Dedicated Wife Still Cares for Husband 12 Years after Memory Loss Made Him Forget Her

Dedicated Wife Still Cares for Husband 12 Years after Memory Loss Made Him Forget Her

  • A woman shared she is still taking care of her husband who lost his memory 12 years ago
  • The two have been married for close to 30 years and the problem started when the two got retrenched in the same year
  • Her husband started forgetting things and would write down his to-do list; the doctors, however, gave him stress medication because they thought not having a job was affecting him

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A woman identified as Susan Mwangi opened up about taking care of her husband, Joseph Mwangi, who lost his memory 12 years ago.

Susan Mwangi has been taking care of her husband, who lost his memory 12 years ago. Photo: Screenshot from YouTube video/Lynn Ngugi.
Susan Mwangi. Photo: Screenshot from YouTube video/Lynn Ngugi.
Source: UGC

How her husband got sick

The mother of three narrated her story to YEN News and she explained she met her husband while working at the coffee board. He was 10 years older than her.

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Mwangi would then send her friend to greet Susan and she would tell her to go tell him to come and say hello in person.

Then she would find him in their office, sitting at her desk and it progressed to an outside date. They finally got married after three years.

"We have been together since 1992. We have been married for 29 years. My early marriage life was awesome, he used to call me prince, everything was well until we both got retrenched on the same day in 2001. Our last born was still breastfeeding," she said.

So after staying in the house for close to three years, she started asking him to look for a job and he would tell her to do the same.

In 2004, she got into a business. She started a boutique. Then she noticed he started forgetting things. He would forget where he put his things or he would write down things.

"In 2007, things became worse, we were buying a piece of land for something I was the in between guy and we were doing calculations, and he kept saying he does not understand. So we kept going and he was left floating. Things became hard at home because we would have arguments, he was not getting me. I was not understanding him," she added.

By good luck, she got a job in Afghanistan, and little did she know that her dear husband was sick, but she thought he was just stubborn.

He worked in the foreign country for one year, came back home for holiday, and went back. He came back in 2010 and he was stressed.

So they took him to hospital and he was told he was stressed so he was given stress medication.

He had turned dark and she thought it was just the change of weather. He went back but a month later she was called to pick him because he was sick.

"When I picked him, the person I saw was very different. I called his family and told them he is not well. But the family came after one month. The doctor said he was severely depressed and gave him more medications, but after more months nothing changed. He could not remember his children, and that strained relationship with their dad," she explained.

Now, she is taking care of him as his sole caregiver. He cannot talk or walk or remember anyone and her main goal is to ensure that she keeps loving him and supporting him till one day he feels better.


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