Box iron, 5 other important things that have evolved with technology over the years

Box iron, 5 other important things that have evolved with technology over the years

Over the years, there has been a lot of changes made to gadgets and appliances, and ways of carrying out certain activities has also evolved with the emergence of technology.

If you take ironing clothes for instance, people used to make use of box irons and heated frying pans in the past, but that has changed.

Phones have also seen a lot of transformation; from the popular big Nokia 3310, to different types of Android and Iphones we see today. There has been a drastic evolution in the past few years, and technology is now making life easier and more convenient. has compiled some six important things that have evolved over the years with technological advancement.

1. Yam phones - Smartphones

What we used to refer to as yam phones were those phones that were small and had no touch function. These phones were so handy and quite small with little or no features at all.

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With the advent of technological advancement, various brands have designed and developed multi-functioning phones for use.

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2. MP3 players - Cordless headsets

Back in the days, MP3 players were such a thing that, the absence of it in your life meant you have absolutely no access to music within your control.

These MP3 players mostly came with small headsets and were quite handy.

No matter how handy and quite convenient MP3 players were, technological advancement brought about the Cordless Headsets which made it easy to use without any worry about the wires connecting the music to the ears.

3. Lantern/bobo - Modernised lantern/ Solar lamps

Almost every Ghanaian child growing up in middle-income families had those kerosene lanterns with chimneys and that glass covering. Having that was such a luxury as it was the source of light in the home anytime electrical power was out.

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Woe betides any child that mistakenly broke the glass covering.

Modernisation and technological advancement has made it easy for most families and individuals now, like solar lanterns and bond other modernised lanterns have been produced.

4. Box Irons - Steam Irons

The good old box irons served most homes and tailoring shops soo well until steam electricity-powered irons started becoming a thing.

These steam irons saved most people the time of having to make fire to fill the box irons which will, in turn, conduct the heat in order to straighten the clothes.

Steam irons are one of the best technological inventions soo far.

5. Face to face Interviews - Zoom meetings

Until recently when COVID-19 hit hard, most companies used to conduct interviews in the age-old face-to-face fashion, where the interviewee meets with a panel.

With the pandemic reaching its peak, most companies have moved from the old way of conducting interviews to doing it online, using either the Zoom or Google Meet applications.

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Although these two have their biggest challenge being internet connectivity, it is still very convenient, as most things can be done from any place at any time.

6. Universal chargers - Power banks

Universal chargers were such a necessity years ago that not having one handy meant you could not charge your phone if your charger gets lost.

The universal charger, even though it functions with the use of electricity, it was such an inconvenience as one had to take the battery out of the mobile phone in order to charge.

The power bank on the hand, is more convenient than the universal charger because it can function without electricity and just needs USB cord in order to re-power a dead mobile phone.

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