Pro wrestler Paul Orndorff's age, family, net worth, career, cause of death

Pro wrestler Paul Orndorff's age, family, net worth, career, cause of death

Paul Orndorff, alias Mr Wonderful, was an American professional wrestler best known for his performances in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He competed in the National Wrestling Alliance for a considerable time before becoming a sensation during the 1980s.

Paul Orndorff
Former Pro wrestler Paul Orndorff during his prime days. Photo: @shayewhitey
Source: Instagram

Paul Orndorff excelled in various sports, including amateur wrestling, bodybuilding, football, track and field, and even arm wrestling. He is among the most renowned entertainers of the 21st century, and his sporting ability was evident. Sadly, Paul died on July 12, 2021, after being diagnosed with dementia. It's unclear whether dementia had a part in his demise.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Paul Parlette Orndorff Jr
  • Gender: Male
  • Current status: Deceased
  • Date of birth: October 29 1949
  • Date of death: July 12, 2021
  • Age: 71 years (at time of death)
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Place of birth: Winchester, Virginia, U.S.
  • Profession: Former professional wrestler
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Wife's name: Ronda Maxwell
  • Children: Two
  • Children names: Paul Orndorff III and Travis Orndorff
  • Siblings: Three
  • Name of siblings: Patricia, Mickey Ronald Cain, and Terry
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Net worth: $100 thousand

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Paul Orndorff’s biography

Paul Orndorff was born on October 29, 1949, in Winchester, Virginia, U.S.A. He is the brother of Mickey Ronald Cain, Terry Orndorff and Patricia.

How old is Paul Orndorff? He was 71 years old at the time of his death on July 12, 2021.


Paul's career, in both football and wrestling, started in his higher learning years. He was quite the athlete as is evident in his early accomplishments. Sportsmanship was always in his blood and he excelled in the fields.


Young Paul spent his first three seasons as a fullback at the University of Tampa. Then, coach Earle Bruce shifted him to tight end in the middle of his senior year.

During his time with the Spartans, he scored 21 touchdowns and racked up over 2,000 all-purpose yards. In 1986, he was named to the University of Tampa Athletic Hall of Fame.

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The New Orleans Saints selected him in the 12th round of the 1973 NFL Draft as a fullback while leaving the door open for him to play tight end. Instead, he voluntarily resigned during training camp, claiming "personal difficulties." Orndorff joined the World Football League's Jacksonville Express in 1975 after training camp with the Chicago Bears in 1974, but he was injured.


Paul Orndorff
Hulk Hogan grimaces as he takes a well-placed boot in the ribs from Paul (Pretty Boy) Orndorff during their grudge match at the Ex last night. Photo: Tony Bock
Source: Getty Images

Paul Orndorff started his career in wrestling in 1976 in Mid-Southern Wrestling. In 1979, he travelled to the Alabama territory's, Southeast Championship Wrestling, where he worked as a tag team competitor. He would later move to the New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he stayed for several months.

Paul's career in the World Wrestling Federation began in late 1983 when he made his debut. Roddy Piper, aka "Rowdy," became his manager and would end up nicknaming Orndorff "Mr Wonderful," a title he kept for the rest of his life.

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Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff success in the WWF was evident in the matches he won, and he cultivated a name for himself. Unfortunately, he injured his arm in a weightlifting accident and retired in 1988 from the sport prematurely.

He returned to wrestling in 1990 in the WCW (world championship wrestling), making his debut in Dudes with Attitudes. However, he did not stay long and left in the fall of 1990.

Orndorff had stints in the UWF (Universal Wrestling Federation) and the indies between 1990 to 1993. He returned to the WCW in late 1992 and continued to fight until his retirement in 2001. Paul Orndorff's arm was a constant injury that plagued his career and was a factor in his decision to retire.

Why did Paul Orndorff quit wrestling?

Due to his past injuries in the WWF, Paul was forced to retire. The reason was that his entire right side was beginning to atrophy (causing his arm and leg muscles to shrink). The anomaly (atrophy) made him not be able to compete at his level best and put him at risk of injury.

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Is Paul Orndorff in the Hall of Fame?

Paul Orndorff
"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during ceremonies at Universal Amphitheatre. Photo: Chris Farina
Source: Getty Images

Yes. On February 3, 2005, he was named to the WWE Hall of Fame and was inducted by veteran wrestler Bobby Heenan on April 2, 2005. He is attributed for bring style and swagger into the sport of wrestling thus pioneering the culture of the modern-day superstar.

Personal life

Paul was married to his high school girlfriend, Ronda Maxwell Orndorff, with whom they have two grown-up sons, Paul Orndorff III and Travis.

Is Tate Orndorff related to Paul Orndorff? No. Tate is a heavyweight wrestler from Spokane, Wash. The only similarity between the two is that they share a surname.

What is Paul Orndorff's net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Paul's net worth was $100 thousand by the time of his death. It is unclear whether he had investments elsewhere because many presume him to be richer.

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Is Paul Orndorff still alive?

No. Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff died on July 12 2021, at the age of 71. What happened to Paul Orndorff? It is not known what caused his death, but according to reports, he had been diagnosed with dementia not long ago.

News of his passing was communicated to the public by his son Travis who announced the sad news in an Instagram post.

What is WWE chase figure, Paul Orndorff?

It's a legends-based action figure honouring the WWE legend. This WWE Elite Collection action figure is around 6-in/15.24-cm and comes ready to unleash havoc straight out of the box!

The figure has premium articulation for many poses and play, True FX enhanced facial sculpting for life-like realism, WWE ring attire and iconic accessories—all with remarkable detail depicting the Superstar's own personality.

Paul Orndorff was one of the greatest and most talented entertainers. His fearlessness in the ring was evident throughout his professional hardships and tribulations. Paul's name will live on in the hearts of many sports fanatics for the rest of their lives, and his legacy will be etched in the halls of fame.

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