Natalie Biden: 10 interesting facts about Joe Biden's granddaughter

Natalie Biden: 10 interesting facts about Joe Biden's granddaughter

Natalie Biden is one of the newest celebrities that has the world hooked. She is the granddaughter of the 46th president of the United States of America, Joe Biden. Joe was also the Vice president of the USA from 2009 to 2017 under the regime of former President Barrack Obama. While she has been famous her whole life, Natalie's fame skyrocketed when she was spotted at her grandfather's inauguration ceremony.

Natalie Biden
US Vice-President Joe Biden's grand daughter Natalie Biden arrives at Government House on July 21, 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand. Photo: Fiona Goodall
Source: Getty Images

Natalie Biden is one of President Biden's seven grandchildren who made headlines for her outfit at her grandfather's inauguration. She wore a monochromatic pink ensemble that made her go viral all over the world. Natalie Biden's pictures from that day show that her outfit consisted of a custom bright pink coat from Lafeyette 148 New York with a matching face mask and skirt.

10 interesting facts about Natalie Biden

How old is Natalie Biden? Natalie was born on 4th August 2004, making Natalie Biden's age 16 years old (as of 2021). She was born in Wilmington, Delaware, in the United States, to Beau Biden and Hallie Biden. Do you want to know more about this up-and-coming fashion icon? Here are the top ten facts about her.

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1. She is the eldest child of Beau Biden

President Joe Biden has fathered four children from two marriages. His first-born son, Joseph "Beau" R. Biden III, had two children before his ultimate demise in 2015. Natalie Biden is Beau's first daughter with his wife, Hallie Biden.

2. She has one sibling

Natalie has just one brother, Robert Hunter Biden, who was named after his uncle. Although his sister is currently making headlines, Hunter is still under the radar and information about his private life has been kept tightly under wraps.

3. Natalie's father died from brain cancer

Beau Biden and Natalie Biden are father and daughter. Beau passed away on 30th May 2015 after an extensive battle against brain cancer. He was an American politician, lawyer, and officer in the Army Judge Advocate General's Corps from Wilmington, Delaware.

His cancer had first been diagnosed in 2013 and he underwent treatment and got it stable. However, in 2015, the cancer resurfaced and he succumbed to it.

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4. She was a critical part of her grandfather's campaign

During the Democratic National Convention's final night, Natalie got together with her cousins Maisy, Finnegan, and Naomi to help campaign for Joe Biden. They shared some personal information about their grandfather, including his love for ice cream. The kids also kicked off the first night of the virtual DNC by reciting the pledge of Allegiance.

5. Natalie speaks highly about Jill Biden

Jill Biden, the kid's grandmother, is the second wife of the President. When she appeared on DNC, Natalie opened up about how Jill was an awesome grandma. She mentioned that her grandmother is a mischievous prankster.

6. Her mom and her uncle had an affair

does natalie biden have an instagram?
US President Joe Biden's grandchild Natalie Biden walks across the South Lawn upon returning to the White House in Washington, DC on March 14, 2021. Photo: Olivier Douliery
Source: Getty Images

Natalie's uncle Hunter Biden, and her mum Hallie Olivere, had an affair after Beau Biden died. Hunter had separated from his wife earlier that year, and the two got together. It is not clear if the relationship is still ongoing or if the two have since split.

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7. She has six cousins

She is the second youngest of the Biden's grandchildren. Joe has seven grandchildren from his two sons, five from Hunter and three from Beau. Joe Biden's grandchildren include Naomi, Finnegan, Maisy, NJR, Beau, Natalie, and Hunter.

8. Natalie was four when her grandfather became Vice President

Natalie has been in the public eye for most of her life because of her parents and grandparents. She was only four years old when her grandfather, the current President, became the Vice President of the United States in 2009.

9. Her unique fashion sense is impressive

When Natalie gained fame for her outfit, many assumed that it was a one-time thing. However, her public appearances since then have proven that she is still a fashion icon. This has solidified her spot in the fashion industry.

10. She speaks to her grandfather every day

In an interview with Oprah Daily, President Joe Biden, who recently approved the new global minimum tax rate, revealed that he talks to all of his grandchildren daily. He does this either through text message or phone. He also mentioned that Beau's children Natalie and Hunter live closest to him, and he sees them occasionally.

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Natalie Biden is one of President Joe Biden's seven grandchildren. She made headlines with the fashionable outfit she wore to her grandfather's inauguration. Since then, a lot of information about her has come into the limelight.

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