Man Accused of Stealing Dog Bumps Into TV Crew Reporting on Its Disappearance, Gets Arrested

Man Accused of Stealing Dog Bumps Into TV Crew Reporting on Its Disappearance, Gets Arrested

- A reporter and her cameraman spotted a dog, with the same similarities as one that was reported stolen, with a man in the streets

- They approached him only to realise it was the missing dog and tried their best to find out how he got it and why he did not report

- The accused claimed it was a mistake but was arrested and charged

A Boston, US TV crew reporting on a stolen dog was surprised to bump into the man accused of stealing it while the dog was in his possession and even interviewed him.

TV Crew Bump into Man Accused of Kidnapping Dog, Help Get Him Arrested
Reporter Juliana Mazza with Titus the dog and the accused kidnapper in the first frame, The dog's owner hugging his dog in the second frame. Photo: WHDH-TV/@julianamazzatv.
Source: Twitter

WHDH-TV reporter Juliana Mazza and her camera person were out covering the disappearance of a 13-months-old German Shorthaired Pointer that had gone missing from the owner's car at a parking lot.

When they spotted the accused, they realised that the dog, Titus, was actually the one reported missing and decided to innocently record the moment and later asked him how he found it.

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The accused claimed he spotted it in the car and thought it needed help, adding it was a mistake that it was being called theft.

Asked why he never returned Titus to the owner, he claimed his phone was broken and could not contact anyone even though the dog had a collar with the owner's phone number.

Cops arrived on the scene and rescued the dog, which was picked by the real owner, who arrived minutes after being notified that it had been found.

The accused dog thief, identified as Kyle Gariepy, was arrested and, according to WCVB-TV, charged with committing a felony and stealing over KSh 129k.

In another dog-related story, a few months back, two dogs helped save their owner from an attack after he was ambushed by armed robbers while heading back home.

According to reports, the man visited a bank before going home after he withdrew his salary.

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It appears the suspects then followed 58-year-old Lood De Jager home, where they then robbed him.

However, in the footage, one of his dogs named Nicky tried to save her owner by attacking the armed robber.

Sadly, Nicky got shot in the process, but she managed to survive.


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