‘Mr Deadline’: Incredibly Hardworking Man Bags 2 Degrees in a Year

‘Mr Deadline’: Incredibly Hardworking Man Bags 2 Degrees in a Year

- A Nigerian man has just bagged 2 degrees from the University of Pretoria

- The law student worked odd jobs at a car wash to support his studies, before eventually landing a full university scholarship

- The inspirational young man shared his advice for all the students just like him

Dr Mutu is one of the hundreds of students who graduated during the Autumn 2021 graduation session at the University of Pretoria. What makes him stand out is that he completed not one but two degrees in 2020 – his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree with UNISA and his Doctor of Philosophy (Law) from UP.

‘Mr Deadline’: Incredibly Hardworking Man Bags 2 Degrees in a Year
Dr Tutu is one inspirational man. Images: UGC
Source: UGC

For the new graduate, a good education has always validated his belief in the ability for knowledge to turn life around, and Dr Tutu reiterates that he's most grateful for his strong support system.

My parents were not educated. However, I was inspired by my niece who also has a PhD and her husband is a medical doctor. She supported me from the beginning when I first came into the country and began my academic journey.”he said of his encouraging family.

The determined young man does not come from a stable financial background but definitely did not dwell on the negatives of his situation. The Nigerian immigrant refused to be discouraged, instead taking on odd jobs like car washing to bravely support his own studies.

“Most often I finished my studies for the day at 16:00. After that, I would go to the car wash to wash cars until probably around 19:00 before going home.”

The pay was meagre. Customers paid R30 to R40 to have their cars washed, and he received half.

“At the end of the week, whatever I can raise from the car wash is paid into my University of Pretoria student account.”

However, Tutu's hard work was eventually rewarded as soon his excellent academic performance bagged the stellar student a fulls scholarship from the university.

The inspirational young man has this advice for any students hoping to change their own circumstances:

“My advice to anyone contemplating coming to further their study at the UP is that the university will give you the opportunity to excel and at the same time, it will challenge you. You just have to be mentally and physically prepared for the journey ahead. The end is always rewarding.”

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh previously reported that a local woman has inspired Mzansi with some serious throwback pictures. The PhD graduate has come a long way since her school uniform days, but is definitely not embarrassed about her humble beginnings.

Twitter user @think_academics shared the sweet then and now snaps. In one image it's clear the uniformed little girl still has a lot to learn about self-confidence. In the next, the self-assured young woman is ready to take on the world.

"Never look down upon your humble beginnings...Refuse to count yourself out...Keep pushing...it will end in Congratulations. Dreams do come true!" she captioned the heartfelt post.

Mzansi took to the comments section, sharing heartfelt congratulatory messages. Check out some of the comments below:

@REAL_est2020 said:

"Thank you for all that you do and continue to inspire our future leaders!"

@CollenRapolai wrote this heartfelt message:

"Graduation season. A role model to kids....and myself"

@Nadatywabi said:

"Can’t get over these pictures. Umhle ukufa my lover"

@zaniluv humorously said:

" "With aromat (aka the red gown)"....Congratulations Darling!! It was all worth it"

@_PreciousMdluli said:

"I can now call you Sesi Dr Sine. Congratulations mama!"

Source: YEN.com.gh

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