Young Boy Packs, Leaves Home after Dad Told Him to Switch Off PlayStation in Hilarious Clip

Young Boy Packs, Leaves Home after Dad Told Him to Switch Off PlayStation in Hilarious Clip

- A hilarious video showed a kid with a backpack leaving home while claiming he was running away

- The dad followed him and questioned why he was leaving only for the kid to claim the dad told him that he did not love him

- Actually, the dad had ordered him to turn off the PlayStation as it was time for bed

A hilarious video of a kid telling his dad that he's running away has left fans on Twitter in stitches.

Young Boy Packs, Leaves Home after Dad Told Him to Switch Off PlayStation in Hilarious Clip
The young kid running away and his dad going to get him. Photo: @CosyCIub.
Source: UGC

Kids are the most interesting human beings who always want things to go their way, and when they don't, they come up with the most ridiculous threats.

In a hilarious video that went viral on Twitter, a young boy could be seen leaving home while telling his dad that he was "running away".

As he approached the gate, his dad coming out of the house and asked the young boy what he was doing.

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The kid claimed his dad said he did not love him, so he was leaving, something his dad denied, noting he just asked him to turn off the PlayStation.

The little one hilariously claimed that both are the same thing, as the dad went all the way to the gate to convince him to return.

The video left many in stitches, with some sharing their own funny stories, while others said they wished their over 18-year-old kids would run away.

Here are a few reactions:

Singers Nameless and Wahu have been on the same road before as their daughter Nyakio threatened to leave home nearly a year ago after a disagreement.

The dad shared a video of his little daughter on Instagram saying she was ready to leave in search of a new family.

The father of two hilariously questioned his daughter after she approached him with a bag full of clothes and a cap to protect herself from the hot sun.

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"Meanwhile, when is this self-distancing ending because here someone is threatening to find a new family after every three days. I knew she was serious when she walked to me with a stick that parted the Red sea and a bag full of clothes, and a cap to cover herself from the hot solar," wrote the father of two.

When asked if she knew where she was going, Nyakio nodded her head with a pouted face and later said all she wanted was to look for her family of choice.

Well, fast-forward, she's still the youngest and most comfortable non-taxpayer in the Mathenge household.


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