How many seasons of Poldark are there and will there be a season 6?

How many seasons of Poldark are there and will there be a season 6?

If you love romance novels with historical plots, Poldark will not disappoint. Its story has a different charm as it seamlessly takes you a century back and narrates to you how love was back in the day. So, how many seasons of Poldark are there, and will there be a season 6?

How many seasons of Poldark
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Poldark is a British Drama series that is inspired by a light novel named Poldark. The series is written and adapted by the same name Debbie Horsfield. The BBC Network dispatched the Poldark. The series has got mixed reviews from both the critic and audience.

How many seasons of Poldark are there?

There are a total of five seasons. The series was based on the novels of Winston Graham. The last episode of season 5 was aired on 26th August 2019. The maker used novels one to eight for the script, but season 5 was not taken from the novels. The 12 novels are:

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  • Novel 1 - Ross Poldark
  • Novel 2 - Demelza Poldark
  • Novel 3 - Jeremy Poldark
  • Novel 4 - Warleggan
  • Novel 5 - The Black Moon
  • Novel 6 - The Four Swans
  • Novel 7 - The Angry Tide
  • Novel 8 - The Stranger from the Sea
  • Novel 9 - The Miller’s Dance
  • Novel 10 - The Loving Cup
  • Novel 11 - The Twisted Sword
  • Novel 12 - Bella Poldark

Is there a season 6 of Poldark?

The chances are that there won't be a season 6 of the series. This is because the makers of Poldark already announced season 5 as the last season of the drama series. So why did Poldark come to an end? There is no official statement as to why it came to an end.

However, even with the vivid announcement, the die-hards are still looking forward to another season and wondering when it will be out. Since there are still four novels remaining, they are hopeful that the unexplored novel will create season 6.

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In addition, Karen Thrussell, the producer, once stated that no one knows the future. This was her response regarding a question about Poldark season 6. In addition, Debbie Horsfield, the scriptwriter, said that she would be available to write season 6. With all these, there is still hope for season 6.

Where can I watch Season 6 of Poldark?

Where can I watch Poldark season 6?
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Since the series is not yet out, there are no available sites to watch it. However, the previous seasons are available on Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon Prime. So, how many seasons of Poldark are on prime? All five seasons are available on Amazon Prime.

Poldark's cast

Who are the main Poldark cast members? They include:

  • Aidan Turner
  • Eleanor Tomlinson
  • Ruby Bentall
  • Caroline Blakiston
  • Phil Davis
  • Beatie Edney
  • Jack Farthing
  • Luke Norris
  • Heida Reed
  • Kyle Soller
  • Tristan Sturrock
  • Pip Torrens
  • Warren Clarke
  • Gabriella Wilde
  • John Nettles
  • Christian Brassington
  • Ellise Chappell
  • Sean Gilder
  • Harry Richardson
  • Josh Whitehouse
  • Tom York
  • Tim Dutton
  • Kerri McLean
  • Vincent Regan
  • Peter Sullivan

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Poldark plot summary

How many seasons of Poldark
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Ross Poldark was a British army man who went to the American War of Independence. Upon his return from the war, he found several unpleasant changes. His father had passed away, their family business had been spoiled and his girlfriend Elizabeth Chynoweth was engaged to another man.

All the occurrences left him utterly devastated. Luckily, Demelza, one of his former maids came to his rescue. The duo became great friends and shortly fell in love. This was followed by a union between the two. The series offers an incredible story of the chemistry between the duo.

Why was Poldark cancelled?

The BBC hasn't shown any concern; that's why the creators give no concrete reason for the cancellation of the Poldark. But there is room for doubt because many fans or even critics said that the series has a chance to get the token of renewal.

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If you have been wondering how many seasons of Poldark are there, there you have it. However, for those curious about season 6, there is a scope for it as Season 5 didn't complete the variation of the Poldark novels. There is still 12 Poldark novels and potentially five more books worth of material to cover. Those can be said secured for the future parts of the historical drama series. shared an interesting piece on YOU season 3, release date, characters, and what to expect from the storyline. YOU season 3 is nearly out, and fans are excited about the news. The third instalment of the American psychological thriller television series is set to offer lots of new content.

YOU is based on Caroline Kepnes' novels and stars Penn Badgley as the obsessive Joe Goldberg. It premiered on Lifetime in the United States and has now become a Netflix smash success.

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