List of Oti Region districts and their capitals in 2021

List of Oti Region districts and their capitals in 2021

Before the 2016 Ghanaian general election, the then-presidential candidate Nana Akufo-Addo promised to bring the government closer to the citizens. He pledged that he would create new regions out of the existing areas. Oti Region is one of the six new regions created in December 2018 as a fulfilment of this campaign promise. Due to this, most people are not very familiar with Oti Region districts and their capitals.

Oti Region districts
Dr Mahamudu Bawumia participates in the durbar of chiefs in his tour of the Oti Region. Photo: @Mbawumia
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Oti Region has eight districts. It is bordered to the north by the Northern Region, the south by the Volta Region and the west by the Volta lake. This region is located to the North of Ghana, which means it is much drier than the other areas to the south. The vegetation is mostly savanna with clusters of drought-resistant trees.

What are the tribes in Oti Region of Ghana?

There are several ethnic groups in Oti Region. Evidence of this is visible in how the area's capital city, Dambai, is made up. The tribes that can be found in Dambai include the Nchumuru, Zabarama, Hausa, Kotokoli, Ewe, Konkomba, Basari, and the Fulani. As a result of this, the languages spoken in Oti Region vary widely. This depends on which area is densely populated by which tribe.

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What are the districts in Oti region?

Oti Region is divided into eight districts, and each of them has a capital town. The capital city of Oti Region is known as Dambai. Dambai is located to the east of the Oti River, which is a tributary of Volta Lake. If you want to know more about the districts, here is a list for you.

1. Biakoye District

Biakoye District is located in the southern part of the Oti Region. The capital town of this district is Nkonya Ahenkro. The district was carved out of the former Jasikan district in 2007 when it was established by Legislative Instrument. The major agricultural activities in this district are food crop production, cash crop production, livestock, and fishing.

Tourism is also a booming industry in the region. One of the main tourist attraction sites in the area are the tombs of unknown Germans who died during the colonial period. Other sites include the Kabo Forest Reserve, the Monkey Sanctuary Island, the Volcanic Lake and the Volta Lake.

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2. Jasikan District

Jasikan District is one of the main districts of the original Volta Region of Ghana. The district has begotten three districts so far, Kadjebi, Nkwanta and, Biakoye. Jasikan is one of the major agricultural areas in Oti since most of the local population are farmers.

The district receives high annual rainfall, which supports its forests and the savannah. The agricultural activities in the region include food, cash, plantation and industrial crop production. This makes agriculture the primary source of employment and income in the area.

3. Kadjebi District

Kadjebi District is one of the eight districts that make up this region. It was initially part of the Jasikan District until it was created in 1989. Its capital town is called Kadjebi. It is bordered to the north by Nkwanta South, to the east by Krachi East and the south by Jasikan district.

4. Krachi East Municipal District

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list of towns in oti region
Dambai, the capital town of Oti region. Photo: @Hitz1039FM
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This district was formerly part of the then larger Krachi District, which was split into its several components in 2004. In 2018, the district was elevated to municipal district assembly status hence its name. The capital town of Krachi East Municipal District is Dambai.

The district is located in the transitional zone. This means that the municipality experiences mixed climatic conditions, which have both advantages and disadvantages. The district also takes advantage of its strategic location to invest in gateway programs to northern and southern Ghana.

5. Krachi West District

When the larger Krachi district was split into two in 2004, the other part was called Krachi West District. It is located in the northern part of Oti, and the capital town is Kete Krachi. It is bounded to the east by the Oti River, to the north by Krachi Nchumuru and to the south and west by Volta Lake.

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6. Krachi Nchumuru District

In 2012, the Krachi West district that was created in 2004 was further split into two. The upper part was named Krachi Nchumuru District, and the other part retained the name Krachi West. The capital town of this district is Chinderi. The major settlements in this district include Chideri, Banda, Borae, Bejamse, and Akaniem.

7. Nkwanta North District

In 2008, the northern part of the more extensive Nkwanta District was split into two. This created Nkwanta North District. The location of the district is in the north of the region, and the capital town is called Kpassa. Due to the division of the district, the people of Nkwanta North have been able to receive more personalized care.

8. Nkwanta South Municipal

The southern part of Nkwanta District was carved out and became Nkwanta South District. The administrative capital of this district is Nkwanta. The district status was changed to municipal district assembly status in 2017.

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Oti Region is one of the regions that were newly formed in 2018. The formation was a result of the new presidency trying to bring the government closer to the people. Creating a new region meant that some of the old districts had to be split and renamed to be part of Oti. This list of Oti Region districts and their capitals has all this information. recently published an article about the Upper East Region districts and their capital towns. There are 15 of them, and each of them has its administrative capital.

The Upper East Region districts remain part of the regions in Ghana that is agriculturally endowed. Although the climatic condition can be relatively dry, the region's endowments make it a place worth staying, especially for farmers or those who look forward to picking a career in the agricultural sector.

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