How to watch Olympics for free 2021: Live streams, TV channels, and schedules

How to watch Olympics for free 2021: Live streams, TV channels, and schedules

The Olympics 2020 is finally here with us, and fans are in for a treat. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no fans will attend the Tokyo event because of the potential health risk. So, the only way fans can watch the event is through television and live streams. So, if you are stuck and wondering how to watch the events, worry no more; there is a solution. Find out how to watch Olympics for free at home without much hassle.

How to Watch Olympics for Free
Opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympics at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo Japan. Photo: Swen Pförtner
Source: Getty Images

Did you know that the Olympics is one of the world's most popular sporting events? Millions of people worldwide tune in to watch the event, which is famous for the variety of games it offers.

However, few people can afford the high prices that large media companies demand for prime time rights. As a result, many platforms have popped up online offering free streaming of the event. Here's how to watch the 2021 Olympics for free.

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How to watch Olympics for free

The Olympics occur every four years, and many fans await the events with anticipation. This year's edition was due to happen in 2020 but got rescheduled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Much worse, the organizers of the event announced that no fans would be allowed in the stadiums. However, all is not lost as the event is available across various platforms, and fans can support their teams, albeit from their houses.

Are you wondering how to watch the Olympics without cable TV subscriptions? Well, worry no more as there are various methods of achieving this objective. Many alternatives are available for those interested in streaming the event live from the comfort of their houses. Below are the other options for watching the event.

How to watch Olympics online for free

To understand how streaming sports online works, you need to know how TV rights work. NBCUniversal holds the official rights to stream the Tokyo Olympics in the United States, while in the UK and Europe, the BBC and Eurosport handle the streaming experience.

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If you want to watch the games but don't have access to traditional cable television, you'll need an internet connection and a streaming platform. Some websites charge for the service, while others provide it for free. We've compiled a list of different ways to watch the events to see which ones suit you best.

How to watch the Olympics on the internet for free

The internet offers one of the best solutions for those who want to watch the games live. However, many websites that provide this free package are geo-restricted, meaning you will have to use a VPN to access their content. The list below contains some of the popular websites that currently stream the event.

7 Plus Australia

The Aussie website is offering free access to the Olympic games with HD streaming. However, to watch, one needs to register a new account and use a VPN to access their unlimited content. Since the content is only available in Australia, setting your VPN location to Australia will gain you access to the site.

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BBC iPlayer

The British media giant is also in the race to stream the events live on their platform. They offer two live streams in HD with over 350hrs coverage of the events. However, to access the website, you need to have a VPN to set the location to England.

Peacock TV

The American streaming platform offers the tournaments for free without registration. Although using their free service will limit the amount of content you can access on the website. Peacock is a subsidiary of NBCUniversal, an American television channel.

Watch Olympics live and free online on these websites and experience what it's like to be in the stadium supporting your country.

How to watch Olympics on Firestick for free (official apps)

watch olympics without cable tv subscription
The NBCUniversal Peacock streaming service website announcing its Tokyo Olympics coverage on a laptop computer arranged in Dobbs Ferry, New York, U.S. Photo: Tiffany Hagler-Geard
Source: Getty Images

The Amazon Firestick is a portable streaming device capable of hosting apps that can show Olympics coverage online. Most apps on the Firestick can show the event live, but most require a subscription. However, there is a way around subscribing; using the free trial that each app offers.

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1. Peacock

The streaming service is available on the Amazon app store and offers a variety of options. The app provides over 7000 hrs of Olympic coverage over the two weeks of the events.

2. Olympic Channel

The Olympics have an official app on many streaming platforms. It's a step up from other sources, with more content to choose from. They offer documentaries on competitors, never-before-seen game footage, new camera angles, and more.

3. Hulu

The Hulu app on Firestick now supports NBC channels so that you can watch the Tokyo Olympics there. However, you'll need to pay $64.99 per month for the premium plan, Hulu Live TV.

4. FuboTV

This app is available on Firestick. FuboTV carries a hefty price tag at $64.99 per month, but you can opt for the 7-day free trial if you want to watch the Olympics for free.

