: 3 years and up
  • Size: 12", 16"
  • Colour: Black
  • Type: Cat

Jack is a pure-black cat with white whiskers and closed eyes. His mouth and nose have a light pink colour. A unique 500 tag, fashioned like a heart and made of gold, is fastened to his right ear.

Although Jack is robust and reserved, you can always count on him. He has no problem standing up for his peers or himself. Though he enjoys cuddling, he can be a little brave at times. Jack believes that people should constantly offer assistance and enjoys giving back to others.

2. Avery the Duck

Avery the Duck is sitting on a green and white carpet, and she is on a chair
Avery the Duck is a mallard duck with a green and brown body. Photo: @squishmallows on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: 3 years and up
  • Size: 2", 2.5", 3.5", 5", 7", 7.5", 8", 10", 12", 16", 24"
  • Colour: Green, brown
  • Type: Mallard (Duck)

Avery is a duck with a brown body and an emerald green head that are divided by a white stripe on his neck. He has a paler tan-coloured tummy and fluffy brown wings that match the colour of his body.

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His small beak is bright yellow, and his big, black eyes are ringed with white. Avery plays rugby for the Squishmallows as a left winger and hopes to become a coach.

3. Blossom the Sheep

Blossom the Sheep is sitting on dark and light grey couches
Blossom the Sheep has a rainbow between her tan hooves and legs. Photo: @depop, @ebay (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: ‎3 months and up
  • Size: 8", 16"
  • Colour: White
  • Type: Sheep

Blossom is a white sheep with white inner ears and a yellowish-brown face. She is carrying a rainbow between her tan hooves and white legs. She has a heart-shaped nose, short lashes, closed eyes, and a cat-like grin.

4. Patty the Cow

Patty the Cow is on a grey background, and she is sitting on a wooden floor
Patty the Cow has a pink and purple body and two triangular horns. Photo: @commerce on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: ‎36 months – 8 years
  • Size: 2", 5", 7", 8", 16"
  • Colour: Pink, purple
  • Type: Cow

Patty's skin tone is predominantly pastel pink, with hints of lavender purple on her right ear and bottom left side. She has wide black eyes and tiny triangular horns. She has white on her muzzle, horns, and the insides of her ears.

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The most visited booth at the springtime farmer's market belongs to Patty's family. She enjoys helping people but also stomping in puddles after work.

5. Gertrude the Goose

Gertrude the Goose is being lifted by two ladies hands
Gertrude the Goose has two fluffy grey wings. Photo: @pinkcrayonsquish, @honeyplushiez on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: ‎3 – 4 Years
  • Size: 2.5", 7"
  • Colour: Black, grey
  • Type: Goose

Gertrude is an aquatic goose that is black, white, and grey. Her fluffy grey wings contrast with her black head with a white stripe. Her body is grey, her belly white. Her eyes are round, black with a white rim, and she has a light grey beak.

Despite her reputation as a boss, Gertrude genuinely enjoys helping others. Leading study groups for important exams is something she enjoys doing. She occasionally laughs so hard that water shoots out of her nose!

6. Philippe the Frog

Philippe the Frog squishmallow is sitting on a brown chair and she is lying on a square patterned background
Philippe the Frog squishmallow has a green body and white belly. Photo: @ebay (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: 0 months and up
  • Size: 2", 8", 16"
  • Colour: Green
  • Type: Frog

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Philippe has a green body and a white belly. He has black eyes with white rims that sit atop his head. He sports a pale pink, glittering heart on each cheek and large nostrils over his smiling mouth.

Philippe and his buddies, notably Marco, like to play a good game of hopscotch. In addition, he enjoys capturing photos, which he plans to do on Valentine's Day with his loved ones.

7. Fania the Purple Owl

Fania, the Purple Owl, is lying on a white and wooden background
Fania the Purple Owl has a shiny pink crown at the top of her head. Photo: @commerce, @marketplace on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: 6 months – 3 years
  • Size: 3.5", 16"
  • Colour: Purple
  • Type: Owl

Fania is a strikingly purple owl with noticeable tufts on her ears. Slightly egg-shaped white spots surround her eyes. She also has bright purple feathers scattered across a white tummy. Her eyes are closed and joyful, her lashes curled, and her beak is bright and triangular.

On top of her head, she has a shiny pink crown. She enjoys reading fairy tales about regal characters and sometimes even sees herself as the hero princess!

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8. Santino the Platypus

Santino the Platypus is on a tree branch, and she is on a green grass
Santino the Platypus has a brown body, white belly and dark brown bill. Photo: @squixhmyash, @squishmallowsofaotearoa on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: 0 months and up
  • Size: 2", 12", 14"
  • Colour: Brown
  • Type: Platypus

Santino has a white belly and is a brown platypus. His beak is duck-like and deeper brown. He has broad, dark eyes and a rotund tail to swim and maintain balance. Santino's father taught him the perfect way to add blueberries to pancakes, and it shows in the delicious pancakes he prepares.

Santino enjoys playing soccer and hopes to play goalie professionally one day when he's not cooking pancakes. Santino also wants surprises and frequently organises surprise parties for his pals. He leaps through the air, catching his enemies off guard and putting a bear grip on them.

9. Lenora the Loon

Lenora the Loon is standing next a water bodies
Lenora the Loon Squishmallow is a black, white and grey aquatic bird. Photo: @brooke.collects on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: 0 months and up
  • Size: 3.5", 7", 12"
  • Colour: Black, grey
  • Type: Loon

Lenora is an aquatic bird, a loon with black, white, and grey colouring. She has fluffy black wings and a black skull. Her body is speckled and grey, with a white belly. She has a collar-like white neck decorated with vertical black lines.

