Daniel Pitout: 5 facts you didn't know about Nu Sensae drummer

Daniel Pitout: 5 facts you didn't know about Nu Sensae drummer

There are some peculiar traits about the South African-born and Toronto-residing musician Daniel Pitout, action and hatred for idleness. As an essential personality and drummer for the popular Canadian group Nü Sensae, there is no doubt about his energy and intense work ethic.

Daniel Pitout
Nu Sensae drummer, Daniel Pitout. Photo: @GAYLETTER
Source: Facebook

Daniel Pitout is not just a drummer for Nü Sensae but also a singer and songwriter. He became very famous for songs likes Eat Your Mind and Spit Gifting. Apart from his interest in music, he has never been reserved about being straight or gay.

Top five facts you didn't know about Daniel

The Nu Sensae drummer is a very tall and handsome South African professional musical artist. He is part of the trio of the Canadian singing group, Nü Sensae. He started his professional music career with the group in 2008, and ever since then, they have been producing lively and incredible songs for their followers.

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1. He is still single

Daniel Pitout girlfriend's identity is yet to be unveiled, and that is because the drummer is yet to say his vows, even at age 40. What sounds mysterious is that there is no history about his past relationship. On several occasions, when asked about his relationship, he usually provides no answer.

2. Daniel Pitout is gay

The professional drummer has never shied away from the public about his sexuality. Severally, he has affirmed that he is gay and proud to be called one. This fact may be why he has no girlfriend and has not considered settling down.

It is important to note that the Nu Sensae drummer has been featured severally in gay publications or magazines for his work in AIDS activism. The professional drummer is known to be the founder of the AIDS Day Music Project and was even named one of the most eligible gay bachelors of 2013 by OUT magazine.

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3. He started Nü Sensae with Andrea Lukic

In 2008, the drummer and Andrea started the popular singing group Nü Sensae. They have since produced several songs in various musical concepts. However, they released their first album, TV, Death, and The Devil, in 2010. Fans and followers loved the songs, and it granted them the opportunity of receiving more invitations to shows.

After releasing their first album, Nü Sensae gave a public announcement about guitarist Brody McKnight as an additional band member in September 2011. The trio went on to release the second album, Sundowning, in 2012.

Daniel Pitout
Daniel acting as Orville Peck. Photo: @orvillepeck
Source: Instagram

4. Pitout has an impressive net worth

The professional drummer started his musical career in 2008, and since then, he has released several musical albums and solos. Currently, Daniel Pitout net worth is estimated to be more than $1.2 million.

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5. Daniel Pitout is Orville Peck

Orville Peck is a famous masked country singer in Toronto. Throughout his stage outlook, his identity has been hidden and kept under wraps. However, his face may be wrapped, but his body's tattoo is enough to tell his actual identity.

Daniel Pitout and Orville Peck have the same body tattoo, which proves that they are one person. Daniel Pitout tattoos have always stood out in his public appearances.

Other clues, apart from Daniel Pitout pictures comparisons, are that he glorified Orville Peck on his Facebook and Twitter, as did Nu Sensae. He also gave some attributed praises on Orville Peck's AllMusic page. Therefore, the conclusion is that the drummer Daniel Pitout of Nu Sensae is Orville Peck.

Presently, Daniel Pitout lives in America, and he is studying music to gain ground further and do better in his chosen career. As a co-founder of the Nü Sensae music band, the Nu Sensae drummer has shown that music is part of his life.

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There are also a few things said about Seth Bogart and Daniel Pitout. In one of Hairdresser Blues' press releases, Seth Bogart commended the Nu Sensae drummer for his capability and high proficiency with the drum. The press release also talked more about how Seth Bogart has been the sole writer of his songs.

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