5. YouTube TV

Are you wondering how to watch the Olympics online on YouTube? The answer is through YouTube TV. Google's streaming platform is a relative newcomer, but it has already generated a lot of hype thanks to its flawless streaming experience and support for over 85 live channels.

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In addition, YouTube TV has official rights to other sports events, including the NFL, NBA, and MLB, in addition to the Olympics 2020.

The official website also offers unlimited cloud DVR storage and fast-forward pause and other features. In addition, when you subscribe, you get a two-week free trial of YouTube TV. However, YouTube TV carries a hefty price tag.

How to Watch Olympics on Firestick for free (unofficial apps)

watch olympics live free online
IPTV internet protocol television delivers content over IP based networks. Photo: Bohdan Skrypnyk
Source: Getty Images

There are also third-party applications that stream the Olympics for free, with the most notable being IPTV.

Some apps can be sideloaded onto the Firestick and used to stream the Olympics. Some of these apps offer free services, while others provide a small subscription fee compared to the competition. However, the apps are not available on the Amazon app store; thus, you have to jailbreak the Firestick to access them.

1. IPTV Apps

IPTV apps provide streaming services at a low cost. However, such services will not be able to stream any content without some form of user interaction. You're in charge of adding channels, playlists, and other resources.

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2. Kodi

The Kodi software offers access to TV services where you can watch the Olympics for free. However, for the service to work, addons are required to stream specific sports events live. Examples of such addons are ApeX Sports and Sportowa.

Can I watch the Olympics if I don't have cable?

Yes, you can. If the options above don't suit your style, then there are free sports streaming websites. For example, if you watch Olympics online, free streaming websites can provide the best source of entertainment for you.

Tokyo Olympics competition schedule

The following is the competition schedule for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

  • Olympics Opening Ceremony - July 23
  • 3x3 Basketball - July 24-28
  • Archery - July 23-31
  • Artistic Gymnastics - July 24 - August 3
  • Artistic Swimming - August 2-7
  • Athletics - July 30 - August 8
  • Badminton - July 24 - August 2
  • Baseball/Softball - July 21 - August 7
  • Basketball - July 25 - August 8
  • Beach Volleyball - July 24 - August 7
  • Boxing - July 24 - August 8
  • Canoe Slalom - July 25-30
  • Canoe Sprint - August 2-7
  • Cycling BMX Freestyle - July 31 - August 1
  • Cycling BMX Racing - July 29-30
  • Cycling Mountain Bike - July 26-27
  • Cycling Road - July 24-28
  • Cycling Track - August 2-8
  • Diving - July 25 - August 7
  • Equestrian - July 24 - August 7
  • Fencing - July 24 - August 1
  • Football - July 21 - August 7
  • Golf - July 29 - August 7
  • Handball - July 24 - August 8
  • Hockey - July 24 - August 6
  • Judo - July 24-31
  • Karate - August 5-7
  • Marathon Swimming - August 4-5
  • Modern Pentathlon - August 5-7
  • Rhythm Gymnastics - August 6-8
  • Rowing - July 23-30
  • Rugby Sevens - July 26-31
  • Sailing - July 25 - August 4
  • Shooting - July 24 - August 2
  • Skateboarding - July 25-26, August 4-5
  • Sport Climbing - August 3-6
  • Surfing - July 25 - August 1
  • Swimming - July 24 - August 1
  • Table Tennis - July 24 - August 6
  • Taekwondo - July 24-27
  • Tennis - July 24 - August 1
  • Trampoline Gymnastics - July 30-31
  • Triathlon - July 26-31
  • Volleyball - July 24 - August 8
  • Water Polo - July 24 - August 8
  • Weightlifting - July 24 - August 4
  • Wrestling - August 1-7
  • Olympics Closing Ceremony - August 8

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If you were wondering how to watch Olympics for free, then the platforms listed above can help. There are two ways to stream the games: through official and unofficial apps. Whatever path you take, make sure to follow your country's online streaming laws to stay safe and out of trouble. recently published an interesting article about the 10 best free football streaming sites to watch live games in 2021. Many websites have been developed for streaming games live from any league all over the world.

If you are a sports fan, then these websites will sort you out. Find out the most popular football streaming sites that are available today.


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