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Her eyes are round, black, and have a pink rim. Her beak is pale grey. She hails from a line of talented singers but struggles to fit in since she lacks tone. She wishes to form a rock band to maintain her distinctive singing style.

10. Connor the Cow

Connor the Cow has tag on her right side and she is standing next to a black cat
Connor the Cow has a black and white body. Photo: @mercari, @mannyhalloweencat on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: 3 years and up
  • Size: 2", 2.5", 3.5", 4", 4.5",5", 7", 7.5", 8", 12", 16", 24"
  • Colour: Black, white
  • Type: Cow

Connor's skin tone is predominantly white, with black areas on his left ear and lower right side. He has wide black eyes and small light yellow horns. His muzzle and the recesses of his ears are pale pink.

Connor is a very talented athlete! He is always out and about on his bike! Cowlifornia is the most fabulous destination he has ever travelled to!

11. Celine the Hen

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Celine the Hen is on a grey couch, and she is on a wooden table
Celine the Hen Squishmallow has a red crimson comb on the top of her head. Photo: @squishmallowcousins on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: 0 months and up
  • Size: 12"
  • Colour: Brown
  • Type: Chicken

Celine is a small-winged, light-brown chicken with a beautiful white belly. On top of her head, there's a crimson comb. Her beak is pale orange, and her eyes are round and black. She is a more compassionate Squishmallow who aspires to assist everyone in need.

Upon growing up, Celine hopes to work for the foundation her aunt works for, which supports Squishmallows around the globe.

12. Jackie the Purple Tulip

Jackie the Purple Tulip on a leather couch and her with a winking eye
Jackie the Purple Tulip has a purple and green body. Photo: @WorthPoint, @commerce on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: ‎12 years and up
  • Size: 5", 8", 12", 16", 20"
  • Colour: Purple, green
  • Type: Tulip

Jackie is a purple tulip bloom. Her petals transition from a dark purple base to a lighter purple colour. Two big pale green leaves cup the bottom portion of her torso. Her lips are smiling, and her eyes are round and dark with short lashes.

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Jackie enjoys shopping vintage, and anytime the three of them go on a trip, they go on a throwback hunt. They just discovered hot pink fuzzy phones with light-up features.

13. Brigita the Cheetah

Brigita the Cheetah is on a white background, and she is standing against a yellow wall
Brigita the Cheetah has a white belly and tan nose and mouth. Photo: @Depop, @walmartimages (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: ‎0 months and up
  • Size: 16"
  • Colour: Green, beige
  • Type: Cheetah

Brigita resembles a cheetah. She has a beige border and light green specks over her white coat. Her mouth and nose are tan, forming a heart, and she has a white tummy and snout. Her inner ears are also a shimmering gold.

Her lashes frame her dark eyes with small white spots around them. Brigita has a ladybird bathrobe that dances and adores bagels and ladybirds. She prepares the same daily breakfast—a delicious green smoothie and a peanut butter bagel. She enjoys dancing to music in her pyjamas as she prepares breakfast.

14. Louisa the Penguin

Louisa the Penguin is held on women's hands
Louisa the Penguin has a lovely silver tiara on the top of her head. Photo: @novamallow, @discowafflecute on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: ‎24 months and up
  • Size: 5", 7", 14", 20"
  • Colour: Rainbow, tie-dye
  • Type: Penguin

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Louisa is a rainbow penguin with white on her face and belly that has been tie-dyed. Her eyes are round and black, and have short lashes. She has a huge yellow beak. She is adorned with a glittering silver tiara with enormous, fleecy wings.

Skiing is the preferred means of transportation for this penguin princess. Louisa is easily identifiable from a distance thanks to her glittery snowsuits and vibrant pink skis.

15. Daxxon the Purple Alien

Daxxon the Purple Alien is on a grey and white background
Daxxon the Purple Alien has a blue and purple body and a light purple belly. Photo: @ebay, @SILiquidatio on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Recommended age: ‎3 years and up
  • Size: 2", 5", 8", 12", 16"
  • Colour: Purple, blue, tie-dye
  • Type: Alien

Daxxon is an alien with a galaxy print in purple and blue. He has a white pattern of stars all over his body. His torso and antennae are likewise covered in dark purple speckles. He has a plain, happy face and a belly that is a light purple colour.

Daxxon has come a long way to join the Squishmallows Squad. While travelling through a different galaxy, he ran into his closest buddy, Rudy—these best friends like playing superheroes and saving the day in their imaginary worlds.

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What are squishmallows made of?

Squishy marshmallows are constructed of soft spandex and packed with polyester fibre. Why are squishmallows so popular? Squishmallows make adorable travel supports as well as wonderful bedtime companions. They are incredibly plush, cuddly, and attractive.

Where are Squishmallows sold?

Squishmallows are available at major online and specialised retailers, including Amazon, Learning Express, Walgreens, Costco, Five Below, and many others!

Why are squishmallows so expensive?

Squishmallows are pricey because of their high-quality materials, elaborate designs, licensing costs, and tremendous popularity.

Above is a list of the rare squashmallows. Because of the warmth they provide and their outgoing personalities, certain Squishmallows quickly sold out and became known as the "rare ones." Jack the Black Cat is the rarest Squishmallow. It is the initial limited edition of Squishmallow, with just 500 copies produced. released a fantastic list of the most iconic white-haired anime characters ever. White-haired anime characters are reasonable, focused, humble, and selfless. They have remarkable abilities since the shade of white denotes virtues.

Some of the most recognisable anime characters have the most distinct hairstyles. Their hair colour, texture, and appearance might help them stand out. Check out the article for some of the well-known white-haired characters.


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