Sunyani Technical University courses, fees and admission requirements

Sunyani Technical University courses, fees and admission requirements

At its inception in November 1967, Sunyani Technical University (STU) was a technical Institute. It was upgraded to the status of a University in January 1997. This upgrade aimed to ensure the institution provides career-focused training at the tertiary level. Check out the available Sunyani Technical University courses and admission requirements.

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Sunyani Technical University is a public tertiary institution in the Bono Region of Ghana. Photo: @stughana (modified by author)
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Sunyani Technical University is one of the leading institutions of higher learning. The institution offers various programs to develop creativity, innovation, and practical life skills.

Sunyani Technical University courses and cut-off points

Sunyani Technical University has set itself apart by providing non-tertiary programs in technical and vocational courses.

What is the cut-off point for Sunyani Technical University?

Aspiring students must meet specific academic criteria to gain admission to Sunyani Technical University. For WASSCE, a minimum of 36 credit passes is required, while for SSCE, 24 credit passes are necessary.

These credit passes indicate proficiency in the required subjects and serve as a benchmark for eligibility. Thus, prospective applicants need to attain at least these prescribed marks in their relevant subjects to be considered for admission to the university.

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Sunyani Technical University courses

STU offers over 40+ degree programmes, eight graduate programmes, and 20+ HND programmes. It has four faculties, namely:

  • Faculty of Applied Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Built Environment and Applied Art
  • Faculty of Business and Management Studies
  • Faculty of Engineering

Here are some of the programmes available for interested applicants.

Bachelor programmes

  • Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Fashion Design Technology
  • Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Construction Technology

Sunyani Technical University HND courses

  • HND Accountancy
  • HND Accounting Technology
  • HND Marketing
  • HND Purchasing and Supply
  • HND Secretaryship and Management Studies
  • HND Civil Engineering
  • HND Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • HND Materials Engineering
  • HND Mechanical Engineering
  • HND Building Technology
  • HND Ceramic Arts
  • HND Fashion Design Technology
  • HND Textiles Technology
  • HND Interior Design and Technology
  • HND Computer Science
  • HND Dispensing Technician
  • HND General Agriculture
  • HND Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management
  • HND Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

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STU graduates
STU was established as a Technical Institute in 1967. Photo: @stughana (modified by author)
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Diploma programmes

  • Diploma in Computerised Accounting
  • Diploma in Banking Technology & Accounting (DBTA)
  • Diploma in Electronic Marketing
  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Diploma in Public Relations
  • Diploma in Procurement & Materials Management
  • Diploma in Business Studies

Sunyani Technical University fees

The school fees at Sunyani Technical University vary depending on the course and level of academic learning. All students get their fee structures before the beginning of a new academic year. If you want to enrol in a course, you can contact the institution to inquire about its current fee structure.

What are the entry requirements for Sunyani Technical University?

Sunyani Technical University aims to provide advanced education in various disciplines, including engineering, science, technology, applied arts, and other related fields. The basic STU admission requirements for undergraduate applicants include:

  • Those who have completed SSSCE must have credit passes (A-D) in English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated Science, along with credit passes (A-D) in three elective subjects relevant to their chosen program of study.
  • WASSCE holders should have credit passes (A1-C6) in English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated Science and credit passes (A1-C6) in three elective subjects relevant to their intended program.
  • Certificate II applicants need passes in six subjects, comprising three core subjects (English, Mathematics, and Integrated Science), plus three passes in relevant elective subjects.
  • Individuals with an HND in the relevant program area will commence at level 300.
  • Applicants with credit in at least five subjects at the GCE' O' Level (or equivalent), including English and Mathematics, plus at least two passes in subjects relevant to their chosen program of study.
  • Technical school applicants should have passed English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated Science, plus three relevant elective subjects.
  • Post Secondary Teacher Training Certificate applicants must have passed the final Post–Secondary Teacher Training Examination and five passes at the GCE O'Level/SSSCE/WASSCE, including English and Mathematics.
  • Matured applicants must be at least 25 years old.
  • Have a minimum of 2 years of relevant industrial experience.
  • Pass a written examination.
  • Present proof of date of birth with any national document.

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How to apply at Sunyani Technical University?

Sunyani Technical University application portal
Sunyani Technical University application portal. Photo:
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Sunyani Technical University offers both online and paper application options. To apply for a course, you will need your Form Serial Number (SN) and PIN, which you will acquire upon purchasing the STU admission form. Follow the steps below to apply:

  1. Visit the official Sunyani Technical University student portal.
  2. Log in using either your serial number or PIN.
  3. Choose your preferred programs, and input your details and educational background.
  4. Provide information about relevant certificates and your employment history.
  5. Submit your application and print the completed form. Additionally, print and fill out the declaration form.
  6. After each step, click the "Save and Continue" button to proceed to the next stage.
  7. Ensure your phone is active during the form processing to receive relevant notifications after submission.

Are there STU weekend courses?

STU HND programs are offered regularly, at weekends and evenings. Some of the HND programs available on weekends include:

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  • Accountancy
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing and Supply
  • Secretaryship and Management Studies

The institution also has technically advanced part-time programs that are offered on weekends. Examples include:

  • Construction Technicians Course (CTC)
  • Electrical Engineering Technicians (EET)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technicians (MET)
  • Motor Vehicle Technicians (MVT)
  • Fabrication and Welding
  • Fashion and Design

Does Sunyani Technical University offer distance courses?

Sunyani Technical University doesn't have traditional distance learning programs. They offer flexible or part-time study options that might be suitable for you.

When is the Sunyani Technical University admission deadline?

Sunyani Technical University's admission deadline has not yet been announced. However, the university is currently open for 2024/2025 academic year applications.

Is Sunyani Technical University a good school?

Sunyani Technical University stands out for its dedication to both academic prowess and holistic growth. It is widely esteemed across Ghana and boasts top-notch programs and a strong focus on ethical principles.

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Sunyani Technical University address and contact details

You can contact the institution with the following contact details for further inquiries.

  • Physical address: Along the Sunyani-Kumasi Highway, opposite the Bono Regional House of Chiefs, Sunyani, Bono Region, Ghana
  • Phone number: +233 352027052/+233 352023681
  • Email:

Sunyani Technical University courses offer unparalleled levels of learning to students while preparing them for the job market. also posted an article about UMaT courses and cut-off points. The University of Mines and Technology started as Tarkwa Technical Institute and has grown in infrastructure, courses, staff, and student population.

UMaT courses are well crafted to ensure students learn class theory and field practice. You must meet the minimum requirements and their cut-off points to be admitted.


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